Friday, June 25, 2010

Parties & Bicycles (^o^)

So I was mad at Kokurin for the first half of the day so I ignored
him. But since he was going to be hanging out with me, Yuuki,
Victoria, Mei, Rafael, and Peter after school I had to talk to him.
During lunch me, Yuuki, and Victoria were trying to figure out what to
do for Rafael's going away hanging out party.

After school I told Kokurin we had to go to the party the sensei
(teachers) were throwing for Rafael first:

Me: hey Kokurin it is time to go! :D
Kokurin: uhmm I...I do not think it will be possible for me to come
Me; eh????? Naze (why)?????
Kokurin: *collapses on knees* um um I am very tiyad!!
Me: eh??
Kokurin: no jojo, I cannot lie to you. My girlfriend she mail me she
want to see me today.
Me: eh???
Kokurin: well yesterday I call her and...hmm how do I say in
English...I say "oh hey honey you know I love you I cannot live
without you", and things like that
Me: *crack* (sound of my heart breaking :])
Kokurin: but I do not know what to do!!!! *bangs head on desk*
Me: eh??? If you want to get back together with her then you should....uhmmm
Kokurin: *stares intently*
Me; I don't know! What do you want to do??
Kokurin: Well part of me wants to go with you, and the other part
wants to see Mika.
Me: eh???
Kokurin: Jojo. *gets really really uncomfortably close to my face*
Will you hate me if I go?
Me; eh??? Uhmmm no! Why would I?
Kokurin: really??? Here...let me think for moment.

And not even exaggerating he stood there for 10 minutes straight
just looking out the window. It was awkward. Then he said he had to
talk to Yuuki first so we headed over to the party
dramatic silence...hahaha. And then once we got there he spent another
10 minutes talking to Yuuki and then he asked me again if it was ok if
he could go and I was like "yeah...go! Go! I want you to go!!" but I
don't think he believed me, Victoria said my eye was twitching as I
said it hahaha XD but I eventually grabbed his book bag for him and
shoved him out the door. Yuuki said him and his girlfriend did end up
getting back together. It was hilarious though cause Jun was like
"EH???? That *b-word*!!!!" even though she hardly speaks any English
XD I love all my girl friends here, they are really funny/cool. It
still really shocks me though when they throw out the random curse
words/English slang.

I didn't think it would be, but the party the sensei threw for Rafa
was so much fun!!!!! :D All of my favorite classmates were there
(Misato, Lyu (bob), and Mai) and so were the exchangers, so we had a
really good time ^o ^ It was funny because Shota (kendo sempai who
went to America and speaks really good English), came and sat down
next to me and me and Victoria were like "whoaaa nooooo, that's Bob’s
seat! Bob gets very angry when people steal his seat, you won't like
him when he's angry O_o" meanwhile bobs just standing looking at us
with a pleasant/happy smile XD

After the party me, Rafael, Yuuki, Mei, Victoria, and Peter headed
over to Umeda to have fun, but first I rode on Shotas bike :) MY DREAM
CAME TRUE!!!! Yay!!!!! It was kind of scary though, I hope Shota
doesn't have any bruises/cuts cause I like dug my nails into his side
XD but he was very nice about it, haha.

Umeda was a lot of fun, we got pizza and then did Purikura, we wanted
to hang out more but me and Mei had to get back by 9 and it takes us
each an hour to get home so we had to go back early, but I think we
are doing something tomorrow or Sunday before Rafa goes home for good.
We all are gonna miss him a lot =(

Me and Okaasan talked and laughed for about an hour when I got home,
I'm glad I'm really making the effort to learn some basic phrases of
Japanese during school, because even though they may seem basic it is
usually something used a lot, like "doko (where)". So I can comprehend
a lot of what my Okaasan is saying so we are becoming closer ^o ^

I'm not sure though if my cellphone is a good thing or a bad thing, I
stay up late texting someone every night (>_<) Although I guess it is ok tonight because tomorrow I can sleep in, like really sleep in to my hearts content :D Okaasan has work, Otosan is going to a funeral (I think), and Kengo has basketball until late, so it's just going to be me and Korochan until 3PM. I also realized that one of my windows open and I get a great view of my neighborhood/town so I was just leaning out the window kind of meditating/thinking for a while too. It was really cool/peaceful. I haven't been listening to any music lately either, I love the different "sounds" of Japan. Even the quiet :)

Purikura! Purikura daisuki :) (I love it!)

Peter, Mei, Vicky, Rafa, and Yuuki

Me, Vicky, and Shota :D

riding shota's bike!! (^0^)

other way around XD (it's funny cause I actually like giving rides more than receiving...)

me being mysterious with chibi (mai) XD

Misato me and BOB!!! They're my favorites (^-^)b


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