Friday, July 2, 2010

Off to Tokyo~

Yesterday me, Otosan, and Okaasan headed out at about 5 AM to Tokyo to pick up Shiori. About 10 minutes into the car ride I was really cold and I guess Okaasan noticed cause she put a blanket on me, it was a very nice "mom-like" gesture :] I tried to sleep on the car ride there but everything was just pretty!!! All of the scenery and stuff was breathtaking, so I didn't really want to sleep. On the way there we stopped at a rest stop where my parents bought me Matcha ice cream (my favorite!!) (^o^) It was really nice though because the guy giving it to me gave me extra because he said I was nice teehee ^-^ Okaasan pointed at it and said "Extra service! ;)" haha XD Okaasan went to the bathroom so it was just me and Otosan. He doesn't speak much English, and me only a little Japanese, but we actually had a really good conversation! We looked at the map and pointed out Mt. Fuji and other different places on the way, It was nice, a very good bonding experience (^-^)b

It took about 6 hours to get to Tokyo Narita Airport, and once we got there we also had to wait for a bit so me and my parents looked at some shops and ate some oishii (delicious) udon! Ureshii katta~ (I was happy~) Oh! And there was this really cool observation deck where you could watch all the planes take off, it was really cool!!! They don't trust you enough to have those in America (T^T) Then Shiori came!! She's really cool I like her a lot!! Basically we talked/slept on the way back. When we got home Korochan got SUPER excited, he did this intense fast run all over the place to the point that he was just a blur, it was kowaii (scary)!!!! Haha but cute at the same time XD Kengo was still waiting up for us when we got back but he didn't seem as excited, not much brotherly love going on there (;-_-) Anyways after that I kinda took my shower and died XD

Tokyo Tower, sugoi (cool), ne?

Observation deck!! :D
Me and Otosan :]
In the car
How could you sleep with a view like that outside your window??? :O


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