Friday, June 18, 2010

Lookin like a japanese gangsta

It's kinda hard to remember everything off the bat, so to remind
myself I'll go by my schedule.

Wake up:
Ok so I woke up at 6, and then I remembered that okasan told me last
night that I could wake up at 6:15, so I close my eyes. Big mistake. I
opened my eyes again (in what felt like a millisecond) and the clock
said 7. I leave at 7:20. Me = ohhhhh crap. So I rushed to get dressed,
and ran down the stairs, tripped (of course), but kengo caught me. Boy
is strong. Then we had an awkward "sumi masen!!! Gomen nasai!!!
Arigatou!!!" moment. Basically just a bunch of apologies, it's okays,
and excuse mes. Today, instead of getting an intense meal I told
okasan I'd settle for a donut XD So I had a donut, pineapple juice,
rice, and some tomatoes mixed with ham. Most random breakfast I've
ever eaten, but daijobu (it's ok) cause I was rushing.

Train stations:

I met kanachan at the train, we did our engrish talks, and I told her
about all the funny kendo guys. Ohhh and I sneezed/coughed (because I
have allergies) but I wasn't able to explain that to Okasan so she
gave me one of those neato masks that people here wear when they are
ill. It was uber cool :D I kept trying to tell kanachan and her
friends that I looked like a yakuza (Japanese mafia people) but it
took about 5 minutes XD They finally got it, but they don't get "jinx!
You owe me a soda!" at all. I think they thought my "cold" was getting
to my head.

I get to school, change my shoes to slippers (I still wear the guest
slippers though, which are way too small, so I'm slipping and a
sliding all over the place) and then say my hellos as I make my way to
homeroom. There are a lot of stairs at my school, and it is very humid/
hot (last time I checked: 99% humidity and 93 degrees farenheit) so
yeah, I probably looked like a scary yakuza gone mad when I walked
into class. Once I walk in everybody gets excited and yells "herro!!!"
which makes me feel special :) cause they are very used to exchange
students, so this means they like me :D After I sit down, everybody
did their "do you remember my name???? :D" thing. And of course I
don't... But I am able to play it off with a joke:

Them: remember my name?? 8D
Me: uhhh tomodachi!!! (friend)
Them: hahaha noooo namaaaeeee!!!
Me: uhhh tomodachi-chan!!!! :S
Them: *dying of laughter* I am....

And yeah, hopefully that joke will not get old...but Yuriko and Megumi
(seatmates) helped me write out a name chart of everyone in the class,
which actually really helped a lot :D Then I gave out candy (japanese
this time, the one I bought from the convenience store near my house


I didn't know what the heck was going on. This sensei just walked in
and started drawing things on the board, then he gave out this sheet
about what babies in the womb look like. But it was interesting
because everyone was paying super close attention. It's segregated by
the way, just like swimming, there are only girls in the class.
Although I didn't know what was going on, I did pay attention the
whole time.

Math II:

Haha funny story with math...but first, Kuriko (the loner kid who
turned out to be nice) story. I was very suprised because he turned to
me and said "you like NBA????" and went on to talk about Kobe and the
Lakers and all the playoff stuff. Of course, I have no idea about any
of that stuff, but since he took the initiative I felt it was my duty
to ask interested, and he is very very nice. And very very kawaii
(cute). sorry, had to throw that in there :3

So at the beginning of math class Mie turned around and did this "put
your head down" motion and I was like "eh???" and then everybody
motioning me to do it, including the teacher (haha XD) so I did. And
boop. Out like a light XD I slept the whole class, which I guess is
encouraged for gaijin? They don't want me bringing back all their
Japanese math secrets. Fine by me :) After class Kuriko said "haha
jojo you sleep whole time! I watch you." Didn't really know what to
say to that last part, but I laughed along. Sometimes the Engrish
comes out a little strange XD

International understanding (2 periods):
After Math we had this class. Mie said something about nursery rhymes
and said I could stay in homeroom, or I could go do mother goose.
Confused? So was I. But I followed. Basically we sat in the computer
lab, and looked at different nursery rhymes, and then had to make up
our own. The sensei kept trying to ask me if I knew some, and I do,
but by being put on the spot I forgot:

Sensei (teacher): Jojo, nursaray rhyames?
Me: uhmmm...jack and Jill
Sensei: hai.
Class: *intense/eager stare*
Me: uhmmm *clears throat* humpty dumpty?
Class: ohhh sugoi (cool)
Sensei: Prease reciite.
Me: uhmmm Jack and Jill fell down the...wait that's not right...uhmmm
humpty dumpty had a great fall...uhmmm
Class and sensei: *lean in/stare*
Me: ummm wakarahen...(I don't know)
Class and sensei: ohhh *disappointed*

And yeah...lots of pressure for a nursery rhyme. But of course now I
remember a lot I could have recited ~_~ In the middle of class sensei
told me that I was to give a speech to all of the teachers (52) after
school and it had to be memorized. Kinda late notice, but I practiced
for the rest of the period:

Hajimemashite. Watashi wa Jojo desu. 2 nen B kumi desu. America no
Philadelphia kara kimashite. Juroku sai desu. Sakino kamoku wa suspein
go desu. Kendo ga suki desu. Yorushiku onegai shimasu.

