Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tigger...Why on earth are you on top of Pooh?

Me and Vicky woke up late so we had to rush like crazy to meet my host sister at Osaka station. There were a bunch of mix ups and confusion today regarding different plans, I won't go into too much detail....but what ended up happening was a pretty fun time with my host sister, Vicky, and Rafa :)

When me and Vicky first met with Shiori we went to the cinema to see about movie times, but the line was wayyyy too long, so we went to look for a 7/11 to get food. That search for the 7/11 lasted for about 30 minutes because everybody kept giving us different directions.

Once we finally did find the 7/11, we got our snacks and went to eat at a bench (which was another long journey because I guess the Japanese don't believe in stopping to sit?).

We ate while sitting at a bench and then I went to practice my Japanese on a nearby store clerk. Me, Vicky, and Shiori rehearsed my lines, basically I'm looking for a gift for my 54 year old husband. The look on the store clerk's face was priceless xD but I was happy because he actually understood me ^-^
We met Rafa and then went to this food café; we were supposed to go to Subway but...

Me: oh look there's Subway! Let's eat there
Everybody: ok!
Me: *rushes into subway* OH MY GOD *falls out onto sidewalk
Host sister: eh?? Are you ok??
Me: OH MY GOD smells like DIARRHREA IN THERE!!!!
Host sister, Rafa and Vicky: *on the ground laughing*
Hahahaha it was funny but I was being dead serious!! How could those people be in there eating so happily when it smelled SO BAD??? and it wasn't just me either, rafa and everybody else tried going in and they couldn't get more than 2 steps in there xD

And of course you can't have a group outing without doing a little singing ;) so on to karaoke we went! ♪(v^_^)v we had to pay $2 to only go 1 stop on the subway, but karaoke was super fun(ny)!!

I sung," and I am telling you" by Jennifer Hudson. If you have ever heard the song I think you would know how hilarious it would when someone like me sings it. Vicky was mad because she didn't record it xD they were all like on the floor laughing xDD

Now, last time our karaoke room was bob Marley/shady/cigarette themed but this time it was a really cute "Winnie the pooh" theme ^^ although the diorama made it look like Tigger was doing inappropriate things to Pooh (;)

After karaoke we all went to Mos burger, and I got another toy ;) and then a random Portuguese song came on, I swear these Japanese people are trying to cater to Vicky xDD



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