Sunday, June 27, 2010

Osaka Jojo

Oh my gosh today was SO MUCH FUUUN!!!! In the morning me and Okaasan
snacked on the Japanese grapes (which are amazing by the way, they
are like tiny and really sweet/oishii (delicious).

After we were all dressed and handled Korochan (dog gets crazy when we
leave!!!!! I had the duty of picking him up and putting him in his
cage [fun...not] and he basically killed my arms, dog can scratch -
_-' Everyone at school is gonna think I have abusive host parents
haha, I'll have to explain it was the inu (dog) XD) we left for Senrioka station.

We took 2 trains to Osaka Jo (castle) park. Once we got to the park I
put on my sunglasses cause it was so bright but then these people came
up to me and asked me if I was in American movies so I had to take
them off. Okaasan calls them my "supa sta" glasses now haha.

Before we went to the castle we took a boat tour around Osaka. It was
super cool, and there was actually a lot of wildlife around in the
water, like turtles, birds, and fish. Although the water was really

We then walked to the castle. We had to climb this like mountain!! But
it was worth it, the castle was AMAZING!! So pretty, like out of a
fairytale. It was hilarious though cause once we were at the top I was
like "oka *pant* sannnn *pant* pic *cough* ture *collapse*" haha. She
asked me if I was ok through her laughter XD

We walked through the castle and then went to the top where there is
this observation deck and you can see all of the surrounding area, it
was breathtaking. The inside of the castle was pretty cool too, there
was a bunch of exhibits/movies to watch.

Okaasan bought me some of the Matcha ice cream again, it is sooooooooo
gooood and when I went to throw out our cone wrappers:

Me: lalala
Random voices: JOJO???!!!
Me: eh??? *turns around* OMG Stephanie hi!!!!!

Turns our Stephanie was there with her host parents too!! What a
coincidence! So we all talked and ate takoyaki together, it was fun ^o ^

Then on our way out I saw more exchangers!!!! But not like Stephanie
who goes to the same school as me, these were ones from the California
orientation who I never thought I'd see again! So we all kind of had a
spaz attack and hugged and exchanged quick stories.

After making our way back to Osaka station, me and okaasan parted ways
because I was going to meet Mei, Shota, Victoria, and Rafa at the
McDonalds near the school to go to Namba (a really cool shopping

I had planned the whole thing but I was like an hour late so I felt
bad, but they didn't seem to mind cause I'm always late XD

After I got there we all talked and laughed and waited for Rafa. It's really funny
though because we all look totally different in real clothes (at
school we all have to wear uniforms) XD especially
Victoria, I didn't even recognize her! Haha it was interesting.

When Rafa got there we sat for a bit more and joked around (while this
random old guy was looking at us and laughing, he thought we were
hilarious). Of course I made Shota ride his bike with me first
though :) I love bikes! \(^0^)/ I'm definitely going to get one when I get
back home. Although there's probably going to be no place to ride it...or
any random Japanese guys to force to ride in the back XD

We took a train to Higashi Umeda and then another train to Namba. I
couldn't use my pass on the train though which made me mad
(^ー)But Shota helped me buy a ticket so it was ok. It
was kinda funny cause he stuck by me the whole time so Victoria and Mei
think he likes me but I think he was just worried that I'd get lost or
something. And I don't blame him, for some reason my clutziness/
clumsiness/spazness/just plain awkwardness is increased by like 100
times here. I've been tripping and a falling and a stumbling so that's
probably why I always have at least one Japanese person in tow, cause
they wanna make sure I don't die XD And I do appreciate it, I almost
walked into the street when the light wasn't green a couple of times (^o^;)

Oh and interesting story, in the train station there was this kind of
candy store/little trinkets and toy store that we all were looking in:

Shota: *sneeze*
Victoria: bless you
Me: GOD bless you! Ha I one upped you >:D
Shota: *stare*
Me: god bless you (^o ^)
Shota: do you believe in Jesus?
Me: hahahahahaha random... But yes I do, do you?
Shota: No I am going to hell.
Me: oh....I see (-_-')

Yeah, wasn't quite sure what to say to that...but it's ironic cause he
wears a cross around his neck.

Namba was a lot of fun! It was basically this humongous outdoor
shopping palooza. It was really cool. And there was this one shop that
was going out of business so everything was $10, even the $300
watches. So Shota and Rafa bought a lot of stuff. While they did that
me and Mei looked in the shoe store next door and then Demi Lovato's
song "here we go again" came on so me and Mei kinda had a spaz attack
and started getting really into singing it, the store clerks just
looked and laughed haha. Namba was a really exciting place, lots of
flashing lights and the like, I liked it a lot (^o^) I hope I get to
go back.


I love that running guy

Shota, Mei, me, and Vicky

The gang's all here :]

Random guy juggling in front of Osaka jo...he was really good though XD
In front of Osaka jo

View from top of Osaka jo

This sign was made for clumsy people like myself :)

inside boat :D

Boat we toured around osaka


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