Thursday, June 17, 2010

jojo san vs. sempai

Ok, kendo is seriously my life, I love it with a burning passion. It
is by far the BEST thing I have EVER done!!! And I am getting quite
good too :) I could tell because there were two sempai (upperclassmen)
who were training me and Mei (other YFU exchanger from America), one
we were hitting with our bamboo swords (I think the name of the swords
are "kyudai"? I am not quite sure) and the other sempai was watching.
I hit really really fast/accurately and the sempai I was hitting went
"ohhh!!!!! Sososososo!!! (So basically means, "that is right!") sugoi
(cool)!!!" and then the other sempai who was watching said (in nihongo
(Japanese), "I can go faster than you jojo-San!!!!! >:O" and stole my
sword. I felt really special hahaha XD We basically hit this guy the
rest of the time, me and Mei felt bad because we had to keep hitting
his helmet, I hope we didn't give him any brain damage -_-' After
practice (which seemed a lot shorter than yesterday cause me and Mei
were having so much fun XD) then we sat around and talked with
yoshizawa, nabu, and...I forget -_- but he is very nice, and he knows
the most English. We were just joking around, and then me and Mei
decided to show them how to play Ninja. Now for those of you who don't
know what that is, it is very easy/fun to play (that is why we were
able to play in less than 5 seconds even though there is a language

1. Get into a circle
2. Bow
3. Jump/strike a ninja pose
4. One person goes at a time
5. The objective is to try to hit one of the other players hands to
get them out of the game.
6. You can only move/step once/one time in your turn

We all had a lot of fun playing, I love all of the guys' sound
effects, they're so funny XD Like "ohhhh" in a deep voice/Japanese
accent, every five seconds. It's very kawaii (cute).

After we played ninja, yorushiku taught me and Mei how to play
"monster". Which is basically like "tag! You're it" but with a lot of
funny hopping/Japanese sound effects XD They are all so fast!!! But I
caught yorushiku (fastest kendo player) so I felt special :3

After we all packed up we all walked to the station together again,
and this time Katotakashi (sempai who I practiced hitting) walked me
to Osaka station. He was very nice to do so, since he was going in the
opposite direction, and it takes a while to walk there. All the people
here are so friendly >_< st="on">Osaka station was like too. They looked once.
Ok whatever gaijin. And then they look again really fast like "EH?????
Why is she with Japanese boy??? Why they laugh??? And WHY SHE WEAR
UNIFORM????" Hahaha their faces are very obvious. Usually I only get
stares when I'm in my uniform though, and even then it's very rare
here in Osaka. Like it's either one extreme (they don't look at you or
if they do they don't care) orrr my favorite (they stare until you
feel uncomfortable). Yesterday on the subway I felt like this guy was
mentally undressing me, it was awkward/creepy. But most people, even
if they are surprised, they don't show it. Probably the whole polite
thing again.

Oh and on another note, I saw the school infirmary today!!! :D These
random cuts/bruises keep appearing on my legs/arms. I'm not quite sure
where they are coming from or how they happened though. The nurses in
the infirmary were soooo sweet and kawaii though!!! ^o ^ and they
liked feeling my hair, like everyone else here XD After they get past
the whole "oh hi where are you from what's your name?" then it's
what's i like to call "hair touch time" XD People seem to be very
fascinated by/like it. First day of kendo they all surrounded me and
started grabbing it. Although I don't really mind, it's flattering
cause they are all like "ohhh sugoi (cool)!!! Kawaii (cute)!!!" :)

Before I got home, I stopped at the convenience store. I mean, I love
Japan and everything but their green tea is so bitter!!! >_< class="yshortcuts">taking a
. Boy has the right idea, I want one too <:3 haha. *sigh* I really have to figure out a way to bond with him ~_~ Me and okaasan ate our dinner (noodles in a really tasty sauce with potatoes, beef, and carrots, rice, and fish.)3 Oishiiiiii (tasty). Then we just talked about boys XD It was fun, I really like my okaasan, she's really funny/cool. Now I took my shower and it's time for beeed. Oyasumi~


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