Sunday, June 6, 2010

$13 dollar post :)

Yup, wifi on the plane ride costs $13 (RIP!!), so this is quite the expensive post so I’ll have to get it all in ;) A lot has happened in the past day (although it's felt like a lot longer), so I'll start at the beginning, because it's not pretty and gets very confusing/bipolar when I ramble aimlessly. So yesterday my parents dropped me off at Camp Maria (Fun fact: it’s named after Maria Carey) in Fishkill, NY for the Regional orientation. When we first arrived, we had to check in like you were really in a different country. Everyone was pretty nice, except for the Germans who had to check your fake passport. I walked up and they went “*blah blah really loud German Blah blah PASSPORTO” So I gave it to them and when I walked away I said “Danke!!! :D” But they just glared…Anyways, the orientation was a lot of fun!! I met a bunch of really cool Japanese exchangers (Emily, Alyssa, Fiona, etc). I also met a bunch of people going to other countries, sadly I’ll never see them again L I’m especially going to miss this really cool Japanese girl who was here in New York on exchange. She was very nice and gave us all a bunch of good tips. (Say “no” 3 times when offered something!)

Basically, we had a bunch of sessions where we talked to past exchangers and it was really cool to hear all of their funny Japanese stories, I hope I have a bunch of great stories when I get back too J Towards the end of last night, there was a talent show and at first I was like “oh no so awkward! People put themselves out there too much! >_<“ but everyone who went up had SO MUCH TALENT!! This one guy jumped over two 6’ tall guys, it was awesome. Of course I didn’t go up though J There was also this Chinese guy who sung, he was so good! And he could play the guitar. I couldn’t understand anything he said but it was cool regardless. Which leads to a funny story:

So after the show, I wanted a picture with the Chinese singer. So me and Emily go up and…

Emily: Hi! We both really liked your singing, and my friend here wants a picture :D
Chinese Guy (whose American name is Bobby): What?
Emily: *repeat*
Chinese Guy: *looks at us* Ummm One sec! *walks away*

Me and Emily: um…is he coming back?

Chinese Guy: *knocks on bathroom door around the corner*

Me and Emily: ok what the heck…?

*random other Chinese guy comes out of bathroom*

Chinese Guy # 2: OHHH he can’t speak English!!!!

Me and Emily: Ohhhhhhh ok! Sorry!

And yeah, there’s my story haha XD It was kind of awkward, but I got my picture J

It makes me laugh cause he checked his hair first and like “touched it up”

It’s not a very good picture because it was taken on Chinese Guy #2’s iPhone, but you get the picture J (ha! Punny.) They were both really nice, and said it was "flattering/inspiring" being asked for a picture :) So after that I was talked up by this lady about hosting an exchange student for the following school year, and I am actually really interested. They said they can find someone specifically in band and who likes skating/ice hockey so I thought that was very cool. Hopefully my parents will think about it J

So in the list of stuff to bring, it says YFU would supply sheets, pillow, and a blanket, but I got to my cabin late (due to a carnivorous hill we had to climb) so I didn’t find any…Thank god I bought a pillow and a small blanket. It was still probably a sad sight in the morning though, me shivering with no bed sheets or a real blanket haha. So us Japan exchangers had to wake up at 5:30AM this morning. No, you are not misreading that. I didn’t even realize I was awake until I started talking to Fiona.

We left for JFK around 6:15AM, and when we got there it was SO EASY!! It’s great having a YFU person (Marianna) here to help us every step along the way. I think the baggage claim lady was annoyed however, because I freaked out at the touch screen menu (which is supposed to be easy) and kept pressing backspace and saying “WAIT! It says here I have to pay!! I though baggage was free!!!!” and at one point she just said, “Miss, you want your bags on that plane right?” But it turns out it was free, I just misread XD Anyways, we just hung out in the airport until it was time to go.

Now back to the start J I am on the plane to California. I’ve been to California before, but I forgot the whole 7 hour flight part, but I’m managing haha. Although we’re only about an hour into it T-T The bad part is that all the exchangers are mixed up, so we can’t sit next to each other =/ But I’m in a pretty good seat. I’m in between this guy and this really nice lady with a 5 month old baby. I know what you’re all thinking, but no don’t feel bad for me!! The baby is soooo cute. And very well behaved so far =) So when we get to Cali we’re going to have dinner with Kumi. Yeah, I have no idea either. I’ll do another post about the Cali Orientation either at Berkley (if there’s wifi) or on the way to Tokyo. Which by the way is only TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!! I am so excited!! Especially since I’ve met most of the other exchangers and they are so nice! And no clichés or anything either, you can just walk up to anybody and say “Hey, whose your host family?” and its cool. We’re all in the same boat so I guess that automatically makes us all friends J It’s cool to have so many people to relate to. Whoa this post is getting quite long…but I know you all read the whole thing because you love me J Oh and my host sister emailed me(!!) so I’m going to go and email her back before my computer dies~ I found out that they have a weiner dog, whch is amazing. And her brother's name is Kengo. She also said her family speaks no English except for her, but she’s on exchange in New York so we won’t meet until June 30th. So it’s definitely going to be an interesting/very gesture-filled exchange until she gets there XD But I am so ready :]


Anonymous said...

Jordan it sounds like u are having a blast!!! really jealous XD I hope u have a great time and want u 2 no that everyone misses u here back in PA!!! Pls be safe, no tripping over surfaces! XD, and again have a blast!! and yeah...i love u...dont forget yugioh stuff *bricked* later!!

Love ur girl Ali B. :)

Jordan said...

awww i lovie you too :D thank you for reading!!!! ^-^ and my brother has yugioh stuff, 意ll背絵\\\ oh whoaaa this keyboard is weird, didnt mean to put jだdldk 画亜 gahhh what the heck,意g乗れ ignore all that. and yeah, ill see if hell share :D but i did get you a souvenir so far ^-^

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