Thursday, June 10, 2010

In da skyyy :)

The flight wasn't too bad, and I had a lot more room than I did on the plane to Cali so that was nice :D It was a pretty eventful 11 hours. I made best friends with this Taiwanese guy sitting next to me. And I had a semi conversation with the Japanese guy sitting on the other side on me. Speaking of him, we kind of ended up on top of each other. Not even kidding...Basically we both fell asleep, and I guess we're both spastic? When I woke up, I was sprawled out across his personal table (basically on his lap), and his chin was in my shoulder. I kind of panicked, and this random other guy said "Ohhh you gonna have hard time getting out of that!! Like TWISTA!! Ohohoho". And yeah...I ended up coming up fast, and he kinda hit his head/glared at me. Awkwardness :)
Tv that showed where we were/how much time was left on the flight (pretty cool)

Our Japan tickets!! :)


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