Thursday, June 24, 2010

"YOU-NEEDA-SIT!!!" eh??

Woke up at like 6:40AM and had a spaz attack, I'm supposed to wake up
at 6:00 and leave at 7:15. So yeah...but that's probably only cause I
couldn't sleep last night, the rain outside sounded like a freaking
meteor shower/earthquake. It was freaky :O

Train and walk to school:
These really nice girls from Asahi high asked me to walk with them to
school from the subway, everybody is so nice :D

Before class:
I was laughing and talking with Jun about how Japanese guys are cute,
but Korean guys are pretty. And then she gave me a strawberry cake
snack!!!! My first real omiagai (present) from a classmate! I was
super excited ^o ^ but I refused 3 times first to be polite, which she
thought was hilarious. I really like Jun and Yingfan, they're the most
"down to earth" people in the class. Oh speaking of Yingfan, she
invited me to her birthday party!! I thought that was really sweet of
her. And it's going to be very interesting, a Chinese birthday party
in the middle of Japan XD although I’m kind of mad at Kokurin now. He's
so antisocial >_< and when I tried to talk to him about the plans for
Friday after talking and laughing with Jun he gave me the....look. Like
that "ummm ok whatever I know" look. >;O But it's ok cause we made up

Math II:
Kind of died in this class. I fell asleep in such a way that I
actually almost fell off desk. But actually (and the other
exchangers/students in class will agree with me), sleeping in class is very relaxing. Like the
teachers voices here are so soothing. And they seem to encourage my
sleeping XD Me and Mei feel super refreshed afterwards. When I asked
Victoria (whose been here for two months) what she does she was like
"well for the first few days I was really alert and now...sleep." haha.

Sadly I cannot sleep in this class, because I actually know Spanish.
Even though I thought my Spanish was very bad, I am able to converse
with the teacher in all Spanish almost perfectly, who would have
thought, I am in Japan and I am not communicating through English or
Japanese, but Spanish. Kind of cool. Oh and I was looking in my wallet
for a 100 yen coin (equivalent to a US dollar) so I could buy a drink
and a quarter fell out. They all had a spaz attack like "what the heck
is that?????? Kore wa nan desu ka????" and I explained. I love the
excitement here, When I bring back this excited attitude to America
I'm gonna seem like I'm on some happy pills or something.

English expression:
At the beginning of class there was something near me and everybody
turned around like "ahhh!!!!" and I was like "WHAT??? what is it????"
because I didn't see anything. Then all of a sudden this bird flies
onto my desk. No, not a tiny little pigeon, one of those Japanese crow
looking things which are not actually the size of crows, but about the
size of an eagle. But there was just this blur of black and yellow
eyes so I thought it was a demon or something and was like
"gahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! What the *bleep*?????!!!!!!!" and fell out of my
chair as everyone still gasped. Then I hink I scared it cause it flew out of the door. It was pretty intense. After all that excitement I needed another nap. So I slept for the
rest of the class.

I ate with Victoria and all of our Japanese friends in my class. She
calls them chibi (tiny) because they are so short and kawaii (cute) XD
I also met Lyu. I can not pronounce his name for the life of me. Here
it is not pronounced how it looks. Like my friend Moi's name is not
pronounced "moiii" but "my". And my friend's name Moe is pronounced
"moi". Now the "L"s get harder. They are pronounced like "R"s. So his
name is pronounced "Lrbu". Well actually I'm not sure. Anyways, I
cannot pronounce it so I call him "bob" XD but he is really funny/
nice. And of course I got his "digits" haha. But he had this really
cool anime folder so I grabbed it and Victoria went "bob!! Look over
there!!! *in Japanese*" and then I pretended to run away with it, he
thinks we are a "comedy duo" haha. It's kind of funny though, because
even though very few boys and girls interact with each other (or it is
kinda rare, at least like we intereact in America with touching and
stuff), boys and girls drink off the same straw/bottle all the time
and there's no problem. I asked Bob if I could have a sip of his milk
tea and he was like "hai :D" and everybody was like "so, did you like
it???" not like "omigod what the heck why did you just drink off the same straw
as him????? It's very interesting. After talking with Victoria, Lyu
(bob), and all of the other girls I went to sit with Kokurin. He
doesn't seem to like it when I talk to anybody else though...but at
the same time he doesn't care. I'm not sure, he's very hard to read.
But we had a good time. Towards the end of lunch I asked him what we
were studying in the next english class and he said "you-need-a-sit."
so I was like "ohh...ok. Bye." and was about to get up and go to my
seat and he just stared, but something told me not too:

