Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hosutu famarie

Ok, this is by far the most intense thing I've ever been through.

I guess I should start from the beginning. So the plane ride from Tokyo to Osaka was super short, and after the Osaka area exchangers (about 6) got out, we were all super nervous. My stomache was doing like flip flops. When we walked out of security there was a bunch of people there holding signs with our names on it. I met my area rep, and then I met my family!!! :D They made this really pretty sign for me, and contary to Japanese policy, they both gave me big bear hugs. They told me to call papa junji, "otoosan" and mama tanako, "okaasan". They are both very nice. We walked to the car, trying to speak awkward engrish (okaasan knows more English than Shiori [host sister] let on). We then drove to their ie (house). I have my own room downstairs, but until shiori gets back I'll sleep upstairs in the room across from Kengo (host brother). So we got back to their ie and then I met Korochan!!! He's so cute >_< Hes this tiny furry adorable weiner dog. But he is very...excitable haha XD But it's ok cause he's so kawaii and small he can't cause much damage XD after playing with Korochan and using google translator to try and figure out what me, otosan and okaasan were trying to tell each other, okaasan made lunch. It was verryyy oishii (delicious). It was udon (omg it was like ecstacy to my tastebuds) with this mixed rice. Although I ate very slow compared to okaasan and otosan. And okaasan kinda hinted for me to hurry up XD but I'm more used to chop sticks now, which is good so I can eat faster. They don't seem to be very formal with me which is good though, cause I would feel more awkward. But my job is to wash all the dishes, which I actually enjoy cause I feel like I'm being helpful.

After lunch okaasan took me to the 100 yen store, yayy!! It's only like 2 minutes away, I was very "excite" as okaasan would say. We bought an obento box for me (very cute) with a matching fork. Then we went to the grocery store to get food for dinner. It's kinda cool, cuz at all the stores there's a place for you to put your own stuff in bags, so it makes the line go a lot faster. Also, pretty much exerything in Suita is a discount store so we get a lot of stuff for less money. All the ingredients for dinner and drinks only cost 830 yen (about $8).

When we came back, we walked Korochan around the neighborhood. Okaasan introduced me to a few people, and one of her tomodachi (friend) was very entranced with my hair.
On our walk, we also went to the elemenary school in the neighborhood and watched the little kids practicing kendo, they were so kawaii (cute)!!! And then we watched the coach people do a demonstration, it was intense. It involved a lot of screaming like crazed monkeys, but it was really cool nonetheless. And the ladies who were there watching (the parents I presume) were very sweet too, but they (like a lot of people) assume I speak nihongo (Japanese) which I don't...only basic phrases so it gets really confusing XD

When we got back I started to help with dinner, we were making something very similar to fried pork chops, but okaasan called it "tempura". While we were helping, the mysterious Kengo came. Now, when I asked okaasan about him, she described him as "shy chotto (small/short) basketball player". So I imagined this tiny nerdy Japanese kid with glasses, so when he stepped into the room my jaw dropped. Chotto? Chotto my butt!!! Boys like 6'2, much taller than me. And shy? Scary antisocial. But he seems sweet, and he laughed at my attempt to train Torochan so he seems cool. After dinner, where I ate too slow again XD, and after Kengo took his really long shower (styling his hair, lots of Japanese guys seem to be really into that. Speaking of him, he has this awesome collection of manga, I'll attempt to bond with him over that :D wait this parenthesis is too long) me, kengo, and otosan went to the movies. We were late though so we had to run, but otosan (former
track star) and kengo (basketball star) were too fast for me, I was wheezing by the time we got to our seats XD but in Japan you have assigned seats, which is cool. Kengos hair was styled really cool, and I wanted to get a picture but I forgot my camera <=\ and okaasan says he hates pictures, she takes them while he sleeps XD We watched iron man 2, but since it was in ego (English) with subtitles (which really don't get the point across), I was the only one laughing at the funny parts...and yeah. By the way, I liked it. It was very action packed. So the whole just me otosan and kengo thing was a tad bit awkward, but I think that's just cause I was sleepy. After we got back I took my first Japanese style shower :) there's a room with a washer and sink, an connected to that is a small room with a bath tub, floor that drains all the water, and a movable shower head. I am kinda scared to use the bath, partly cause it is scorching "burn your skin off" hot
and also I don't want to dirty it since I'm first. I'll use it at some point, but not this...early on in the game I guess is how you would put it XD

Ok better get to bed!! Seems like there are plans for tomorrow, I'm not exactly sure what those are though because of the whole language barrier, but I am excited. Oyasumanoi (good night)~

kendo coaches demonstrating a game to the little kids

100 yen shop, very sugoi and colorful :D

Korochan, KAWAIII >_<

my very nice welcome sign =)

okasan, me, and otosan :)


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