Monday, June 14, 2010

Gaijin treatment :)

Ahhh ok, turns out we are not leaving till until 10:45AM. When we get there I will give a speech to the teachers and then the student in my homeroom. Or maybe for the whole school...I am not quite sure. On another note, I have noticed that for breakfast, okasan is definitely feeding the gaijin better XD kengo got pudding and bread, I got miso soup, salad, and rice. I feel bad ^-^'


cmunch said...

Aww~ I'd feel bad also :p

Could I ask a couple questions about YFU's summer program? Well...I guess I'm gonna ask anyways :)

I understand that the JAFS, JUSSE, and Okinawa peace scholarship winners leave earlier than the other summer program people. But does that mean you guys are leaving earlier than everyone else? Or do you leave on the same day?

Jordan said...

oh sorry!!!!! I never even saw this >.< Our scholarships travelled seperately from everyone, actually a week ahead.

We all left different times from the other people. But everyone stays 6 weeks. Since we came before the other people though we left earlier (but still stayed for 6 weeks)

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