Monday, June 14, 2010

my date with big boy

After breakfast, me and okasan walked to the senriokaue train station
(about 10 minutes) and she bought me a ticket. Then we took the train
(5 stops) to Osaka station. And theeeeen we took a subway 5 more stops
to I'm not quite sure, but it's about a 15 minute walk from my school.
I love okasan though, she is so funny. On the subway there was this
very handsome guy across from us and I had my cellphone out and she
whispered, "get a picture!!" hahaha so I did XD he was very kirei
(pretty). Most Japanese guys are, it's very interesting. YFU
emphasized that japan is not one big anime/manga but it definitely
is!!!!! Every guy I've seen looks straight out of a Japanese cartoon,
same with the girls. Most of the Japanese people I've seen wear very
colorful/flashy clothes and all the guys check their hair constantly,
it's very interesting XD but I like it a lot. Nihon (japan) is my
favorite place, I'm very ureshii (happy) here :)

After the subway, me and okasan met up with my area rep and the other
exchangers and their host parents. The sensei settled us all in and we
chose our electives/club. I am going to do kendo :D then we were
seperated to our different classes. At first I was disappointed that I
was going to a school with other exchangers, but as soon as I saw them
I felt this rush of relief. It's nice having someone there that
understands what you are going through because they are in the same
position, we all shared many stories XD

In our class we had to introduce ourselves, kowaii (scary) ;-_-; but
everyone in the class was very friendly, but some were quite shy.
Everyone liked the "amerika cayanday" though XD they said it was very
oishii (delicious). And then my tomodachi (friend) Mie gave me some
Japanese candy too, very oishii :D Although everyone shot their names
at me at once, so it's gonna be very hard to remember T-T most are
easy one syllable names, but there were so many!!! >_<>_<>_<>

Senrioka pet clinic

me with my boyfriend "big boy" i know you`re jealous

mei`s host mom and my host mom

me and mei :)

isn`t he the cutest thing you have ever seen???


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