Sunday, June 20, 2010


Phewwww another jammed pack (but super fun) day!! Today I had the
choice between shopping and the aquarium, and of course I chose the
aquarium :) we took a train to Osaka station and then my favorite
means of transportation, the bus. Seriously, the buses here are
awesome. The bus ride was kinda long (we were the last stop) so I just
listened to music. Oh and me and Kokurin have been emailing a lot back
and forth too so i did that also.

The aquarium was AMAZING. I was suprised at a lot of things. Some
animals/fish looked exactly like the ones back home, but others looked
so different. It was like I was on a different planet!!! Like there
was this one...thing. It looked like a guinea pig/hamster, but it was
the size of a lion. Let me repeat that: HAMSTER the size of a LION. It
was freaky. And then there were a bunch of stingrays/fish in this
giant tank and I was like "ohhh cool" and then all of a sudden this
gigantor fish (maybe it was a whale) came out of nowhere up to the
glass and I was like "gah! Where did you come from???" So yeah, it was
very different, but super cool. And okaasan bought be a phone strap
after :D I think I'm going to be a collector of these nihonho/Japanese
phone straps...

There were also a lot of places where they would take your picture. Me
and okaasan went to one where you could sit on the dolphin. The camera
man looked at me and started speaking really fast japanese and I was
like "uhmmm what?" and then okaasan said something about english to
him and he said "ohhhh gomen nasai (excuse me). I say 'KYUUUUTE!!!!'"
me: cute?? "YESSS!!!!! YOU ARE VERY KYUUUUTE!!!!" me: oh...oh!!!! Um
thank you!!! I mean arigatou!!! Thank you...*blush*

And yeah haha, I liked that camera man ;D

After the aquarium we went to this restaurant called Cocoa and had
pizza and pasta, yeah not very Japanese I know, but I was starving and
it was delish ^o ^ I also tried some more Japanese soft drinks. This
hot strawberry milk tasting thing, then this grape soda/juice. All of
their non tea drinks are so sweet, it makes my taste buds happy XD We
then looked at the shopping mall afterwards. There are soooo many cute
clothes here!!! >_<>

spider crabs, freaaky

Takoyaki squid
takoyaki batter

adding the ingredients

me helping :)

oishii (delicious)!

riding the dolphin XD

gigantor fish

HAMSTER the size of a LIOOON

outside of aquarium


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