Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Day of school

Today was a lot of fun!!! I woke up at 6 on the dot, without an alarm
clock so I felt special :) But that's probably only because I like
passed out yesterday and never came down again, I think oka
san was
worried XD then I came down and took a quick shower (don't worry,
okasan told me to, I'm not a bad gaijin). Then ate breakfast
(elaborate again XD but it's ok cause kengo was sleeping, and otosan
was at work. He works at Osaka station
and leaves for 24 hours, it
doesn't seem very fun). After breakfast/after I was all ready okasan
and torochan walked me to the senriokaue station, where I met
Kanachan. She is soooo adorable!!! >_< we then met her friend (whose name I don't
remember T-T) but she was equally as kawaii, what's up with all these
kawaii high school girls??? I think it's the whole polite/uniform
thing. We rode in the "womens only" part of the train. I can see why,
the train is PACKED!!!!! It's kowaii (scary). But there is a couple of
mirrors in the women only train, seems a little sexist XD and the guys
check their hair more anyways. Anyway, Kanachan was very suprised when
I told her that I drive to school every morning. She was like "WHA???
no traaan???" haha, so kawaii XD Once we got to school we parted ways
since her and her friend are in a different class from me. When I
walked into my class everyone was like "ooooohhhh herrro!!!! Ohayo!!!"
and they all laughed when I bowed and politely said "ohayo gozaimas."
I gave out some more candy (I'm glad I bought a lot!!!) and introduced
myself to a few more people. But my greatest fear happened, everyone
said "do you remember my name???? :D" with very eager an excited
faces..and no, no I did not. I felt really bad T-T So everyone had to
reintroduce themselves...

It's kind of funny the different dynamics in the class between boys
and girls though. They don' I said "ohayo!!!" to this boy
Hiro and gave him some candy and everybody gasped like in horror. But
then after I did that my friend Moi gave the boy behind her candy so I
guess I'm setting an example/trend XD maybe by the end of my stay they
will all be able to even *gasp* hold a conversation!!!! Don don

The classes were pretty boring, especially english ~_~ the unit is
called "the wonderful word of smells". No, I am not messing with you,
that is really the name. But the English teacher did ask me questions,
in English, although it was hard to understand, but since this is like
his lifes work I was trying my best. There was a story about a guy who
smelled this guys eel (fish) and the other guy said "hey, because you
smelled it you got the sensation that you were eating it. You owe me
money." and the other guy took a bag of coins and rang it by the guys
head and said "why don't you assume you have been paid by hearing my
coins?" and yeah. Hahahaha. I think I was delirious but I thought the
story was hilarious. No one else got it though....I don't think they
actually understood. And then the teacher went

Teacher: JOooooJoooo. Questiooon for yooo.
Me; eh? ok! Hai.
Teacher; did you reyaaad da storay?
Me; hai!
Teacher; then prease tal meh, did the mahn phay the eeeerr owna
Me; *thinks for a second* uhh nai
Teacher: that is correcket.

And yeah, it was intense haha. After English my friends walked me to
calligraphy, which was a lot of fun. I practiced writing my name, and I
also met some more people and "learned" some new names -_-; The
teacher didn't want me to get dirty, so she put this bib type thing
around me and said "babay". Hahaha I did appreciate the thought
though, okasan would not be happy if I came home with a big blog of
ink on my shirt.

After calligraphy, we had *dramatic pause* swimming. It was raining
though so I thought we wouldn't have it cause the pool is outside.

Me: *looks out window* ahhh rain!! :D
Friends: eh?
Me: ame! (rain)
Friends: ahhh hai!
Me: ame, nai oyogu? (rain, so no swim?)
Friends: ohhhh nai nai nai!!!! Still swim!!!
Me; ehhh?????? (yeah, I'm turning into a excitable manga like Japanese
person, just so that you know) puru mizu otsuii??? (pool water hot)
Friends: nai nai!!! Samuii!!!! >_< (cold) Me: nai nai!!! Nai suki desu!!! (no like) Friends: ahhhh saaahm >_< st="on">America where the boys swim with girls, it's all
segregated. The girls screamed when I told them we all swim together
in America. Also when I said that I think Japanese guys are very
kawaii XD

