Saturday, July 10, 2010

New kids on the block

4 new German kids (3 boys and one girl) so me and Shiori went to their welcome party at school. It was pretty elaborate, they love their Europeans, us Americans didn't get a welcome party when we came T^T but all of the Germans were pretty nice. 2 were kind of aloof/shady but I'm guessing that's because they were tired (they arrived in Japan last night).

The party was fun! There were a bunch of free goodies and I love free ;) oh and we made takoyaki!! Double win \(^o^)/

After the party (so I guess it would be an "after party", get it? :D) me, Rafa, Vicky, all of the Germans, and their Japanese host siblings went to Umeda. It was lots of fun, and I did purikura with my favorite classmates so I was happy (^-^)b

I went with Misato and her German host sister (I think her name is "Madja" know how bad I am with names xD) to find her a skirt for school.

Yuuki called me and said he wanted to hang out, so he met us there and we met his Chinese girl friends. They were so nice!! And they said my hair was beautiful hehe (*^o^*)

After Umeda I went back to Vicky's house for our....
SUPER AWESOME AMAZING SLEEPOVER!!!!!!! I was super excited!!!!!! And I had right to be, it was amaaaazing :)))

Vicky's host family is so kind! We all made takoyaki together (takoyaki twice in one day = pure awesomeness :))

Vicky's host family lives in the mountains, I thought it was awesome! But she doesn't think so because it always takes her so long to get to school (about 2 and a half hours).

I was super confused because Vicky's host mom kept getting up and coming back, but it turns out she was "feeding" her brother. Well more like her brother's spirit. He died about 7 years ago, but they have his shrine in his house. I don't remember what she did exactly, but supposed she has to wait 15 minutes to eat, then put offering on the shrine ledge, then go back and get it, then wait 15 more minutes, and then save rice. And then clean up again. Every meal/snack. Every day for the rest of her was intense. It was kind of eerie though because Vicky stays in his room...and uses the desk he died at *shudder*. But I thought it was cool going to her house because I experienced a different side of Japan, and I love it when I do something culturally different without even having to travel more than 2 hours.

On a lighter note, I (well technically both me and Vicky, but he didn't know xD) talked to Kokurin on the phone for like an hour. And we've made one conclusion: He. Is. CRAZY.
Hahaha. I still like him regardless though because I'm a bit "zany" myself, but Vicky was really shocked because she thought he was quiet/normal xDD

I joked around with him and said he was a "pretty boy" in American standards and he said "oh...I'm a pretty boy pretty boy pretty boy teeheeteeheeteehee pretty boy. I'm prettyyyyyy" It was awkward. And then:

Kokurin: Jojo, do you think I am kakkoih (handsome/cool)?
Me: uh...yeah, you're kakkoih
Kokurin: really?
Me: hahahaha yeah I guess...
Kokurin: heheheheh I'm kakkoih
Me: you're not very...modest xD
Kokurin: *quickly types "modest" into his translator*
Kokurin: I do not understand...
Me: uhm...well I guess the polite thing is to deny it? Haha
Kokurin: Jojo, NO. YOU said I was kakkoih and I said "REALLY?" and YOU said "yeah I guess". Therefore, I am allowed to say I AM.
Me: ......sound reasoning.

Hahahahaha it was quite a "riveting" conversation xD

After talking/killing off all the country bugs in Vicky’s room, I had the best sleep since I have been in Japan :)

Takoyaki :D
All the exchangers with new german girlMe, my cotton candy, and chibi :)
Vicky trying to win the toss ring game and she did! :O

hahahahah our own japanese star xD

Me and favorite japanese teacher :)

Vendin machine that takes all my money (ToT)

Chibi and her new German host brother Nimar


Me and Vicky making Takoyaki! \(^0^)/

Me and Vicky's host parents :)

Vicky's room xD


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