Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Umeda is where its at ;)

Woke up at like 6:45 and I freaked out. This waking up at 6 and taking
a 30 minute walk, a train, and a subway is getting hard -_-' but I am
loving every minute of it. I had some of my "intense cereal and grape
juice (like eating 10,000 grapes at one time, it is so gooooddd).

Train and walk to school:
I made it all the way this time!!! No mistakes!!!! Let me rephrase
"all the way", I walk a mile to the Senriokaue station, then I take
the train 5 stops to Osaka station. Then I make my way all the way
through Osaka station
and go out and across the street to Higashi-
Umeda station. Theeen I make my way through Higashi Umeda to take the
Dainichi subway 5 stops to Sekime-Takadono. And theeennn, I get off,
exit the station and then take the 15 minute walk to school. It's
intense, when I finished I was like "wow...". And everything is written
in Kanji/hiragana/romaji.

This morning I decided to actually try and memorize my classmates
names, so I went around and said their names and gave them a piece of
candy. Everyone seemed very excited so I was very ureshii (happy) ^o ^
Oh and kind of interesting observation. There are girls at this school
who do the whole "face full of make up and short skirt up to their
butts" thing and they are always glaring and look really scary but
when you talk to them/say hi they are SO FREAKING NICE!!!!!! It freaks
me out a bit. Like it goes from *glare* to "*smile* ohhhh jojo!!!!! My
name is...!!!!!" they're all so cute >_< class="yshortcuts">handsome guys. It seems like they might not like you, but
they are all soooooooo shy. Just look at kengo. I feel kind of bad,
these boys act so shy and were in a public space/school but with kengo
we actually live together and bump into each other frequently. Lord
knows how he feels.

Japanese classics:
No. Freaking. Idea. My chinese friend Jun was like "oh jojo us Chinese
kids must go to learn somewhere else because it is hard to understand"
and I'm like "what the heck, TAKE ME WITH YOUUUU!!!" haha.

Understanding of English:
We read a story about a girl getting her arm bitten off by a shark.
Seemed a little morbid to me....but I don't think anybody realized she
was bitten by a shark and she could "see all the water around her red
with her blood". It was actually pretty graphic.

Rafael is in my class!!! So it was a lot of fun cause he could
translate for me. And what we had to do was relatively easy, just
translate "ser" and "estar". I tried to help the girl next to me by
saying "oh yeah!! Estar...hmmm you use it when...well in America
there's this rhyme: how you feel or where you are always use the verb
estar!! :D" and I got this blank smile XD

This was really interesting. The girls make up dances in groups to a
certain song (it seemed similar to radio exercise) and the boys do
Judo. I think we all know what I really wanted to do, but I was not
allowed >;/ but dance was kind of fun. The song we are dancing to is
kind of hilarious, I have to get a video of it :D Oh and because of
color guard my ability to brain suck (learn the dance/dance by copying/
watching) is amazing. Everybody was really impressed haha. But the
dance is pretty easy and the girls in my group are very nice so that's
probably why I was able to pick it up so fast too.

English expression:
Officially my favorite class :) me and kokurin walked down together.
Jun was with us too but I looked up and she was gone :O these guys
passed us and went "OOOOOOOO kadashii (boyfriend)!!!!!!!" and I
pretended I didn't hear them though and was like "huh??? What?? :O"
and kokurin was like ":) haha nothing, nothing. ^-^" The homework
assignment for the class was to interview a celebrity and write out
information about them. So I proofread Kokurin's for him and we talked
about Kobe Bryant. Boy is obsessed.

In class I met Mike. Coolest guy ever. He's one of the like English
assistant teachers. Oh and the sensei is so nice!!!! She's not like
the other English teacher, she was happy that I was in my class and
loved for me to help!!!! I was super duper excited :D so they told me
to go around and proofread everyones interviews, so I did for my
friends moi and misato. Misato was doing Miley Cyrus, so I was like
"ohhh cool!! What songs are her do you like??" and then we both at the
same time started singing "you get the limo out front...every style
every shoe every color, yeah when your famous it can be kinda
fun!!!!!!! :D" and we had a spaz attack and my one friend Yuka was
cracking up XD So I helped everyone and was like "just call me jojo
sensei!! Muwhaha >:D" and they were all loving it haha. Although i
kept having to ask Mike if it was right what I was saying because as I
said before, I have a really strange accent going on now, and I
couldn't really tell what grammar was right anymore.

World history:
I was listening to my iPod in one ear (secretly), and the teacher
walks over and says "Nap blah blah blah" and I was like to my friend
megumi, "eh??? I can tale a nap??" and she was like "nai nai!!!" it
took the teacher repeating "nap" about 5 times for me to realize that
he was saying we were learning about napolean. And I was like "ohhhhhh
Napolean!!!" and he was like "hai! That I say: Nap-e-le-an" and I was
like "yeah...sure...napolean" XD

Understanding of Different cultures:
It was with the same teacher as English expression so she had me read
stuff out loud :D And it was funny cause I gave the girl next to me,
Yukio, all the answers. Although it was hilarious because some of the
answers I actually didn't know. No wonder foreigners have such a
difficult time learning English!!! It's very hard, and a lot of stuff
they are learning is very formal, so most of the answers I gave were
"slang" even though I didn't realize before that it was considered
"slang". During this class I also wrote a gift letter to Kokurin in
Chinese. It is not a love letter, just a "tomodachi (friend)" letter,
although no one believes that. I don't think I believe it either XD
but it basically said I hope he gets better, he has good English, I'm
glad we're friends, etc.

After school:
I gave the letter to kokurin and it was kinda awkward (at least for me
anyways), but he seemed delightfully surprised.
Now we get to the fun part :))) me, Rafael, mei, and Victoria hung our
with Yuuki for a bit and planned Rafaels going away party for Friday,
and then we went to umeda to the Ferris wheel!!!! I seriously thought
Victoria was just messing with us, I was like, "what the heck, there's
no freaking ferris wheel in the middle of umeda, I'm there everyday I
would have seen it >:O" but nope, there was definitely a ferris wheel,
an awesome special super cool amazing ferris wheel to be exact ;) and
you could also play music from your iPod on an ihome that was built
into the car, it was awesome :D I got a lot of good pictures/videos.
Oh and there was a mall thing attached so of course we went
shopping :) Me and mei both bought really cute dresses for Friday. We
feel kinda like nerds going places in our uniforms ~_~

I got home on time, and kengo kinda glared at me and said in Japanese
that I have "too many boyfriends". Yeah. I guess kengo has a crush on
me. Cause he takes secret pictures of me at dinner on his phone. I
don't really mind though, I'm used to it. And it's better when he does
it rather than the shady/creepy guys on the train. I really wanna be
friends with kengo, but okaasan is kinda like...discouraging it.
Whenever I want to invite him somewhere she's like "oh no!! He's very
shy" I'm like "yeah...I know...that's why I'm inviting him...oh forget
it -_-" but I think I'll just do it. I mean I got nothing to lose, and
I mean I am not going to go home with just one picture of him and no
conversations to speak of. Defintely not >;O

Oh and kokurin liked his gift. He just emailed me and said "I just
finished the work. Thanks for your present. It's very good I like it.
The Chinese which is written by you is wonderful". Not even kidding,
I'm definitely bringing him back to America with me. He is too
freaking cute!!!! ><

shopping ^_^
ferris wheel :D


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