Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Karaoke Daisuki (^-^)b

Well I forgot my phone so I came back home after I had already left
and Okaasan got really angry. She has this obsession with me being
on time, and I like always am so I don't know why. And she was like
"cell phone not important!!! You have to be on time!!!" says the person
who nearly called the police when I forgot my cellphone before -_- So
I was kinda depressed for a bit, but actually the whole being late thing
turned out to be good cause I saw Kokurin while I was walking to
school. He's always late XD I helped him a bit with his English, it
was kind of hilarious though:

Kokurin: ok jojo I will say word and you will tell me if it's right. I
want to test my
Me: pronunciation :D
Kokurin: yes!
Me; ok go! (^o ^)
Kokurin: ok! Cha...Cham...champiyonshap!!!
Me: championship??
Kokurin: yeah yeah!!! :D
Me; like basketball championship??
Kokurin: yes!
Me: hahaha you really like basketball XD
Kokurin: ok next word! Uhmmm prefa...pref *mutter mutter*
Me: uhmmm....Eh???
Kokurin: pref*mutter mutter*
Me: eh???
Kokurin; nevermind!!!
Me: eh???? No tell me!!!!!!!
Kokurin: no nevermind!!! >_<>:O
Kokurin: NO!!!!
Me: SAYYY ITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(at this point everyone on the street was staring at us cause we were
like on top of each other yelling XD)

Kokurin: I don't want to!!! >_<>:O
Kokurin: *sigh* prefa...Shay....nail. Like you are a prefayshaynail
baskeetball playa
Kokurin: yes. My bad T-T
Me; no no it was my fault!!! I have a hearing problem!!!! (^0^;)

Hahaha it was intense. Even though I was late for school it was
totally worth it, that was one of the best conversations I've had
while here XD

Japanese Classics:
Zzzzz :)

Understanding of English:
Back to the girl with her arm eaten -_-; this time they were talking about how they stitched up her stub of an arm. *sigh* so random and gross....

Actually today there was a big test for all of the language classes so
we did not have the actual class. Me, Bob (Bob), and Kokurin walked together
to another building in the school, and I was confused cause I was like
"where are you guys taking me? -_-'" I was worried haha. But it was
funny cause I sighed and Bob was like "what's wrong?" and I was like
"kakkoih (handsome/cool) ne? () *looks at kokurin*" and
Bob was laughing so hard/doing such an intense japanese slap on my arm
that he almost pushed me down the stairs, haha. And Kokurin was like
"eh?? Nani nani (what)?? <:O" and Bob did this really creepy evil laugh. I think Kokurin thinks were plotting to kill him XD Cause me and Bob just laugh evilly whenever he says to repeat something haha. I actually took the Spanish test. The parts in Spanish were really easy, and the parts that were written in hiragana the teacher had translated so it was actually quite easy (^o ^)After the test Kokurin came up to me and we had quite an...interesting...conversation:

Me: Hey :D
Kokurin: you are *b-word*!!!!! >:D
Me: (°▽ °;)
Kokurin: is that how you say it??? :D
Me: ooooohhhhhh ok....why do you want to know? (;)

Haha I was really surprised, I was like "who taught you that??". But
supposedly he learns a lot of curse words from American TV shows. But
he wants me to teach him how to use them "correctly" (-_-;)

PE (Dance):
We performed our dance today! I really wanted to record it but I
forgot my camera!!! NAN DIA NEEEEEE (why)???!!! But I think I did
pretty well :D I just copied what everyone else did and tried to smile
haha. It was hilarious though because we were rating each others and
at the end the sensei was like:

Sensei: Jojo *blah blah Japanese*
Me: eh??
Jun: which dance did you like??
Me: oh I liked the first group!! Mai's!! :D *point to mai and mai
starts clapping/gigigling happily*
Sensei: *blah blah japanaese*
Jun: no no!! What did you think of OUR group dance??
Me: was nice!!!! (^o^;)

Hahaha I felt kinda bad. But Mai's group did like this amazing dance
XD Ours was good too, but Mai's was sugoiii (cool) haha.

As me and Mai went up to the closet to put the radio we used for the
music upstairs, I had a takoyaki moment XD There is like a balcony and
me, Mai, and the teacher were all talking and laughing about the way I
speak engrish (english and Japanese put together) and then:

Me: oh yeah haha I say...
Random Voice: TAKOYAKIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: eh???? doko doko (where)???
Mai oh jojo!! Over there!! *points to field, so we all lean over to
Takoyaki guy #1; TAKOYAKI!!! :D
Me: ohhh TAKOYAKI!!!!! (^o ^)/
Takoyaki guy #2; TAKOYAKI!!!!
Me: oh!! Oh wow you're there too!! TAKOYAKI!!!!! again XD
Mai and sensei: >:)
Me: what??
Mai: you have soooo many boys jojo!!!!! >XD
Me: eh??? Nai nai!! Tomodachi (friend)!!!!

But of course nobody believes me haha. It was kind of awkward though
because the two takoyaki guys were in the middle of gym playing rugby
so there were fifty something boys that just stopped and were staring
at me yelling a random type of food out.

