Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moving sushi + delicious crepes = happy Jojo

I had some bread and yogurt, I'm glad okaasan has downed it down a bit
with breakfast, because I am usually not that hungry in the morning
anyways. And this morning I had a stomach ache. After I told her she
gave me this look like I was dying or something, even though I kept
telling her "daijobu (don't worry)"

Today was my last day going to school with Kanachan, so I attempted to
memorize all of our steps and turns. Which was kinda hard because in
Osaka station, there is no direct turn, but a long walk across a huge/
very busy open space. But something very interesting is that even
though there are a lot of people, there is next to no noise. The
Japanese people are very polite/shy, which is good I guess, but the
intense quiet in such a huge open and busy place freaks me out a bit.
Like something out of the matrix. Oh, and I also gave kanachan a gift
to thank her for helping me this whole week, she seemed very happy.
She did this very intense "gasping for air" sound. XD I hope she liked
it, it wasn't much though. Just some candy and one of those crazy pens
from America. I hope she liked it though :D I never got a chance to
ask her.

Walk to school:
There were these random guys handing out stuff (first I've seen) so I
grabbed it. But it turns out it was for cram school, so I tried to
give it away but everyone was like "naiii!!!!! Cram-a school dame
(don't like)!!!!" haha. And supposedly it's expensive too.

Japanese history:
Although I don't really understand this class, I have to pay attention
because the teacher will always randomly incorporate me into the
lesson. But he's really funny (the one who acts everything out) so it
was ok :D and it was hilarious because he asked me if we bow before
class in America, and I was like "umm no" and then he said "ohhh so
you do this.." and then he started shaking this girl in the front's
hand XD I don't really know what we do in America. Just say hi and
continue the lesson I guess. It's kind of interesting though, I never
thought that they would think we do the same thing.

Math II:
For some reason they made me stay awake today ~_~ I don't know why
though, they let me sleep yesterday <:O but maybe cause they thought I
was sick because of the mask. I wasn't really paying attention in
this class. I actually (discreetly) put in one headphone and just
wrote out the lyrics to a Paramore song. And then memorized some more
Japanese phrases. I have learned so many already!!! And not just
learn, I know them and I can use/recognize them in everyday
conversation. Sugoiii (cool)!!

I had NO idea what the heck was going on in this class. I couldn't
tell what the sensei was talking about or what the point even was. And
my iPod died, so I had to actually watch. The sensei is nice, but she
kinda has a....well a very "interesting" voice. A mix between a
Chihuahua and a hyena. It's kawaii (cute) when she talks to me outside,
but when forced to listen to her speak rapid Japanese for an hour, it
gets a little touch and go. But I dozed off towards the end so it went
by relatively quickly.

Walk to next class:
Before me and my tomodachi (friend) Moi (pronounced "My") left the
class, I asked Kokurin to come along. He attempted to explain to me
what had just happened in class, but to no avail, I'm wondering if he
even knew what was going on XD So moi said she had to go to the
"bathroom" (likely story) and then winked and told me to walk with
kukorin. Haha I don't really see it as awkward, they're all so cute.
Ok, now gets to the fun part. so now me and Kokuri nwalk some more and

Me: so how are the lakers doing?
Kokurin: eh?
Me: the lakers, you like them right? :D
Kokurin: my girlfriend...she...break up with me
Me: oh...wait...EH????
Kokurin: She...she break up with me.
Me: oh...I'm sorry =( *pats shoulder*
Kokurin: I am trying to mask my pain
Me: awww <:O why did she break up with you????? You're so cute!!!
Wait...well yeah, whatever. I meant what I said ~_~ (awkward is basically not in my vocabulary here XD)
Kokurin: eh? Why? Well because...*thinks for a moment* I work very
long job. 5 hours everyday.
Me: ohhh!!! So you could not spend time with her
Kokurin: *nod*
Me; oh...hmmm...well do you want to get back together with her?
Kokurin: *shakes head* :)
Me: wait....I'm confused -_-

And yeah, i don't know why he told me all of that (we just met like
yesterday...), but I felt bad =( But I was confused. He said he was
trying to mask his pain, but then again he doesn't want to get back
together with her and smiled. *sigh* wakarahen...(I don't know [just
in Osaka-ben though, which is the Osaka dialect]).

I sat with Moi, and we pretty much talked the whole time and told
funny stories. There was no painting today, they were organizing their
old paintings/new assignments. I taught Moi how to play "I spy with my
little eye something...(and then a color and then the person has to
guess the object)". Moi is so adorable XD and she speaks pretty good
english too with is cool. I tried to teach the game to Yuriko, but she
said the line "I spy with my little eye" was too much English for her,
haha. After the game Moi taught me the Japanese vowel sounds. For
example, "ka kee koo kay ko" or something like that. But they have it
for every letter of the alphabet. Kokurin was like "what are you
doing?" haha XD but after I told him he told me to "fight", which
basically means "try your hardest/don't give up". He is very nice, and
surprisingly outgoing considering how shy all the other guys are, I
like him a lot.

