Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazing Exchangers :)

Today was...amazing. School was not too exciting, aside from lunch and
Japanese language studying with the other exchangers. Who I by the way
am in absolute love with :)

Woke up, ate yogurt, pineapple juice, and this intense cereal. Like it
has everything in it...granola, raisain, cranberry, carrot, grains,
beans, and the list goes on.

Now we get to the "fun" part :) Everything was going super well, I
made it to osaka station with no problem. However when I got to the
Higashi-Umeda to take the subway to school, things got a
little...iffy. I am supposed to take the "dainichi" train to Sekime-
Takadono, but I took the...i don't even remember, but it was not
Dainichi. I was actually really freaked out, cause after 6 stops the
intercom said "ok, this is the last stop. Please take all of your
belongings :D" and I was like "ohhhh crap...." I was pretty calm about
it though, I waited for the next train, and it was kind of hilarious
because I ended up seeing Kanachan and her friends because I was
delayed. So I guess this still makes us morning buddies XD i thought I
was calm about the whole taking the wrong train thing, but then I saw
one of the Asahi high school girls and was like "oh thank the lord
sweet Jesus!!!!!!" and they were like "jojo!!! Ohayo :D" *sigh* it was
quite the experience though.

Math II, PE (swimming), Japanese:
All pretty normal. Although I guess I shouldn't say normal since I am
an American in the middle of Osaka, Japan attending high school, but
everything feels pretty "normal" already. Which is really good I think.

Japanese classics:
The teacher very kindly gave me the translation of what they were
learning about. It was a story was called "Tiger-Poet". I actually
really liked it a lot. It was about this poet...that turns into a
tiger...so he's a tiger poet. Yeah. I would go into more detail but it
was a bit of a complicated story, mostly about Karma.

Japanese language class:
I had this with the other exchangers, they are seriously my life. They
are all so amazing and funny! I met Rafael from Argentina. I had
started to believe he didn't exist because I hadn’t ever seen him. He's
really funny though, and he speaks like fluent Japanese, because he's
been here for 10 months. He didn't know anything when he came, so I
think it's really amazing that he learned to speak fluently by being

So me and mei decided not to do kendo, and we all went to go get cake
instead. The "healthy" alternative to exercise. Not, haha. It was a
lot of fun though, and the sweets here are so good!!

We also met who I like to call "bike buddy" and mei likes to call
"boyfriend number 25". Haha It is like a joke, I talk to most of the
guys that I see, and I get their numbers so everyone automatically
thinks I like them. But I really just like getting peoples numbers XD
one of the guys I got today was the basketball captain's, so everyone
was like "ohhhhh sugoiii (cool)!!!! :O" but I just think it's funny.
All of the guys here are super funny, everywhere I go in the hallway
there is a "boyfriend" and all his friends are like "ohhhhhhh togeza
togeza!!!" but anyways, yeah I met "bike buddy". I was so ready to
fulfill my dream of the whole bike riding thing but sensei said it was
not allowed/appropriate. What the flagsnard!!! >_<>:D but they are always
watching. So that may not be possible...

Oh we also met Yuuki. He is very...interesting. He's really adorable,
and he can speak very good English, but he is quite full of himself.
Kokurin is jealous of yuuki’s English abilities though. I was telling
him how good yuuki is and he was like "jojooo please teach me >_<".

which I'll be more than happy to try and help him...but I don't think I would

make a very good teacher right now. My English is like deteriorating. I have

a Portuguese (Vicky)/Spanish (Rafael)/Japanese accent going on right

now. It is very...interesting. Even I don't understand what I'm saying anymore.

I was having so much fun with all of the exchangers that I didn't wanna go

home, but I did eventually XD I’m happy that kengo gets home so late, so

I seem like an angel compared to him and even when I walk in at like 8pm

okaasans like "hey whatevs, now tell me about your boy toys :D" haha

Bike buddy!! :D and sensei haha

victoria, mei, steffie, me, and rafael <3>


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