Friday, July 2, 2010

Umeda + Yakiniku = Lots of Pictures :]

Today were the start of tests for people at Asahi high school so me and the other exchangers just hung out in the library, it was fun though, we all just talked and laughed/used the computers. And the library is air conditioned thank god XD

When me, Vicky, and Peta were waiting outside the school for Mei and Steffie Kokurin came out with Hiro so we were all talking and laughing about random stuff and the all of a sudden Kokurin goes, "JO...JOJO!!! Wh...WHY DID YOU LIE?????!!!" And we all took a step back away from him, cause it was so scary O_o Then we talked back and forth for a bit and me and Vicky told him it was just a joke...that nothing was meant but I don't know if he forgave me or not, my goodness that boy has a temper!! (;-_-)

After school me, Vicky, Peta, Mei, and Steffie went to Umeda (but first of course our Makudo trip to change out of our horrid uniforms ;]). It was the best Umeda trip ever!! And the most action packed haha. Mei and Steffie went off to do their intense shopping so me and Vicky and Peta just wandered. We had some of this really intense parfait/cake which was like heaven in your mouth. It was funny though because Peter got some cake too and we were like:

Me: don't have an money Peta...

Vicky: Yeah! How will you pay??

Peta: *stare*

Me and Vicky: *sigh*

Me: I'll pay half (;-_-)

Oh Peta, poor broke Peta hahaha XD After the cake we went up to the arcade and we decided to try one of the rides they have there. They basically have these virtual reality rides everywhere up there, I don't know how they fit all this stuff but it's really cool!! We decided to do the sonic 3D scary movie one. It was hilarious because it realy wasn't all that scary, but there was one part where they shot air out of your seat into your air and I freeeaked out. I jumped like a foot in the air/screamed/fell out of my seat. Peta was laughing hysterically and Vicky looked and said "wait, how'd you get all the way over there???" hahaha xD

We played air hockey (me and Peta totally destroyed vicky >:D) and then Peta like growled at us cause we went into this cute store and looked for way too long for a man to handle xD

When we met up with Mei and Steffie again there was this guy sitting outside and he was dressed up like Mario from the games, but he claimed he wasn't, he said this other long Japanese name that none of us knew. But Vicky told him he was Mario and he reluctantly agreed haha. He sang and he sat in a box and danced though, it was quite entertaining XD

When I got home for Shiori's coming back dinner we went to Yakiniku!!! It is basically a Japanese barbeque, but it was so cool cause we got out own room and everything!! It was pure awesomeness (^0^)b Basically they bring you raw meat on a plate (but very decorated and pretty), and you fry it/eat it. It was soooooo oiiishiiii (delicious), just thinking about it is making my mouth water xD But it was funny because I was stuffed and every time I thought we were done more and more platters of meat would come! It was funny, but we finally did get the bill, and then me and Okaasan made Kengo and my Otosan pose for pictures outside xD I wanted to get in but Kengo was making it kind of awkward cause he stood like ten feet away from everybody (;) But I think they came out good anyways~

Random door in the middle of the subway. no walls, just door XD
peta me and vicky in Makudo :)

Hiro and Peta, Peta was a bit freaked out though because Hiro kept pointing at Peta and saying, "She's my girlfriend" I think we were all freaked out xD

In the library
MARIO GUY!!!! Life of the party!
Before our sonic movie. I'm so excited I'm shooting lasers
"scared" before the movie ;)
Just a small part of the arcade
oishii (delicious) dessert~
Yakiniku!! Table/grill
Me, Okaasan, and Otosan in our room :D
Me and my oneesan (big sister) shiori :)
random cute guys wanted a picture with me and vicky
Oh how I love purikura~
better view of yakiniku grill
frying it up :d
Me helping!! and not burning the place down :D
Me Okaasan and Shiori
My otosan, kengo, and oneesan (no Kengo doesn't smoke, he grabbed my otosan's cigarette for the picture for reasons unknown (;-_-)


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