Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Karaoke Daisuki (^-^)b

Well I forgot my phone so I came back home after I had already left
and Okaasan got really angry. She has this obsession with me being
on time, and I like always am so I don't know why. And she was like
"cell phone not important!!! You have to be on time!!!" says the person
who nearly called the police when I forgot my cellphone before -_- So
I was kinda depressed for a bit, but actually the whole being late thing
turned out to be good cause I saw Kokurin while I was walking to
school. He's always late XD I helped him a bit with his English, it
was kind of hilarious though:

Kokurin: ok jojo I will say word and you will tell me if it's right. I
want to test my
Me: pronunciation :D
Kokurin: yes!
Me; ok go! (^o ^)
Kokurin: ok! Cha...Cham...champiyonshap!!!
Me: championship??
Kokurin: yeah yeah!!! :D
Me; like basketball championship??
Kokurin: yes!
Me: hahaha you really like basketball XD
Kokurin: ok next word! Uhmmm prefa...pref *mutter mutter*
Me: uhmmm....Eh???
Kokurin: pref*mutter mutter*
Me: eh???
Kokurin; nevermind!!!
Me: eh???? No tell me!!!!!!!
Kokurin: no nevermind!!! >_<>:O
Kokurin: NO!!!!
Me: SAYYY ITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(at this point everyone on the street was staring at us cause we were
like on top of each other yelling XD)

Kokurin: I don't want to!!! >_<>:O
Kokurin: *sigh* prefa...Shay....nail. Like you are a prefayshaynail
baskeetball playa
Kokurin: yes. My bad T-T
Me; no no it was my fault!!! I have a hearing problem!!!! (^0^;)

Hahaha it was intense. Even though I was late for school it was
totally worth it, that was one of the best conversations I've had
while here XD

Japanese Classics:
Zzzzz :)

Understanding of English:
Back to the girl with her arm eaten -_-; this time they were talking about how they stitched up her stub of an arm. *sigh* so random and gross....

Actually today there was a big test for all of the language classes so
we did not have the actual class. Me, Bob (Bob), and Kokurin walked together
to another building in the school, and I was confused cause I was like
"where are you guys taking me? -_-'" I was worried haha. But it was
funny cause I sighed and Bob was like "what's wrong?" and I was like
"kakkoih (handsome/cool) ne? () *looks at kokurin*" and
Bob was laughing so hard/doing such an intense japanese slap on my arm
that he almost pushed me down the stairs, haha. And Kokurin was like
"eh?? Nani nani (what)?? <:O" and Bob did this really creepy evil laugh. I think Kokurin thinks were plotting to kill him XD Cause me and Bob just laugh evilly whenever he says to repeat something haha. I actually took the Spanish test. The parts in Spanish were really easy, and the parts that were written in hiragana the teacher had translated so it was actually quite easy (^o ^)After the test Kokurin came up to me and we had quite an...interesting...conversation:

Me: Hey :D
Kokurin: you are *b-word*!!!!! >:D
Me: (°▽ °;)
Kokurin: is that how you say it??? :D
Me: ooooohhhhhh ok....why do you want to know? (;)

Haha I was really surprised, I was like "who taught you that??". But
supposedly he learns a lot of curse words from American TV shows. But
he wants me to teach him how to use them "correctly" (-_-;)

PE (Dance):
We performed our dance today! I really wanted to record it but I
forgot my camera!!! NAN DIA NEEEEEE (why)???!!! But I think I did
pretty well :D I just copied what everyone else did and tried to smile
haha. It was hilarious though because we were rating each others and
at the end the sensei was like:

Sensei: Jojo *blah blah Japanese*
Me: eh??
Jun: which dance did you like??
Me: oh I liked the first group!! Mai's!! :D *point to mai and mai
starts clapping/gigigling happily*
Sensei: *blah blah japanaese*
Jun: no no!! What did you think of OUR group dance??
Me: was nice!!!! (^o^;)

Hahaha I felt kinda bad. But Mai's group did like this amazing dance
XD Ours was good too, but Mai's was sugoiii (cool) haha.

As me and Mai went up to the closet to put the radio we used for the
music upstairs, I had a takoyaki moment XD There is like a balcony and
me, Mai, and the teacher were all talking and laughing about the way I
speak engrish (english and Japanese put together) and then:

Me: oh yeah haha I say...
Random Voice: TAKOYAKIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: eh???? doko doko (where)???
Mai oh jojo!! Over there!! *points to field, so we all lean over to
Takoyaki guy #1; TAKOYAKI!!! :D
Me: ohhh TAKOYAKI!!!!! (^o ^)/
Takoyaki guy #2; TAKOYAKI!!!!
Me: oh!! Oh wow you're there too!! TAKOYAKI!!!!! again XD
Mai and sensei: >:)
Me: what??
Mai: you have soooo many boys jojo!!!!! >XD
Me: eh??? Nai nai!! Tomodachi (friend)!!!!

But of course nobody believes me haha. It was kind of awkward though
because the two takoyaki guys were in the middle of gym playing rugby
so there were fifty something boys that just stopped and were staring
at me yelling a random type of food out.

