Thursday, July 8, 2010

Umeda in a new light

Today we all went on quite an exciting adventure. But I’ll get to that later ;) I got to school early so when I got to the library no one was there. I walked around a little in the dark before a sensei came up behind me “OHAYO!!!!” and I tripped out of horror and fell on my face (-_-;) But I think the sensei was more scared than I was xD I just stared out the window of the library (which looks directly to our school courtyard) and waited for everyone to get there. We played the 2 truths and a lie game again and Peta got all of our answers wrong so we were like “What the heck Peta you don’t know us at all!!! >:O” haha .

After gakko (school), me Vicky and Steffie talked to these 2 guys Hiroto and Tomoya, they were so funny!! And Tomoya, in the middle of the conversation, looked at me and went “Your hair is….WONDERFUL!!!!!!” hahahaha I was like “…thank you?” I told him that I love bikes, so he said he’ll borrow his brother’s one so we can ride it together tomorrow. He’s so kind :D We exchanged numbers, and then a sensei told us we were being too loud so we had to leave..

After school me, Shota sempai, and Vicky went to Umeda to meet Rafa and his friends, and this is where our adventure begins J When we got there Rafa and his friends (I only knew Shogo and Kenta), were trying to figure out where to eat and we decided on Ramen. However, Ramen was like a gazillion miles away…but luckily for us, Shogo and Kenta bought their bikes so me and Vicky hopped on xD Kenta was so fast though!! I was scared for my life!! O_o And I know you’re not supposed to hold on (I guess its inappropriate?) but I grabbed onto Kenta for dear life and wouldn’t let go xD He would turn his head around every five seconds though and go “I am good rider, ne?” And I just had my head buried into his back like “KOWAII!!!!! (scary)” haha xD It was a lot of fun though J But very scary riding through the busy streets/intersections/sidewalks. But very cool (^-^)b

When we were finished with the ramen (DELICIOUS!!! By the way xD) Shogo and Kenta sniffed out purikura for us to do :D There were like a bazillion people (Rafa and his friends plus me Steffie, Vicky, and Shota) so it was a lot of work trying to get us all in, but it came out pretty good in the end! (^o^)

Me, Rafa, and Vicky didn’t want to go home when everyone else had to go so we stayed in the arcade to play some more cool Japanese games :D On my way to the soda machine though the manager walked up to me looking like he wanted to say something so I was like “Oh no…what did I do?? (>.<)”

Manager: Konbanwa (good evening)

Me: oh! *bows* Konbanwa! (>o<)

Manager: *sticks out hands* Omiagay (present)

Me: eh??

Manager: *hands me umbrella* for you!

Me: Oh!! Oh wow!!! Tada (free)??

Manager: *chuckles* hai, tada J

Me: Oh wow!!! Arigatou gozaimasu!! (thank you very much) *bows*

Hahahaha Mei and Steffie are going to be so angry!! Because they say I always get free things for no reason. At first I didn’t believe them…but now I realize I do haha xD But that manager was so nice!!!! I guess he realized that I didn’t have umbrella before?? Well whatever the reason I’m very happy (*^o^*) When I came back Rafa and Vicky were like “Uhh Jojo…why do you have umbrella? (-__-)” Shota says I get this stuff because I’m nice but I don’t think so, I think its because of the whole “gaijin (foreigner) effect” xD Because Rafa had taken his bike Me and Vicky had to take the bus to get to his house while he rode his bike.

On the bus Kokurin called me and I was really surprised haha:

Kokurin: Jojo.

Me: Uhh…Kokurin. (-_-?)

Kokurin: I just finished being somebody (Basically means he just got finished with hanging out with his girlfriend)

Me: Oh, congratulations haha..

Kokurin: We fought…

Me: eh?? About what??

Kokurin: well I called her a..*mumble*

Me: what??

Kokurin: I called her a *mumble mumble*

And then my phone cut off. *sigh* I guess I’ll never know what he called her but now I’m really curious (T^T)

We got to Rafa’s house kind of late so once I got there I immediately took the bus back to Osaka station. I took it alone, but Osaka station is the last stop so I couldn’t really miss it xD I got home in time for dinner! Yayy :D

After dinner shiori went upstairs to watch a new drama (which I figured out was a manga I had read before “Hotaru no Hikari” so I thought that was interesting ^^) and then okaasan went to sleep so I watched this Arnold Swartzenager movie with Otosan and Kengo. There was a lot of cursing and violence though so I didn’t really like it (;-_-) but all their voices were dubbed in Japanese so it was pretty funny to watch xD

School Library
View of courtyard outside of library window

Shota and friend..? I'm so bad at names xD

Me and friend haha

Vicky riding with Shogo

me posing with Kenta

Kenta, Shogo, and Rafa

Me and Shota in the Ramen restauant

Oishii (delicious) Ramen!! ^0^

eating said ramen :)


creepy taiko video game lady

me being creepy taiko video game lady, see the resemblance xD

Purikura! :)


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