Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekend Activities~

On Saturday I went to a restaurant in Umeda with my Okaasan, Shiori, and Mei's host family. It was a really good restaurant! It was set up like a buffet, and it had a chocolate fondue fountain :) It was really funny though because Mei's Okaasan asked us if we were full (cause we had had dessert and everything) and we said yes. 5 seconds later I'm like "I want some steak..." Mei: "I want a crepe..." Her Okaasan was really confused xD Basically we said we were full but then we came back to the table with steak and more dessert, my sister thought it was hysterical though haha.

After lunch we went to the Umeda mall to go do Purikura, it turned out kind of bad cause there were so many people but it's good because now I finally have purikura with actual Japanese people! \(^0^)/ After that we sat around for a long time in Umeda (which me and Mei were kind of confused about), and then they decided to go to Karaoke. It was fun (^-^)b

Once me Okaasan and Shiori got home we all kinda died~ Shiori on the couch, Okaasan on the floor, and me at the Kitchen table (it's what I like to call "kitchen table nap time" :]).

On Sunday Okaasan and my Otosan weren't home so it was just us teenagers. We watched TV for about 3 hours, there was this one show where Nihon's (Japan) most famous comedians sit around at a table and tell funny stories. I didn't get it but Kengo was cracking up, it suprised me to see him laughing so hard!! 8O But when that show went off it was back to silence, and then Shiori went upstairs so it was just me and Kengo sitting at the table. Now, the whole time we had been watching TV he had been eating candy, and I wanted some. So I went "Kengo *kengo nearly jumps out of his seat* Kyanday :O" Now it didn't hit me how random it was until after, Ok lalala sitting silence for 3 hours "KENGO!! *intense stare* CANDY >:O" So it was no wonder he was suprised XD But he did give me some after the third time I asked so that's good (^0^)

After the whole candy fiasco me and Shiori biked to the mall. It's so cool that everyone bikes here/takes the train instead of always using cars!! It makes everyday seem more exciting/adventurous and makes the world a bigger place, I like it a lot (^-^) There were a bunch of cute stores, so we browsed for a long time and then got some ice cream. I got my favorite flavor, Green Tea Matcha! It's like heaaaven~ X] We then took a quick stop to the 100 yen shop and then headed back home.

I called Kokurin once I got home and we made up from our fight! ^0^ But then he made ME angry this time so I hung up on him...But it was a really good/funny conversation until the last part. He said some...interesting things xD

Kokurin: Before you go back Amerika I buy you gift. What do you like?

Me: eh?? you don't have to...

Kokurin: no no daijobu (don't worry), what do you like??

Me: I like...everything xD

Kokurin: that's too much (;-_-)

Me: hmmm...I'll think about it! But if you get me a gift I'll get you one too!

Kokurin: No that is ok!!

Me: nai nai daijobu, what do YOU like?

Kokurin: I like....nothing.

Me: can you like..."nothing"? (-_-)


Kokurin: *creepy voice* I liiikeee.. myseeelf

Me: umm..wha...

Kokurin: I like...maaaiii smiiilee ^^

Me: uhm wait...

Kokurin: I likeeee maaaiii hairrr...

Me: that's going a little...

Kokurin: I liiikee MEEEE

At that point I was hysterically laughing, but only because I couldn't believe he said something like that xD

After Okaasan got home we made sushi!! I don't like the sushi in America, but it is sooo good here!!! The raw fish is amazing! d(^0^)b

Oh and I totally forgot it was Independence day, I'm a bad American xD

Korochan eating my breakfast as usual xD
Mei wrote "konnichiwa" in the fondue chocolate

Sister's friend Maaya, Mei's sister Haru, my sister shiori
Mei's little sister and little sister's friend
Me and oneesan on the train
Me with Korochan, he's so chisai (small) and kawaii (cute)!!!! (>_<)
Karaoke Lobby
Karaoke! (^-^)
Me and Mei
Okaasans singing
"Comic Paradise: If you just relax, you can feel yourself. If you just enjoy yourself, you will be happy." Huh...
Randomness : Boob the souvenir shop...out in the open. Gotta love Japan ;)
New TAKOYAKI cell phone charm!!! \(^0^)/

I love Japanese TV :)


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