Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Loner boy not so loner anymore

So there's this boy in my class who sits all the way in the back and
doesn't talk to anyone, so I thought he was antisocial. But when math
started, some people went to another class, so we all moved our chairs
up and he was kinda just staring at me.

Boy: >:O
Me: ohayo!!! :D (oh god he's probably gonna just glare)
Boy: *blush* *look down* ohayo (o^-^o)
Me: eh???? Kawaii (cute)!!!!!!! XD XD
Boy: eh??
Me: uhhhh nai! O namae wa nan desu ka? (what is your name)
Boy; *whisper*
Me; eh??? *puts ear up mouth*
(at this point everyone is class is staring in amazement ~_~)
Boy; Kokurin :)
Me: ohhhh ohayo!!!! ^O^
Yuki: hahaha hai, ohayo ^o^

Who knew? It seems that even though people here might seem unfriendly,
they are just very shy. I am gonna try my best to say hi to everyone
no matter what :D (although I probably won't remember their names...~_~)


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