Sunday, June 20, 2010

Doko Kyoto Station???

Oh my goodness today was jam packed!!! But very omoshiroi (fun) :D

Today, me and okaasan took a train, a subway ride, annnd a bus to
Kyoto. It was so cool!! Even the bus was exciting XD it was set up
like a subway. We went to this park which holds the famous golden
pavilion. It was probably one of the prettiest things I have ever
seen!!! I also got to ring a bell there. There was a lot of walking,
but it was worth it. There was also a lot if vendors giving out free
food which is good. Tada suki desu (I like free) ^o ^

After the golden pavilion we went to this really cool gift shop down
the road. I bought a kendo keychain. Well actually 2, I will give
the other one as a gift to one of the sempai. After that we walked and
walked...and walked, and just when I was thinking "oh my god okaasans
trying to kill me", we turned the corner and bam!! Amazingly huge red
palace!!! It was soooo cool!! We washed our hands with the cleansing
water before we entered, and then we went and prayed. It was very
beautiful, I liked it very much.

If I thought that that mile on a flat surface was hard, I didn't know
what was really hard. We walked up this mountain top (not even
exaggerating), it was intense, but there were a bunch of shops on the
way so it was cool. Oh and guess what!!!! We found a J-pop store!!!!!!
Now I only like one
j pop band, and that is Sug. I love them with the
burning passion of a thousand suns. So when we walked in and okaasan
was like "oh look, there is NEWS (another band)!!" I was like oh yeah
sure....and I couldn't find anything sug so I had lost hope. However,
I decided to use my (very limited) japanese and ask them if they had
anything Sug. The lady gave me a doubtful look and said (in Japanese)
"hmm...all we have is..." and BAM(!!!!) she pulls out these humongously
gigantor beautiful amazing breath taking Sug posters. I started
shaking/hopping/gasping for air. Not even kidding. I was so
excited!!!!!!!!!! And of course I bought them :) Actually first I
bought 1, and then on the way back down I made okaasan stop in again
so I could buy another XD she seemed to think my fangirlness was very

We then stopped to eat at this restaurant and had another intense meal.
It was veryyyy good though. It was cold udon, fish, and these sweet/
sugary dough balls.

At the top of the mountain, there was another really cool temple, and
I picked up a fortune. Bad love...yeah, it was kind of sad.
It probably had to do with the fact that at the golden pavilion I tried
to throw a coin into one of the good luck rock cup thingies, but it dropped....2 inches in front
of me T-T; Okaasan burst out in laughter XD And she did that thing
that a lot of Japanese women do, they like slap your arm. Like in a
playful way, all my friends at school do that and so does my okaasan
but it hurts. I'm gonna come back with bruises on my arms because they
all think I'm too funny -_-'

Another thing at the mountain top temple was this "path of love". It
was in the middle of a busy vendor section, but it you walked safely
from one rock to the other with your eyes closed, your true love will
soon be realized. Yeah, sounds dangerous I know. Especially for a
clutzy spaz like myself. I didn't fall/trip/die, but I didn't make it
the straight line either. More like a spazzed out zig zag. So
apparently my love will not be realized for many years to come.
Although I don't really have a "love" right now, so I guess it's ok XD

Me and okaasan then took the path back down and she got me ice
cream :D green tea matcha to be exact. It was actually really good. I
really wanted sprinkles, but when I asked they all looked at me like I
was crazy so I let it go.

The walk down the hill was fine, and then we took a bus (these get
packed!!! But I've already gotten used to the whole "personal bubble
being popped" thing in public spaces. However, after the (very short)
bus ride, okaasan pointed at the map and traced her finger over about
15 bus stops to
Kyoto station. I thought she meant that we would take
a bus, but no, this was why we wore sneakers. It was time to walk :)

After 5 minutes: whew, I'm ok. This walk isn't so bad

20 minutes: huh, my bags are getting a little heavy, but walking
is good for you

50 minutes: *pant* *gasp* "okaaaasaaaan. Doko Kyoto station?????"
okaasan: walka walka some more

And yeah, we did make it eventually though, I was really jealous of
the people with bikes.

We got home and just relaxed, neither of us were very hungry (and god
knows where kengo was) so I took my shower, played with Korochan, and now it is time for bed :) Korochan has been trying to sleep with me, but he spazzes and kicks in his sleep so I kicked him out XD

walking back to kyoto station

me with my oishii ice cream :D

at the top of the hill

washing my hands before entering the temple

wonderfully amazing apple juice

golden pavillion

me ringing the bell :D

awesome bus XD


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