The first 10 minutes of lunch I ate with Moi and her friend, but then
they had to go down to a student council meeting. I'm going to go
check it out next week :D After they left I ate with Misato (the
hilarious "you crushing him" girl), she's really cool, I like her a
lot too XD And sometimes her English is very surprising, but I'll
explain that later. I finished pretty quickly, so I asked Kokurin to
show me where the vending machines are, but Misato had to translate
"vending machine". And then she gave me a wink/thumbs up. And I'm
pretty sure I saw her mouth "not too much crushing jojo". Haha I love
their English, it's so cute.

As we walked to the vending machines I asked Kokurin if he wanted
someone new, or if he liked any of the Japanese girls in our class,
but he said no. Not really "no", but it was more like "thanks, but I
do not like ANY Japanese girls". Ok, whateva floats his boat...

We went to the vending machines in the cafeteria, and there we saw
Hiro and Peter (Hungarian exchange student, whose also in kendo with
me). Hiro said something to Kokurin (probably something awkward about
me and him) and Kokurin kinda spazzed out. He then had to go see his
teacher so he left. It was kinda awkward at the vending machines
alone, cause I could feel stares. Even though everyone here is used to
exchangers, it seems like no one has ever seen hair like mine, so they
are all very fascinated. Sometimes it's flattering (girls/obasans
(grandma) screaming "ohhh kirei!!!! (pretty)") and other times it's
creepy (guy in subway grabbing "secretly" grabbing a braid). I thought
I'd have to walk back alone, but hiro came over and said "jojo, walk
back togeza? :D" And I was very relieved/surprised at his kindness ^-^
me hiro and peter walked back and drank our juice outside of the
classroom (btw, the juice here is FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! it tastes like
the actual fruit. No extra sugar or anything, like the real fruit.
It's soooo goood. And after all that bitter green tea, my taste buds
have a party at the apple juice). I asked Hiro about himself some
more, but then my friend Jun told me he had a girlfriend, and pointed
at Yingfan, who was fiercely denying it, but in girl talk that meant
"back the heck off, he's ma man". So I’m only gonna talk to hiro when
we are all "togeza" XD and I'm gonna help Jun try to get those two
together, they do make quite the cute couple :) <3

Understanding of English:
This class kills me a little bit inside....the teachers English is
very...well, I can't tell when he's speaking English and when he's
speaking Japanese. And all they're learning is about fragrances and
peppermint bathes and roses and gaaahhhh. But I had to watch/listen
the whole time in that class too. I guess yesterday was my only nap
day? :( Although other people (including kokurin) were sleeping, but I
was scared to.

Ok, it wasn't nearly as bad today. Actually kinda fun. Me and jun
stayed off to the side and swam (very lazy/slow) laps with the boogie
boards (mini surf boards) :D And then we gossiped XD Its funny, because
even though there's a language barrier, we are still able to gossip
just fine. I guess girls gossiping is universal? But were talking
some more about Kokurin (I don't really like him in that way
necessarily, but I don't want to say either way to them because if I
say no, then it'll spread around and Kokurin won't talk to me, but if
I say yes, it'll spread around, things will get awkward, and kokurin
won't talk to me. It's a no win situation, so I just stay kinda
neutral). Oh and supposedly he doesn't have a girlfriend. Never
did...yeah. Don't know why he said he did...or that this imaginary
girl broke up with him...random. Or maybe he does and they just don't
know. I don't know, I am just baffled by the whole thing. I think I'll
just go along with all this for now XD

Short homeroom:
At the end of swimming we all go back together to homeroom class
(there are no lockers in Japanese schools, only for your shoes. So you
leave everything in homeroom so you must go back and get it after your
last class). I got Kokurins number so we could keep in touch over the
weekend, but he seemed to be acting a little weird. I found out why
later. And then Yingfan pulled me aside and whispered, "jojoooo, if
you like him, you should email back frequently >:D".