Me: *stop* wait a second...what did you just say?
Kokurin: you neeta six *points to paper*
Me: ohhhhhhhhh "UNIT 6!!!"
Kokurin: oh yes yes yes!!! U-need-a-sicks"
Me:...mmm not quite.
Kokurin: eh??
Me: it sounded like you said "you need to sit"
Kokurin: eh???? *writes on paper "need"*
Me; hai!! Yes!!
Kokurin: hahahahahaha nai nai nai!!! *struggle* "youuuuu-neeeed-aaa-
Me: u *between giggles*
Kokurin: u haha
Me: nit, NIIIIIIT.
Kokurin: NIIIIITTTTTTT hahahahahaha
Me: Siiiiixxxxxxxx
Kokurin: siiixxxxx
Me: hai hai yes yes!!!
Kokurin: ohhh "you-needa-sit!!!"
Me: hahahahahaha it's ok!! Your accent is very cute I like it XD
Kokurin: hahahahahaha "you needa sit!!! You needa sit!!!"

It was pretty hilarious, I'm glad I decided to turn around and say
"wait a second...what did you just say?" haha it means I am getting
better with understanding accents.

Understanding of different cultures:
The teacher had me read the "you needa sit" story. It was actually
kind of an intense story, words wise. It was about Nike and how they
used to have a business relationship with a Japanese shoe company and
then something about bitter relations. I really enjoy helping though,
I love the English sensei (teachers) that let me read :D there are
about 10 different English sensei for my class alone though, they are
very intense on English here and nobody sleeps during any of the
English classes.

Understanding of English:
I guess today was "English mania" day? We had like 3 English classes
in a row. This one was the one with the whole shark bite off the arm
thing. No more peppermint patties and roses and fragrances. Now we get
to the gorey stuff. Bleeh. I'm actually glad I don't have to read this
stuff out, I would cringe -_-' But he actually made me wake up in this
class. It was hilarious, cause some other people were sleeping too so
he says your name in a really soothing way but repeats it over and over until
you put up your head: "Misato san (btw "san" is a prefix at the end of
a name, it's kinda like "mr(s.)" and it shows formality. My host mom
calls me Jojo "chan" which shows affection.) Misato San *misato slowly wakes up so he moves onto me*...Jojo San...Jojo San....Jojo San...." ad it took me a while to realize he
was talking to me XD everybody kinda started cracking up.

I honestly don't remember this i slept? I am not
sure XD

After school:
I stayed in class for about 20 more minutes talking to Lyu (bob),
misato, and Mai (it‘s spelled “moi“ but I‘ll just spell it how it‘s said for easyness‘s sake). I have been teaching them some English "slang" :) And at the end me and Victoria are gonna record it/make a song XD

Lyu: yo, whazup dog? *Gansta hand sign*
moi: oh no you didn't!!! *snaps and head/neck in circular motion
Misato: oh ma goood oh ma goood. Lameeee
Yuka: nahhh bra. Like whateveeerrr

Watching them say them makes my life. Like seriously, it is the best
thing I have seen in my entire life XD I can't wait to make the video,
they're all sooo cuuuteeee. And then me and victoria are gonna say the
name of a town/subway station in the background. It's kinda hard to
explain, but the name of the station is very long and on the subway
the intercom says it like a song, so we’re gonna be doing that in the
background XD

After that I met Victoria, Rafael, and Mei in the front of the school
and we went to one of those revolving sushi restaurants, it was so much
fun!!! I love them all with a burning passion >_< It's really sad
though because Rafael is going back to Ecuador on Saturday T-T that is
why me and Mei are not going to Kendo practice this week, so that we
can hang out with him everyday before he has to leave. Besides I think the Kendo guys need a break from our constant chatter, w're kinda ruining their quiet/respectful routine XD

vicky being a japanese yakuza
(mafia/ganster) and rafa being...strange XD

rafa your hair it's like...vickys!

me and mei :)

looking at the really really really (x100) bad pictures they took of me (;-_-)


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