Monday, June 28, 2010

Amusement park!!! Just kidding, it's time for school.

So I was supposed to go to the amusement park with Victoria, Mei,
Rafa, and Peter today but my Okaasan said no (ToT) but that's ok, I had
a pretty good day regardless.

Math II:
Slept XD But I can actually recognize what the teacher is writing,
It's kind of cool how math is so universal.

PE Badminton:
Haha...well I got really into it XD We went to the gym upstairs, did
some stretches (but I could only do a couple because I forgot my
exercise clothes) and then I thought we were playing basketball so I
was like "aww man, I can only watch :(" but then the teacher opened
the closet and all this badminton stuff was in it and I was like,
"YESSSS!!!!! >:D" I don't think my tomodachi (friends) were used to
seeing me so competitive, they were probably scared XD but it was so
much fun!!! We did 2 (me and Jun) on 2 (Mai and Misato) and kind of
switched off. I actually got a really good workout, but I was in my
uniform so I probably smelled really bad for the rest of the day haha.
After we were all badmintoned out and hot, we just sat outside in the
shade and talked/gossiped (again, girls gossiping is universal, who
knew? :]) Me, Jun, and Yingfan were talking about Kokurin, and we were
trying to figure out how many different girlfriends he had because
they thought his girlfriend’s name was Mika but he has his girlfriend
in his cellphone as "Ming". It was kinda funny though because they
like hate him with a burning passion (because he's very...bipolar.
Sometimes he'll be nice and other times he's like "why the heck are
you talking to me?" and yeah, they can't stand him) and were like "we
don't care", but after I told him I thought he had a different
girlfriend from Mika they were like "eh??? Ask him Jojo!!!" haha. I
found out later what the whole Ming thing was about, and I guess the
saying "curiosity kills the cat" is true (;-_-)

Japanese & Japanese classics:
Zzzzz ;]

Japanese language study:
Kokurin walked me to the library and I was like "so are you
happy?? :D" and he was like "eh why???" and I told him cause he got
back together with his girlfriend and he said "ohhh yes!! I love her
very much :)" bleh ~_~

Well since Mei, Peter, Rafa, and Victoria were at the amusement park,
it was just me and Stephanie and the teacher. We played this fun game
though, it was similar to "2 truths and a lie" You had to say
something about yourself in Japanese and the other people have to
figure out if it's "honto (true)" or "usso (false)". I wasn't very
good at it though XD Stephanie and sensei (what you call your teachers
here) are very good liars O_o

During the game though I dropped a 100 yen and sensei did this intense
run over to it, slammed her foot on top of it and went "ohhh jojo look
over there!!! Beautiful bird!!! >:D" hahahaha it was hilarious but
scary at the same time, sensei is very... energetic, haha.

Integrated study:
This class varies apparently, but today it was basically like a long
homeroom where sensei talks about what's happening with our grade. I
had no idea what they were talking about so I went to sit with Kokurin
and we talked the whole time. Supposedly they are all taking a school
trip to Singapore in October, what the heck??? I wish we did that in
my high school in America >_< "oh hey guys, let's go to SINGAPORE".
but no, we just get...wait what do we get? -_-; not Singapore that's for sure >:O

But Kokurin says he doesn't want to go cause he will not have fun cause he doesn't have "friends". Not really though, he talks to a lot people who seem like his friends so I'm not sure. But I’m glad I am friends with him, even though no one else seems to like him too much (^0^;) something about him just makes me want to be his best friend. Maybe cause he's so
pretty? XD

After school:
Me and Stephanie sat around with the kendo guys (Japanese testing
starts in a week, so there are no club activities) trying to figure
out what to do. We went to see the takoyaki guys, they are always good
for a laugh or two XD and then we happened to see Shota sempai too. So
we all talked for a bit, and I got to ride Shota sempai’s bike back to
the school :) I really like his bike, haha. I think he thinks I only
invite him to hang out with us because of his bike XD

At the takoyaki shop we also happened to see Jun, and she had asked
Kokurin about this mysterious "Ming" person. Basically, "Ming" means
"life" in Chinese. So she's his life, so he named her that in his
phone. Yeah.

Even though I was super tired when I got back I decided to join my
host family's night owl tradition. Seriously, they stay up till like
2. Not really doing anything, just watching TV/hanging out. Although
it was a good thing I stayed up cause I actually bonded with kengo.
Like it's not like we became bffs but he is definitely more used to me
now. So we have a quiet connection :D but even though he seems a
little antisocial sometimes I know he means well. Cause Korochan kept
trying to climb up on me and Kengo got reallyy mad cause he thought I
didn't like it, he was like "KOROCHAN!! Down!!" and yeah, so he's
kind, just very shy.


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