Lunch was pretty exciting. Vicky came up to have lunch with me, Mai,
and Bob. I was trying to show Vicky how I taught Bob "Yo what's up
dog?" but Bob was laughing too hard to do it. After that me and Vicky
decided to show Bob and Mai how you "hit on" somebody. So I started
walking up/swaggering slowly up to Bob’s desk and I leaned down and said:

"konnichiwa Iwa-chan (what I call Bob
now)" in this really deep voice and he almost fell out of his chair he was laughing so hard XD then kokurin came up cause he was curious as to what we were doing and I was like "ohayo (morning) kokurin darling >;)" and he fell against the window he was laughing so hard. I guess my seductive Japanese lines don't work? Oh and later on I was talking about who my favorites

Me: oh Bob, Vicky. And Mai are my favorites! (^o^)
Bob: yay!! Ureshiii (^o^) (happy)
Vicky: cool!!
Me: ya! :D oh but I don't like you Kokurin, you're mean ;P
Kokurin: *looks up* eh??
Me: you're mean so you're not my favorite :P
Kokurin: *intense stare*
Me: uhmmm...
Kokurin: ohhhh I see now I see!!!!!! >:O *turns around*
Me: no no jodan jodan!! (joke) XD

And then he got really mad and slapped my arm, what's up with these
Asian people and slapping arms??? Even if it's a joke it hurts! And I
already have enough random cuts on my legs, I don't need bruises on my
arms (ToT)

English expression:
Today we presented our interviews! It was bad though cause I think
mine was the worst in the class and I actually speak English XD I felt
bad for my partner haha. But I helped my friends Hiro and Yingfan with
theirs. And theirs turned out the best so I was proud of myself ;) my
person was Justin Beiber so I talked in a high voice and said "yo
shawty" a lot, everybody was cracking up. My partner Yoliko did
Johnny Depp, and when she said "oh yes and last year I won the sexiest
man of the year award", I said "yes well you are pretty sexy ;)" but
only the teachers and a few people understood XD

World history:
I'm not allowed to sleep in this class anymore. Well I am, but the
teacher asks me questions about America so I try to stay awake. Today
he asked me if there are lots of poor people. I didn't really know
what to say to that. I guess...? I was happy when the bell rung XD
Speaking of that, the bell here to change classes is so intense!! Like
it goes on for at least 15 seconds, I'll have to take a video of it.

Understanding of different cultures:
I was kind of fading and about to get into my intense (and a bit
painful...) nap position but sensei asked me to read the story. It is
the same one from before about the Nike company before it was Nike. I
like this English class better though because we are not talking about
peoples arms being ripped off by man eating sharks :) But it was funny
because the teacher asked me how to spell "entrepreneur" and I had no
idea, but I was able to help her with a lot of other stuff. She said
"I don't want you to leave! You are my assistant (>_<)" After school: Me and kokurin were walking with the teacher and I told him to tell sensei I was going to Tokyo tomorrow. He had this spaz attack and asked why and I joked around and said I was going back to America. I never really told him it was a joke though...I hope he knows that it was, or else he's gonna kill me. (;)

Me, Vicky, Rafa, and Mei all met Shota at McDonalds to plan what to do
next. It was funny because I changed in the Mcdonalds bathroom (we all
usually bring a cute change of clothes cause we hate our uniforms).
After I changed I saw Bob in the line so I went up to talk to him:

Me; Iwa-chan!!! Hiii :D
Bob: oh jojo changed :O
Me: eh? Anyways, what are you going to eat?
Bob; you...changed!!!!!!!
Me: what are you gonna buy????
Bob: YOU CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!

And then I was laughing too hard to try and respond. I guess I look
really different in regular clothes? XD

We all decided to walk to karaoke after that since it would be Rafa's
last chance to go. Mei had to go home though so that she could eat
dinner, it doesn't matter with my family because they are night owls
and eat pretty late XD I got to ride Shota's bike! :D But I don't
think he really trusted me to ride with both of us on it cause he only
rode on the back for 5 seconds and then jumped off (;)

Karaoke was fun as always!! We sang a bunch of songs, but our singing
is like screeching so my ears and throat hurt afterwards haha. I got
pretty tired towards the end too so I used Shota as a body pillow. I
hope he didn't mind XD

We sang for about 2 hours and then all headed to our different places.
I wanted to go eat with Vicky and Rafa but I had to go home cause it
was getting kinda late. I kissed Rafa goodbye and then headed to the
subway station . I'm going to miss him (T^T)

When I got home Okaasan told me that we have to wake up at 4AM
tomorrow and then we’ll head to Tokyo Narita Airport to pick up my sister Shiori.. I thought she was kidding, but no she was dead serious XD

I'm very excited for tomorrow though! I can't wait to meet my oneesan
(sister)! \(^o ^)/

body pillow XD

rafa and rafa's body pillow hahaha

Rafa getting really into his song XD

Makudoooo (McDonald's)


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