Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I just love those symbols~

“Jojo I…Jojo I…”

“What is it my dear??”

“Jojo I…I don’t know what to do…”

And that sappy dialogue is how my morning started J Basically Kokurin walked me to the library in the morning because he wanted to thank me for his penny and candy (for his testing) and then all of a sudden…he dead stopped and started off with all this “Jojo…I…I..” and I was like “what what???” until I realized it was an “Anime” type moment so I decided to play along. He then kind of started going back and forth from English-Japanese-Chinese to back to English again so I was super confused. But I could tell it was something about is girlfriend. I’m not sure what though but it was kind of fun having an anime moment :D Wind blowing dramatically/Cicadas blasting/Japanese school bell ringing/sun shining. Super fun (^0^) Anyways, my otaku moment is over xD

At the Japanese lesson we all realized we had all watched “Moon Lovers” the night before and we were all getting excited about the romance, so when Sensei came she wanted to talk about romance too so we all had this romance talk and didn’t learn much Japanese. I think Peta was very tortured xD

After school I used my (very limited but slowly improving) Japanese skills to talk to Symbol guy, and he let me try out his symbol :D After that Rafa came to the school and me, him, Vicky, and all his Japanese guy friends met up to go to Makudo (McDonalds xD) together. We all talked and he told us about his trip to Hong Kong with his host family. And he gave me and Vicky souvenirs :D

After that we walked like an hour to Rafa’s house (it usually only takes about 30 minutes but it was nice enjoying all the nice quiet parts of Japan…that, and we’re all really lazy xD) I met Rafa’s host parents and I played a bit with his little brother Monan, who is totally adorable J I really liked Rafa’s neighborhood, it felt very…”neighborhood” like if that makes any sense. Like everything was walkable to. We walked to the convenience store and the video store. The video store was so cool!!!!! There were like a gazillion floors of just all movies!! I got separated from Rafa and Vicky though and this really creepy guy came up next to me and started speaking fast Japanese so I was trying to figure out a way to escape but then the store manager guy passed by us and went “Hmm…*stares at me* Daijobu? (Are you ok?)” and I guessed I looked not ok because then he led me back to (a much panicked xD) Rafa and Vicky who thought I was abducted haha.

We ended up buying a Jim Carrey movie and watching it in Rafa’s sister’s room. It turned out to be this kind of depressing movie about his memory being erased though..(’-_-) So me and Vicky said “Rafa when you go back to Ecuador don’t erase us from your memory!!! ><“ haha.

There’s a bus stop really close to Rafa’s house so me and Vicky took that to Higashi Umeda station. There were a lot of people on the bus but it was dead quiet so it was kind of…eerie o_o Especially since everyone was just staring at us. Once we got there, we realized that we were on a different side than we were used to so we had to ask a Policeman for directions and he led us in the right…direction. Does that qualify as a pun?

Back at home I watched TV with Kengo and okaasan and I was really amazed cause Kengo kept laughing like really hard, and that’s something you don’t see often (; - __ -) So it was nice ^0^ and even though I had no idea what the comedians on TV were saying I laughed along J

All of us with our Japanese sensei :)

Me and symbol guy! (I'm so bad at names ^^;)

Rafa came back from Hong Kong...with dinosaur hair O_O

Oh kawaii xD

Vicky and Rafa :)

Walk to Rafa's house

Rafa's dog, he makes the most hilarious faces xD

Love it haha xD


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