Well of course amazingly fun =) and me mei an Victoria met this really
awesome sempai. Kendo is like a tv show, a new character (aka sempai)
shows up everyday, it's hilarious XD And he just got back from a year
exchange in America so he speaks very good English. It was kind of
hilarious because me Vicky and mei had gotten used to talking about
people as loud as we wanted because no one understood but now someone
was there who knew exactly what we were saying. But it's ok, he thinks
we're hilarious xD And he's really funny too. In the middle of
practice he went to go get juice and he came back with it. It had a
banana on the front so I wanted to try some, so I drunk off the same
straw as him. And everyone in kendo dead stopped (except for me, shota
(sempais name), mei, an Vicky). I was like "oh!!! Tomodachi (friend)
and pointed to shota but I don't think they bought it. *sigh* now I'm
gonna be known as a hussy, what the heck -_-

Especially cause after practice I had my shirt half opened (I had a
tank top on underneath though, an what I was wearing would have seemed
nun-like in America) because it was so hot and Takahiro sempai stared
and then did this awkward turn/blush thing. Me mei and Vicky find this
all quite humorous though. We did this test, I asked all the guys if
they wanted candy (with my shirt open) and they all fiercely refused,
and then I buttoned my shirt and asked again and most of them said yes
that time XD But I feel bad cuz me and takahiro sempai were becoming
good friends but I don't think he's gonna talk to me again ~_~
Speaking of the kendo sempai, I love them!!! They are all so funny,
especially this one little guy. Although he looks little, he is very
good/strong though. Oh and horror story, I put on the full armor today
and we all took a picture together, but then I wanted one without the
helmet, so I took it off. Just took it off, and they all went
"ohhhhh." with their deep disapproving Japanese accents. Yeah. It was
bad. There's this whole ritual thing that you're supposed to do before
you take your helmet off, but I forgot. And they all take their
rituals very seriously. It's kind of hilarious though because you can
see the change in the pictures.
Picture 1: ahh all smiles and me with my helmet on
Picture 2: helmet swiftly off, one sempai staring at me, one moves away
Picture 3: they attempt to smile, it turns out very awkward with a
noticeable distance between me and the sempai

I apologized to one sempai afterwards (the one who speaks the most
English) and he said it was ok, and then we did our secret handshake
but I still felt really bad...I'll have to apologize again on Monday.
But i don't know, they've seen my bare neck (gasp!!!), so I think it
would be illegal for them to talk to me...nah they probably would have
forgotten by then. Hopefully...I'll find something to apologize.

After kendo:
Me, Vicky, and mei went to this AMAZING crepe place, it was so good!!!
We got this cream and chocolate one, it was like heaven on earth ~O~
oh and I was texting (or here they call it emailing) kokurin. The
reason he was acting weird was cause he hurt his back very badly
while playing rugby in gym class, he said he's gonna go to the doctor
tomorrow. I hope it's nothing serious...

I found my way to Osaka station all by myself!!!! It was intensely
amazing, although because of what takahiro sempai said about it being
"dangerous", everyone looked shady to me. But I made it home ok :D
After i got home, Me, otosan, okaasan, and kengo went to one of those
moving sushi restaurants. It was so cool!!! Basically this conveyor
belt goes around and around with a bunch of delicious sushi on it and
you can just take a plate off once you see something you like (and you
can do this all while sitting at your table booth). It was a lot of
fun. Oh and kengo laughed!!!!!! I didn't know he could!!! :O but
basically okaasan and otosan told me to try an order something by the
speaker in the booth, and it didn't work out too well xD supposedly
when I said "tiramisu", I said it too Americanized and they thought I
said this other thing (pudding-y type thing), it was quite funny. They
all had this spaz attack laughing haha. They are all very friendly,
and otosan kept giving me this very sentimental father look, I can
tell he misses Shiori a lot, so I hope my presence as a happy go lucky
teenage girl is helping a little >_<

Oh and funny story. Kengo said he wanted to get something to drink out
of the machine (instead of the free water), so okasan pulled out her
money and told me to go too. But then kengo was like "I don't want
anything (in Japanese)" so okasan kept pushing him to go with me (he
is very shy, but nice), but she was saying it in a nice way. So it
really didn't mean to come out this way, but I said (in a very deep
and menacing way): kengo. Juice. So basically:
Okaasan: come on kengo, go with her
Kengo: *mumble* I don't want anything
Okasan: come on, stop being shy
Kengo: but I...
Random foreigner (me) jump into conversation: KENGO. JUICE.

He jumped right up after that. It took a while for me to pick but he
waited which was nice, I didn't think he would. But I ended up just
getting the same thing as him. Fanta soda, but it was green melon
flavored. It was pretty good. And then I had my tiramisu (okasan
ordered it for me XD) which was really oishii (delicious).

After sushi, we were all super full/ tired, so I took a quick shower
and now I’m about to go to bed~.

me and okaasan in the sushi resturant

kengo and otosan
victoria and mei in the crepe place

honoka and me

me and mei with our oishii crepes :)

me and mei with the sempai

shota sempai and me


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