Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy ending :)

I knew everybody had testing today so I decided to give everyone pennies for good luck. I guess pennies mean good luck in America? Well not really but it felt right so I decided to give them out (^0^). I gave my ototo (little brother) Kengo a penny first, the shiniest one actually so I hope he liked it. I think he did though cause when I gave it to him he smiled J I happened to see Shogo sempai (suffix you give to upper classmen) at the station so we walked to school together, and it was quite omoshiroi (funny). Mainly because Shogo continues to talk in all fast Japanese because he doesn’t seem to understand my very very limited Japanese haha xD But it’s ok because I enjoyed talking to him anyway. He seems kind of like a…bad boy though… If that makes any sense. But he has a bunch of earrings and he doesn’t tuck in his shirt. Ok so the latter doesn’t sound very “bad” but it contributes to his image xD

Once I got to school all the exchangers got ready for a field trip! ^0^ But me and Vicky had to walk to the 7/11 first. We were in a rush so we forgot that we had on our slippers, all the Japanese people were staring at these gaijin wearing uniforms and indoor slippers xD Once we got back, me, Vicky, Rafa, Steffie, Mei, Peta, and Shota all went to the junior high school together. On the ride there it was hilarious because we were all talking and then all of a sudden we heard a Japanese lady speaking Portuguese. Yanagida sensei had decided to start playing his Portuguese language CD, random right? xD

The junior high school was so scary though!! We had to give a speech in front of all of them and I totally choked, my Japanese came out soooo bad (>.<) I think Yanagida sensei was mad…but then he got happy again cause everyone else’s good Japanese made up for my blunder ^-^ We played a game first to break the ice. Basically you hold hands (yes, with the super shy and awkward junior high school boys), and then we sung a song, clapped our hands, and someone yelled out a number. Whatever number was yelled out you would go and hold hands with that amount of people. Like if they yelled out “3!” then you go find 2 other people to old hands with. It was actually a lot of fun! And all the kids warmed up to us :D The last number yelled out was 7. This was when all the exchangers got into a group with 6 junior high students and they interviewed you. I got all the boys haha xD

My group was so adorable!! Very awkward, but adorable :D They all liked my excess high fives and loud happiness. Basically they asked us questions and then they drew our picture. After they drew it they were like “Jojo is very bu-ti-ful!!!” hehe ^^ Me and one of the guys had this connection (friendly, not romantic :P) so our goodbye was really dramatic and involved a hug, it was sad L but kind of funny at the same time haha.

On the ride back I sat shotgun up front with Yanagida sensei and we tried to play some CDs but they didn’t work, I think I broke it (;- __ -) Once we got to the school I rode Shota’s bike to Mr. Donut and we all ate donuts together. Mr. Donut is so good!! But they wouldn’t let Mei and Steffie eat stuff they got from a vending machine outside so they were mad xD

At home I asked Kengo how his tests went and I expected him to give me a blank stare but he started to laugh and was like “Nooo!! I did so bad xD” I was so excited/surprised! He actually responded!! :D

After dinner we watched the series finale of my favorite drama J The one okaasan bases on me and Kokurin xD IT ENDED HAPPY!!!! This made me super happy!!!!! \(^0^)/ They kissed at the end, but it was really quick so if I had blinked I would have missed it, it’s not like the gross American dramas where the people like jump on top of each other, it was nice :D The show ended at like 1 AM so everyone had passed out by the time it was over. I was like “ YAYY!!!! Watashi wa ureshii!!!! (I am happy)!!!)” and they all jolted awake like “EH??? Eh???” and I was like “What the heck guys you missed it!!!! (>o<)” but I think they didn’t care too much, they just wanted to get to bed xD

Overall today was a pretty eventful and fun J

Best japanese class ever :)
hahahahahaha very awkward language cards sensei gave us xD

Japanese class

T for takoyaki!!! kinda...xD

Vicky and Takoyaki guy :)

Car ride there, steffie me and vicky

Me and Petaaa

Yanagida sensei wearing a...American graduation cap? xD

All of us and our snacks they gave us xD

Shota, me, steffie, mei, vicky, and peta :)

All the kids we had to talk in front of KOWAII (scary) O_O

Mei's group presenting

Most awkward picture ever xD but this is my interiew group

Me and Shota

Less awkward picture with the boys :D

All the exchangers

Yanagida sensei (I think he's grieving over the CD player...)

Takoyaki donuts, omnomnom

Favorite Drama :) I think it's called "Moon Lovers"


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