Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two Family Marts? Well thats unfortunate...

This morning I was quite tired, as I didn't sleep well for some reason last night. So by the time I was in the non women’s only train (Aka: the dude train) it was too late. I was trapped...between a bunch of men. No wonder they make only women’s train carts!!! I felt totally violated haha as I was crushed between these 2 old guys, this really tall, tan, and handsome otokonoko (man) steps in and I'm like "...whoa ()" it made the ride a whole lot better xD

I walked to school with Kana and her tomodachi (friend)/Mei and her host sister and I told them the dramatic Kokurin story from yesterday xD but I'm not really mad at him, I haven't actually really gotten mad at anybody here because no one has done anything against me per say, or if they have I was totally expecting it so it didn't really matter. Most times I'm not angry, just disappointed. But because this is just such an amazing experience in itself, nobody can really hurt me =) there are too many amazing people here for just one person to ruin my day.

Japanese classics: I slept/made a going away gift for my Chinese friend Hiro (he's going to china for the summer)

Break: Kokurin was acting quite...crazy (-_-;)I was attempting to talk to Hiro but Kokurin kept saying all this strange stuff. Oh and he did this really cool fan trick and refused to teach me (;_;)but I will practice on my own!! (`へ´) oh and I gave hiro his going away present and he loved it :)) it was some starburst (American candy), a Scooby doo comic book, and one of those Japanese animal paper machete things that you blow up.

Understanding of English: I just doodled and talked to Hiro. The teachers are getting a lot more lax because it's the last week of school before summer vacation. They basically just leave you there to talk and socialize xD
I saw the Germans today and attempted to help them and horribly, horribly failed (;)

Suspein go (Spanish):
We watched the movie "spirited away" in Spanish. It was...interesting xD Oh and I got back my Spanish test, I passed it =)

After Spanish Yanagida sensei found me and said that me, Mei, and Steffie could go to cooking and make the meal with them =D my friend Kenta was there too so I talked and laughed with him. He's really good at eigo (English)!! I met Tai-chan, he's really sweet, and pulled out a chair for me to sit on and said "layyydias firstu (*^◯^*)" hahahaha so cute xD

The food was...AMAZING!! Much more deluxe then the food we make in class back home. It was cold somen noodles and pork salad.

Me, mei, and steffie started up this "happy birthday" song for a girl in class too :)

I talked to one of the German boys, but he doesn't seem to like his host brother >_<

After school Kokurin was being a total jerk!!! >:O Hiro said "I think Kokurin is jealous of me hehehe" but whatever haha xD

Shota taught me and Mei at kendo. But he was a lot stricter than the other sempai (upperclassmen). We missed the other funny sempai ;( Mei hates Shota with a burning passion, but I don't mind him, I think he's nice xD

I bought Shota a banana juice, and everybody smiled at me really creepily, it's just juice though...haha xD

After kendo I gave Shota a hug but I was like "that wasn't a very good hug! >:/" so he gave me another and said, "was that better?? ;)" and Mei was in a corner gagging and saying "Ewwwww >XO" hahahaha xD

I tried to walk to Rafa’s house alone and in the rain, but I got horribly horribly lost....

But Vicky came to find me thank god (>_<) but there is quite a funny story...I was at a Family Mart, but Vicky was at another Family Mart, so when this boy walked by:

Me: uhmmm gomen nasai (excuse me)!!??
Boy: oh...oh!! Herro herro (hello)!!
Me: hai hai (yes yes) mmm Family Mart wa doko?? (where is the family mart)
Boy: *looks at Family mart behind me* *looks back at me*
Me: oh uhmm wait no!! The other one!! >.<
Boy: *totally confused*

Hahahaha because I had been talking about the other store, but he was just like "What the heck....it's...it's right behind you (o;; hahaha xD

I got home at around 7:50 and okaasan fed me some really good food :DD it was like a pork chop, fried shrimp, rice, and salad. It was super oishii (delicious) (^o^)b

Her and Shiori told me about their spaz attack when they saw my room though (;) I need to clean it tomorrow xD

I emailed Peter some back and forth and then I went to sleep.

We're going to a festival in Kyoto on Thursday!! I'm super excited! ♪(v^_^)v

Me with seat mate
Class zzzzz
Purikura I did with Hiro, Yingfan, and Vicky

Spirited away in spanish class

Kenta, me, and Tai-chan

Chef vicky xD

Somen noodles and pork rice, YUMMM

Cooking group :)

Rafa's room

Temple near Rafa's house


cmunch said...

You know, I've been very curious. Just how many weeks of school did you get to experience? I've heard of some people going with YFU that only went to a couple days of school, if any at all.

Being the slight creeper I am...I went back through the posts to look for when you started school, and it seems like you got to go to school for a month ^o^

Is there any reason behind why you got to go to school for so long? 'Cause if I do go on a summer exchange, I'd really like to go to school for as long as possible :)

Jordan said...

Well I went I think early june-July 22nd and the school that I went to (Asahi)'s summer vacation starts July 22nd so I was just lucky xD

But some people, their schools ended like at the end of June so they didn't get to go for as long.

It really depends on the school ^-^

But I hope you get to go for long! Cause the school was probably the best part of my whole exchange :)

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