Saturday, June 12, 2010

Waking up in Tokyo

This morning me and my roomate Julianna woke up early so we could explore a bit. We saw this really cool looking park from our window so we decided to go see what it was. We picked up Emily along the way and off we went :D It was a bit of a walk, with lots of stairs, but it was fun. We saw a couple of cool sculptures, and we named them XD the lady bugs were bob and sheri. What I love about japan is that pretty much everything you can touch. Especially in the musuems, I have only seen 1 don't touch sign so far. It's very good for gaijin (foreigners) like me who love taking pictures of everything XD now we are on our way to the airport, I am very nervous. And I'm gonna miss all my exchange friends >_<

cool temple within the park

me doing radio exercises in shinjuku park in the heart of tokyo!! :D surreaaal

me and emily riding bob and sheri XD


Thompson said...

Did you just pop-in and do radio exercises? :P

Jordan said...

hahaha yes :)

the lady I was next to me looked once, looked away,and then did this really intense/spastic double take and went "EHH????" not really cause I was a gaijin but cause i knew how to do it because we learned at YFU orientation :D

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