There are parent teacher conferences at school now, so the days are
shortened. So after swimming school was over. This exchange girl who's
been here for two months said she`d show me the way to kendo, so I met
her in her class and we walked over. I am so glad I met her!!! She is
soooooo coooll, and very down to earth. We were laughing a lot ^o ^
She is also very good at Japanese, so she was working as my
translator. Which was cool so I got to know the people in kendo on a
totally different level because we could actually communicate. And now
I can see why they say to join only one club, I made so many friends
in just one day!!! And I remembered their names!!! :D There are mostly
guys, but there is one girl, manayu-chan who is very (you guessed it)
kawaii and nice :) she is full of energy too, and very touchy feely, I
was suprised :D First Yorushiku (upperclassman guy) showed me
all the different moves, he was very patient and nice. And very
energetic too XD I am like in love with all their engrish. When he was
trying to tell me to step with my left foot he said "Styand on
your lefto foto" It was kawaii ^-^ All the guys were super nice and
funny, especially the 3 Tigas, haha.

I bought out some starbursts in the middle and offered everyone, and
yoshizawa caught it in his mouth, cause he didn't realize there was a
wrapper XD At the end of practice, everyone sits around. Victoria
calls it the "big talk" haha. During the big talk I saw shoroku was
holding things that looked like cards so I was like "ohhhh sugoi!! Can
I see??" and they all were like "nai!! not intraresting, just pokemon"
but I grabbed one anyway and there were two busty anime girls in a
very suggestive position. So I was like "eh????? Echi
(perverted)!!!!!! Otaku (term used for nerd that likes manga girls/
cosplay)???!!! *points to shoroku*" and then everyone started cracking
up and calling him shoroku otaku. It rhymes haha XD

And then I found out me and Glasses Tiga were on the same train so I
said "ohhh we walk togetha???" and all the guys went "ohhhhh
togetha??? Ohhhhh woootwoot!!! Walking togetha!!! *kissing noises*"
haha it was awkward. But I explained that me him and Victoria were
going to walk together, and they all seemed disappointed XD

Since it was raining, most of the sports clubs were practicing inside,
including baseball, who were across from us. Now, when I tried to talk
to them before when they were walking alone, then they look at you
like you're crazy, but when I said hi to the whole group, they went
INSANE!!!!! Like jumping around doing these crazy dances and yelling
"herooo babay wha you furum?" hahaha it was hilarious. So it seems you
have to approach the shy ones in big groups.

Kendo went for a VERY log time. From the end of school (11AM) to 6PM.
It was intense, but I learned a lot so that was cool, and i made
friends with guys (which is something I thought would have been hard
because of the whole segregation thing they got going on here. But I'm
worried because Victoria (brazil) will not be there tomorrow to
translate, so hopefully I will still be able to communicate.

After practice, we all walked to the subway station together. But I
totally forgot how to find Osaka so I spazzed out and went "Doko (where)
Osaka???? Doko Osaka?????" and Tiga was like "caalmmmmm douuyoooown!!!
Jojo I show I show" and he walked me all the way there even though he
was on the opposite direction, so nice >_< id="SPELLING_ERROR_0" class="blsp-spelling-error">otosan
and okasan seemed very relieved/suprised. I
don't think they thought I was gonna make it., haha. Although okasan
did message me during kendo practice, but it was all in kanji for some
reason....she knows I don't know any was random...but
Victoria translated, an then I got shoroku to respond for me.
Victoria thinks he likes me cause he's usually quiet/shy but hes
always licking his lips at me. I just think it's creepy/funny.

For dinner we had this smorgasbord of food, it was really good though.
Like teriyaki fish, rice, miso soup, beef, fried pork, and somen
noodles, very oishiiii (delicious).

And then we watched some world cup soccer, everyone here is very
excited because japan has won one game so far. I showed okasan some
pictures, took my shower, and now I am about to go to bed. Exchange is
tiring!!! But worth it. Can't wait till tomorrow :D zzz

tiga putting on his kendo helmet

me with all the kendo guys
me in my kendo uniform :))))) sugoi ne? (cool, right?)

yes, they are learning about "the wonderful word of smells"

me with painting with my baby bib on :)

my many attempts to write my name in Katakana (jojo)

my friend Moi

my classroom


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