Friday, July 2, 2010

Whose idea was this again?

Today was a weird schedule because of testing so we only had 4 classes and school was over. I got my Health test back and I got a 100%!! It was really strange though, I just wrote down random words in Kanji/Hiragana but all the answers turned out to be right. Me and the teacher were both amazed/shocked XD

Math class was…interesting, but not because of the Math part…I totally forgot about the whole Kokurin thinking I was leaving for good thing. When I walked into Math and got this look on his face and then did this…this extreme glare, I was scared for my life (;-_-) I noticed he had messaged me when I had went to the infirmary with Vicky and this is how our conversation went:

Kokurin: Where are you now?

Me: Behind you! Haha (^0^)/

Kokurin: …

Me: *about to type something*

Kokurin: I know you no leave. I know.

Me: *about to type something*

Kokurin: *throws cellphone into book bag*

Me: *oh…oh my…. (;)*

Yeah it was a little scary…but we ended up KIND OF making up later…not really though, I asked him if he was mad and I thought he was going to be like “no of course not silly!!” but he said “What…what do you want me to say?” *sigh* I will try to make it up to him tomorrow, but all my girl friends in class were like, “He is evil! Forget about him Jojo!! (>_<)” Haha I love them xD

After school me, Vicky, Mei, and Steffie went to one of those revolving sushi restaurants again and and ate an unbelievably big amount of food XD But we burned if all off afterwards cause we took this hour walk to this mall around Steffie’s house. It was a nice mall but a long walk, me and Vicky were kind of dead after xD And then Kokurin called my keitai (cell phone) and said he wanted to talk, and Vicky said he must have really wanted to talk cause you could hear the train in the background and people NEVER talk on their cell phones on the train here, but all he did was talk about his girlfriend (-0-)

We went shopping and of course did Purikura :] After that me and Vicky played the Taiko drum arcade game! It was so much fun!! But very intense, our arms were sore afterwards! But I think that’s because I accidentally pressed “advanced” haha.

Me and Steffie with out gigantor plate stack xD
Taiko drums!!

"X" for Vicky...? xD


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