Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kawaii Shopu = LIFE

I woke up this morning to no one being home. It was kinda creepy/
eerily quiet. The doorbell rang like 5 times but I was like "no, I've
seen the horror movies I am not opening the door! >:O" and Korochan
had this barking spaz attack and then ran into the wall. He was quiet
after that XD I basically watched TV (Japanaese TV is the best thing I
have ever seen in my entire life, when Otosan or Kengo try to talk to
me at night Okaasan's like "Shhh it's Jojo TV time" haha. I probably
look scary cause I get really into it, one night I almost fell off my
seat. It's so colorful and exciting!! And my host family has this humongous HD TV so it makes everything even more pretty! ^o^), and surfed the web.

Okaasan got back around 4, and she bought me dessert :D Tiramisu to be
exact! She is so nice >_< So we ate our sweets and then while she took
a nap I played with Korochan some more.

After she woke up we headed to this mall thing. Best mall I've ever
been to :) We passed by this one store and it was like Kawaii (cute) heaven...I
didn't get a picture because I was so mesmerized by the cuteness. I'll
get a picture the next time we go back. But I spent a lot of
money there, I was like, "everything is so kawaii (cute)!!!!! NAN DIA
NE???? (why)" and Okaasan started cracking up XD I bought a bookbag,
some presents for people in America, and a pencil case and some
pencils (doesn't sound too cool, but after you see a picture you will
realize it's amazingness).

Then we went food shopping and Okaasan got me some Japanese grapes.
Grapes suki desu (I like grapes) ^o ^ I also got some slippers, the
shoes I were using everybody laughed at and called them "Jesus sandals"

We then went to the Video store underneath the 100 yen shop. It was so
cool!!! And we got a Michael Jackson CD, okaasan was impressed cause
when we played it in the car I knew the words to all the songs. I
looooveee Michael Jackson, so I'm super ureshii (happy) that we can listen to
him now in the car :D

Although we hardly ever take the car, you can take the train ANYWHERE
here! It's ridiculous. Although one thing I do not really like is how
everyone here feels the need to rush. Like I can tell when some people
are late, but when they have a lot of time they still rush like their
lives depend on it. Like when me and Okaasan were going to Kyoto she
was like "oh my god run!!! We have to catch THIS train!!!" and I said
"but...they run every 6 minutes...., we don't have to try and kill
ourselves to get on this one..." and I just got a blank stare -_-'
this whole "gotta rush" thing is something I don't understand, but
maybe that's just because of my relaxed/lazy American spirit XD


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