Friday, June 25, 2010

fieldu trippu :)

Today my international understanding class went on a field trip! No
one was all that excited but me and the other exchangers though XD
Kokurin said he had been there twice before already and it was not
much to do, but I thought it was a lot of fun!! There was basically
this huge life size replica of an ancient Japanese town and you got to
walk around and look at stuff. It was soo cool! And also they would
set the town to day and night and sunset so it would get darker and
lighter as you walked around.

I walked around with my friends Kokurin, Jun, and Hiro, and then once
the other exchangers got to the museum we all walked together. Even
though Kokurin had been there already before he said it was like a new
experience because I seemed so excited at everything XD And everybody
thought it was hilarious because I forgot my bag so he was holding all
my stuff in his, I felt kinda bad.

Oh and funny story. All of a sudden (out of the dead quiet) there was
this huge/deafening "POP POP POP BANNNNG!!!!!!" sound so out of reflex
I ducked and went "what the hell?????" and Kokurin was like "oh my
god you curse????" and I was like "uhmmm no it's not what you think I
was suprised...>_<" kokurin: "that is so....COOOL!!!! you are so cool teach me curse words too!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D" haha it was awkward cause I didn't want to XD although I'm surprised at the amount of American slang everybody knows here. People will come up to me and be like "wooow your hair is the *s-word*!!!" and I'm like "oh....thank you...I think?" I wonder who corrupted them...

I said I wanted to see more of the town and Jun shoved me into Kokurin and went "he will show you!!!! :D" and then we went all around together. We went to the back and he was like, "I have something SUPER COOL to how you Jojo >:D" and he opened his door and went "It's a toilet!!" hahaha I love him XD He's pretty cool... sometimes (will explain that).

After we got back from the trip we had lunch and then two more
classes. *sigh* I really don't understand Kokurin sometimes though. He acted like
he had a really good time but then when I asked him back at school he was like "ummm
it seems like you had more fun with YOUR friends than I did". I don't
think breaking up with his girlfriend was good for him...he's been
very nice sometimes, but then other times he only talks bad about
people behind their backs (-_-;)

After school me, Rafael, Victoria, Mei, and one of Victoria’s
classmates went to KARAOKE!!!!! It was soooo cool!!!! And a lot of
fun :D We sung a bunch of English songs first, and then we all
attempted some Japanese songs XD everyone was impressed cause they
thought I could read the hiragana cause I sung this one song perfectly
but I had just memorized it back in America, haha. When I went out to
get a drink though I forgot which room we were in, it was awkward
because I opened this random door and this couple was kissing. But I
was proud of myself because I used my Japanese to ask the front desk
where my room was :D I have learned a trick: memorize big question
words (for example: who, what, why, when, how, where) and you can
pretty much tell what is going on in a conversation or what someone is
trying to tell you. Memorizing those words have been the best thing
for me so far and has made understanding people a whole lot easier! (^-^)b

Jun, me and kokurin :)
resting haha

KARAOKE!!!! Sugoi!!!

Me attempting to ride Victoria's classmates bike to karaoke XD

exchange besties :) <3
giant thing...we couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman though

rafa and vicky

Me and Kokurin :]


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