Monday, June 14, 2010


Today was quite eventful. I woke up (by myself) at around 6:30AM, I was quite proud of myself ^-^ and then I got dressed, made shioris bed, looked at all her cool japanese boy band posters, and then made my way downstairs. Kengo was lying on the couch, and I've noticed he does exactly like me. That is, flip your phone on in an awkward situation. He never really types anything, just looks at it. Okasan then made breakfast, which was egg, miso soup (AMAZING), rice, and green tea (side note: Japanese people drink green tea ALL THE TIME. And I was mislead to think that it was sweet because of the cheap over sugary kind it America, it is in reality very bitter. Like water, but with a bitter taste. Although it takes getting used to, it is very refreshing since I'm sweating buckets here, very otsuiiiiiii ;-_-;) Although the miso soup was good, I did have some problem with the egg (which actually led me to believe I'm allergic). So the way the eggs were
cooked, the yolk in the middle is still very...yolk-y. And the way chopsticks work is that you put the yolk in your mouth all at once. Yeah, I almost threw up. Partly because the yolk felt like all squishy and gross, and also because okasan had stuffed me the night before. I'm not sure where they are all fitting all this food!!! It's sooo much, and they eat it in a millisecond. Not to say it's not good though, everything (aside from the egg yolk) has been very oishii. And I think I'm finally used to my chopsticks :D I thought I had already known how to use them, but there are so many rules associated with chopsticks!! I had no idea, and I guess no one does really until a real Japanese person tells them XD

After breakfast Kengo bolted for his basketball game. He has basketball every single day for 4 hours, it's crazy!!! And okasan says there are no holidays are breaks because the coaches are kowai (scary), haha.

Now we get to the fun stuff :) after break okasan spoke really fast Japanese and kind of motioned to go so we jumped into the car and went. We drove through suita for about 5 minutes and then pulled into a KFC parking lot. My stomach did this turn and I felt something coming up because I thought she wanted us to eat there, right after being stuffed at breakfast. However, we walked into the store next to it, "docomo", which is basically a phone company (like verizon or AT&T). She shows me otosans old phone and says we are getting it reactivated for jojo (ie me). Oh course I am very excited, because I'm here for such a short time and it was very thoughtful of her to think I needed a phone. She kept saying otosans was old model though, although I didn't really mind. It is a bit bulky and gray an kinda beat up, but it is nihongo (Japanese) after all, and anything nihongo is sugoi (cool) :]

Me and okasan look at all the cool phones until it is our turn. When we get up there, her and the sales lady start to speak very fast and the Lady-San seems stressed. Turns out you can't renew an old model so obasan made me choose a new model!!! SUGOIII!!!!!!! I chose this amazingly awesome pink one, and it even came with a free phone charm!!! :D :D (note: pretty much everyone in japan has phone charms. Doesn't matter how old young small or big, ALL. like for instance, yesterday I saw this very intense old business man looking guy and when he took his cellphone out of his pocket there was this huge disney stitch doll hanging off of it. Everyone. Phone charms don't segregate)

After thanking okasan about 50 gazillion times and saying how sugoi my new phone was, we were off again. This time to the Japanese gardens. It was veryyy sugoi and kirei (pretty). However, it was raining pretty hard, but we had umbrellas so we were ok for the most part. We first looked at the rose gardens, then the rock gardens, and then obasan took me to this really cool tea place. We had matcha (like very hot green tea with a lime foam on the top), and Japanese seed cake (was very reminiscent of jello, but tastier/richer). These really nice ladies in kimonos served us our food an let me take a picture on the tatami mat/with them, which was very cool :)

After that we walked some more and then okasan treated me to this AMAZING OISHI-TASTIC obento. My tastebuds were in heaven. I then showed her many pictures, and we pretty much bonded :)

Then we walked some more and left to go to another 100 yen shop, so sugoi!!! They are very nice, and I found lots if souvenirs :D although okasan had to burst my bubble/make me put stuff back because most of my omiagai (gifts) said "made in china" -_-' we laughed our way through the rest of the store when we realized pretty much everything was made in china.

After the shop, we came home and just hung out all together. Because it was raining today, it was not as otsuii which is good :) I attempted to show otosan a few pictures from the Gardens, and then he helped me get on yahoo ego. Which is not an easy feat for a Japanese person mind you, so I was very grateful. We then had dinner (salad, curry with potatoes an beef on rice, and you guessed it, green tea :]) I washed the dishes, okasan kindly ironed my uniform (I think she has the same wrinkle phobia as my USA okasan XD) and then I took my shower. Without the bath...but I think okasan is on to me, when I stepped out she went "whaaaa???? Finish??? And brush teeth???bath???" "me: uhhhhh...hai!!! <:D" so I guess I'll have to be careful haha. But I don't wanna stay in the bathroom for too long, cause the order goes me, kengo, okasan, and otosan. But supposedly otosan likes going last cause he can relax for as long as he wants. Which is cool, but I'm definitely going to let okasan go first tomorrow night. If not, I feel kind of bad...

But tonight kengo didn't take a shower...or come up the stairs. I don't know why but I hope it wasn't my fault. I didn't mean to scare the poor boy down two levels -_-;

Ok time for bed, I start school in the morning!!! I am nervous, but very excited. And I practiced my introduction a few times on okasan too, hopefully it does not come out weird XD

Mata ne~ (see you later~)

my beautiful nihongo phone =)))
japanese gardens

my awesome phone strap, I can now join the nihongo phone strap party :D

this very oishii/intense obento box at the japanese gardens resturant. it was sooo goood :D

me with very nice kimono sans

japanese seed cake, reminded me of gelatin but better, very oishii :D

me sitting seiza style ^-^ short time is ok, but long time makes my legs give out XD

me and okasan with my awesome new nihongo phone :D (bad pic of me, but very good picture of my phone :)


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