Thursday, June 10, 2010


So what you've all been waiting for...I made it to Tokyo!! And we got to explore once we got to the hotel (basically an amazing ritzy super expensive hotel by the way, so cool!!!!). The toilets have all those...buttons. But I don't think I'm gonna press any, I might hurt myself. Here's some pictures of my very eventful day/night :D (they're out of order by the way~)
Me and Emily in our Yukatas!!! :D

My first Purikura!!! (basically photo booths, but you can edit pics to make yourself look cuter, for some reason it made my eyes bigger...but it's still amazing!!)

Us trying to figure out how to edit pictures. It was intense, there was a timer, and the machine was speaking really fast Japanese

Store we went into, it was so bright!!! and colorful, and kawaii (cute)!!

Tokyo tower on way to hotel

Tomorrow we visit Tokyo Embassy, and a few other goverment places. I'm very excited :D And then the next day I'm off to my host family in Osaka!!! ^-^


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