Friday, June 11, 2010

insane waving gaijin :)

Well, at the moment we're all in the bus waving at random people, it's very fun :) some people get super excited and wave back, and others just stare/glare blankly XD

Today, we went to the American embassy in Tokyo first, and then we went to the Edo Tokyo museum. It was very cool, and not at all like the museums back home. You could touch almost everything, and they had a bunch of interactive exhibits and you could take a picture of anything. There were these really adorable school kids running around too, and they were all like "Herrrooo!!!!!! :D" sooooo kawaii (cute)!!! XD I basically talked to everyone we saw too, all my friends thought i was crazy, but hey you only live once right? :P Most of my "conversations" consisted of "otsuii ne??? (hot, yeah?)" and some people got into it cause a lot of Japanese people love talking about the weather XD it was a lot of fun!! And i was excited cause even though most of them were laughing at me, they did understand what I was saying!! :D like I asked this boy, "doko Kara kimashite ka (where are you from)??" and he responded, "blah blah blah *fast Japanese* blah blah Kara kimashite :D" so he understood ^-^

After we got back to the hotel, we all really wanted to go out and wander Tokyo again, but we weren't allowed, which really sucked <=/ So me, em, Sarah, and Rowena went to the top floor of the hotel (with this AMAZING view of Tokyo!!!) and played cards with Nathan/took pictures for about 4 hours till we were kicked out cause this party was about to happen. But when I say "kicked out", I don't mean like in America where they're like "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED HERE!!! MOVE!!!" but this Japanese lady came up super nice and gingerly said "Gomen nasai (excuse me), but this may not be best place play cards, sumimasen (sorry) ^-^" and yeah, they're all so pleasant and nice! :D I love it. And after all this we wandered this cool comviencince store in the hotel for a bit and I bought tights and candy :D and then we all kinda just died cause we were so tired/bored/disappointed that we couldn't see more of Tokyo :( but it was fun nonetheless, I'm super excited to meet my host family!! I fly out tomorrow >_<

Edo Tokyo museum: me showing my amazing strength (not really)

me with the security guards :) took about five minutes for them to understand I wanted a picture, but it was worth it XD

very kirei (pretty) garden in the hotel we went to after the embassy

lunch at the hotel: curry rice and vegetables. oishii ^-^

yeah, I require an escort

me and fiona in the bus. check out my nihongo peace sign :)

US embassy, very official :D


Thompson said...

I wish guys could talk to small children like that. I'd feel awkward.

And minor thing, I *think* it's nihon-no(日本の) peace sign.
日本語 (nihongo) is the Japanese language.

Jordan said...

well these little girls kept following around on of the exchange boys and saying "herrrro!!!" it was funny XD

ahhh yeah you`re right. as my homeroom sensei would say "I makie missteak" ^-^

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