Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, today started out a little...rough, and involved a few tears, but after talking to Vicky (serious the most amazing person I have ever met, I have only known her for a few weeks but it feels like I've known her for my whole life), one of the other exchangers, I felt instantly better and got back into the groove of things.

It had been decided that me, Vicky, and all the Chinese kids would go bowling after school today, but of course Kokurin and Jun had to ruin it (T^T) Jun all of a sudden is like "my computer...she's broken" and then Kokurin just haaaad to go with her to get it fixed!! Those meanies!!!!!
Everybody was acting strange today though, even takoyaki guy. We kept saying "takoyaki!!" but he was just like "...hey". Does everybody hate us now or something??? It was a very random day.

Anyways, Yingfan was getting really angry so we just decided to go without Jun and Kokurin. But me, Vicky, Yingfan, and Hiro did have an amazing time :))

First we went to sushi and then we all did purikura together. And finally, JAPANESE BOWLING!!! It was quite the experience, but I didn't get to bring my camera today so no pictures =(((((

6 games of bowling = hilarious fun :) I lost of course, but I got 6 strikes so I was quite happy ♪( ´▽`)

I got home about 9 pm, and had a little...moment, with okaasan but we made up later so everything is alright :) I'm really glad Shiori is here! I wish she was my real sister, she's so cool (>.<)


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