Thursday, June 3, 2010


So the title of this post explains it all, but in case you didn't get it: I HAVE A HOST FAMILY!!! YAYYY!!!!! :D I thought for sure that I would be the one to not get a host family until the California orientation, but it looks like God had a different plan! =) Without further ado, I shall give my host family information~

I'm going to be living in Suita(shi), a northern city in Osaka, Japan. Here is a map of Japan, and then a more specific map of Osaka:

I have a host dad and mom. It says that they are complany employees, but that could be anything so I'll probably have to ask XD I also have a host brother (15) and a host sister (18), but the letter I got from YFU didn't say their names. It did however give their phone number, so I think I'm gonna call after I write out a script in Japanese (just in case they don't speak english)~


Anonymous said...

Heeeyyyyyyy!!!!! This is Hayley!!!! So...Ali and I just read all of ur blogsss!! Yep, u better believe it! ;) We really enjoyed them and it helped us get a better understanding of your process of making ur trip happen! I'll read this when ur in Japan so u better update EVERY dayyy! :) Have a great time! Safe trip there and back! We'll all miss u here in America, but u know....u got some Americanitus so u gotta get away! Have a blast! :) :) :D :D

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