Nice to meet you/how do you do. My name is Jojo. I am in class 2-B. I
am from Philadelphia, America. I am 16 years old. My favorite class is
Spanish. I like to practice kendo. It is a pleasure to meet you

My friend Jun showed me the lunchroom, but we (like most people) ate
in the homeroom classroom. Victoria came up to eat with us, so of
course it was a very good time :) she is really funny, I was choking
on my Obento (lunch) the whole time XD It was someones birthday, so
half the class bought in cake and sung to her when she walked in. It
kinda tempted me to want to say my birthday is next week (it really
isn't), but I decided not too XD About halfway through I decided to go
and sit in the back of the classroom with Kuroki (by Victorias

Me: obento?? *point*
Ku: ohh hai hai!! Oishii. *points to me* did you eat??
Me: ohh hai hai hai, I am fullll XD
Ku: ahh I see haha XD
Me: so, doooooo yoooouuu *speaking slowly*
Ku: you can speak English to me :)
Me: eh??? Eggo?? I mean, you speak English??
Ku: yes, I am actually from china.
Me: ahhhh sugoi!!! I mean, cool!!! We can talk!!! Like actually
talk!!! :D
Kuroki: yes :)

And talk we did, actually for the rest of the lunch. He is very very
cool and nice. He's quite old though, 18. I think it's with the way
the school year works out. But it was sooo amazing that he knew
english!!! :D I didn't think that I would be able to connect (not in a
romantic way, JUST TOMODACHI [friend]) with anybody here in such a
way. It was very awesome. I can't wait to talk to him again tomorrow :D but as
I was walking up to the front of the classroom one of the girls
innocently stared at me:

Her: :O
Me: haha hiii :D
Her: ehehehe *creepy smile* >:]
me: eh??? (basically Japanese "what")
Her: jojo, you crushing him? >:D
Me: eh????? Nai nai nai nai nai!!!!!!! Just tomodachi!!!
Her: ehehehe >:D

And yeah. Awkward haha. But her creepy smile was like the best look
I`ve ever gotten in my life. I made her do it again after school so I
could get a picture XD it was kinda messed up though cause she started
laughing, but it still gets the "you crushing?" point across.

Japanese history:
The teacher in this was HILARIOUS. He like acts out everything, it's
really funny. And he actually kept incorporating me into the lesson
which was cool. Although I get the sense that he does not approve of
America, at least history wise. And he seems to make me
"America"...but we are on 1861 now. As long as I get the hell out of
here before they get to world war 2 I think I should be ok. Things
might get ugly once we get to that unit ~_~

Long homeroom:

I thought that this was a free period, like in America, but sadly
no...we had to sit in our seats and talk about ideas for the sports
festival. Which I won't be here for :( But they were asking me about
American songs that would he easy to sing. And then they made me sing
High School Musical, "were all in this together". The whole thing.
Kokurin took a video of it ~_~

My speech went pretty well, and the other exchangers, Mei and
Stephanie did it too. We exchanged our boy/class stories after XD

Kendo was fun as always, and after we all walked together again. And
as we were walking this random guy on the street took a picture of me. On his cell phone. I
think he thought he was being discreet cause we weren't paying attention but after that I was like "umm...did that just happen?" mei: yep, it did. Kinda more than a little creepy

This time is was me, Nobu, Takahiro sempai, and the other girl Mayuna
going to my station together. I feel bad cause Mei has to walk with
most of the boys, and they just look in the kendo shop for forever ~_~

I exchanged numbers/emails with nobu and takahiro sempai too, I think
mayuna (who seems VERY shy) was about to have a heart attack XD
Takahiro was my escort to Osaka station today. Even though I know
where it is and kept saying "Daijobu daijobu!!! (don't worry don't
worry)", he said "Dane-ja-russ (dangerous), I walk jojo. Final. >:O"
even though he, like my other 2 escorts, are in the totally opposite
direction. *sigh* I'm gonna miss all this chivalry when I go back home

After he walked me (AND made sure I was all the way to the actual
train) then he left. So nice >_< st="on">America, everyday after school. Boy has the right idea.

Now it's time to sleep. I heard kengo wake up and okasan scold him
though. But whatevs, daijobu (or as Mei likes to say: "daijobes" XD).

my speech

my japanese history book, can't understand anything but it had nice pictures

my friend misato's "jojo you cruuushing?" face hahaha

classmate name chart, there are so many >_<
chisato, mie, jun,and me at lunch

computer lab

random gash/cut number 1

health class, not quite sure what he was drawing though...

me and kana-chan!!! and my yakuza mask :)


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