Lunch was pretty exciting. Vicky came up to have lunch with me, Mai,
and Bob. I was trying to show Vicky how I taught Bob "Yo what's up
dog?" but Bob was laughing too hard to do it. After that me and Vicky
decided to show Bob and Mai how you "hit on" somebody. So I started
walking up/swaggering slowly up to Bob’s desk and I leaned down and said:

"konnichiwa Iwa-chan (what I call Bob
now)" in this really deep voice and he almost fell out of his chair he was laughing so hard XD then kokurin came up cause he was curious as to what we were doing and I was like "ohayo (morning) kokurin darling >;)" and he fell against the window he was laughing so hard. I guess my seductive Japanese lines don't work? Oh and later on I was talking about who my favorites

Me: oh Bob, Vicky. And Mai are my favorites! (^o^)
Bob: yay!! Ureshiii (^o^) (happy)
Vicky: cool!!
Me: ya! :D oh but I don't like you Kokurin, you're mean ;P
Kokurin: *looks up* eh??
Me: you're mean so you're not my favorite :P
Kokurin: *intense stare*
Me: uhmmm...
Kokurin: ohhhh I see now I see!!!!!! >:O *turns around*
Me: no no jodan jodan!! (joke) XD

And then he got really mad and slapped my arm, what's up with these
Asian people and slapping arms??? Even if it's a joke it hurts! And I
already have enough random cuts on my legs, I don't need bruises on my
arms (ToT)

English expression:
Today we presented our interviews! It was bad though cause I think
mine was the worst in the class and I actually speak English XD I felt
bad for my partner haha. But I helped my friends Hiro and Yingfan with
theirs. And theirs turned out the best so I was proud of myself ;) my
person was Justin Beiber so I talked in a high voice and said "yo
shawty" a lot, everybody was cracking up. My partner Yoliko did
Johnny Depp, and when she said "oh yes and last year I won the sexiest
man of the year award", I said "yes well you are pretty sexy ;)" but
only the teachers and a few people understood XD

World history:
I'm not allowed to sleep in this class anymore. Well I am, but the
teacher asks me questions about America so I try to stay awake. Today
he asked me if there are lots of poor people. I didn't really know
what to say to that. I guess...? I was happy when the bell rung XD
Speaking of that, the bell here to change classes is so intense!! Like
it goes on for at least 15 seconds, I'll have to take a video of it.

Understanding of different cultures:
I was kind of fading and about to get into my intense (and a bit
painful...) nap position but sensei asked me to read the story. It is
the same one from before about the Nike company before it was Nike. I
like this English class better though because we are not talking about
peoples arms being ripped off by man eating sharks :) But it was funny
because the teacher asked me how to spell "entrepreneur" and I had no
idea, but I was able to help her with a lot of other stuff. She said
"I don't want you to leave! You are my assistant (>_<)" After school: Me and kokurin were walking with the teacher and I told him to tell sensei I was going to Tokyo tomorrow. He had this spaz attack and asked why and I joked around and said I was going back to America. I never really told him it was a joke though...I hope he knows that it was, or else he's gonna kill me. (;)

Me, Vicky, Rafa, and Mei all met Shota at McDonalds to plan what to do
next. It was funny because I changed in the Mcdonalds bathroom (we all
usually bring a cute change of clothes cause we hate our uniforms).
After I changed I saw Bob in the line so I went up to talk to him:

Me; Iwa-chan!!! Hiii :D
Bob: oh jojo changed :O
Me: eh? Anyways, what are you going to eat?
Bob; you...changed!!!!!!!
Me: what are you gonna buy????
Bob: YOU CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!

And then I was laughing too hard to try and respond. I guess I look
really different in regular clothes? XD

We all decided to walk to karaoke after that since it would be Rafa's
last chance to go. Mei had to go home though so that she could eat
dinner, it doesn't matter with my family because they are night owls
and eat pretty late XD I got to ride Shota's bike! :D But I don't
think he really trusted me to ride with both of us on it cause he only
rode on the back for 5 seconds and then jumped off (;)

Karaoke was fun as always!! We sang a bunch of songs, but our singing
is like screeching so my ears and throat hurt afterwards haha. I got
pretty tired towards the end too so I used Shota as a body pillow. I
hope he didn't mind XD

We sang for about 2 hours and then all headed to our different places.
I wanted to go eat with Vicky and Rafa but I had to go home cause it
was getting kinda late. I kissed Rafa goodbye and then headed to the
subway station . I'm going to miss him (T^T)

When I got home Okaasan told me that we have to wake up at 4AM
tomorrow and then we’ll head to Tokyo Narita Airport to pick up my sister Shiori.. I thought she was kidding, but no she was dead serious XD

I'm very excited for tomorrow though! I can't wait to meet my oneesan
(sister)! \(^o ^)/

body pillow XD

rafa and rafa's body pillow hahaha

Rafa getting really into his song XD

Makudoooo (McDonald's)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Amusement park!!! Just kidding, it's time for school.

So I was supposed to go to the amusement park with Victoria, Mei,
Rafa, and Peter today but my Okaasan said no (ToT) but that's ok, I had
a pretty good day regardless.

Math II:
Slept XD But I can actually recognize what the teacher is writing,
It's kind of cool how math is so universal.

PE Badminton:
Haha...well I got really into it XD We went to the gym upstairs, did
some stretches (but I could only do a couple because I forgot my
exercise clothes) and then I thought we were playing basketball so I
was like "aww man, I can only watch :(" but then the teacher opened
the closet and all this badminton stuff was in it and I was like,
"YESSSS!!!!! >:D" I don't think my tomodachi (friends) were used to
seeing me so competitive, they were probably scared XD but it was so
much fun!!! We did 2 (me and Jun) on 2 (Mai and Misato) and kind of
switched off. I actually got a really good workout, but I was in my
uniform so I probably smelled really bad for the rest of the day haha.
After we were all badmintoned out and hot, we just sat outside in the
shade and talked/gossiped (again, girls gossiping is universal, who
knew? :]) Me, Jun, and Yingfan were talking about Kokurin, and we were
trying to figure out how many different girlfriends he had because
they thought his girlfriend’s name was Mika but he has his girlfriend
in his cellphone as "Ming". It was kinda funny though because they
like hate him with a burning passion (because he's very...bipolar.
Sometimes he'll be nice and other times he's like "why the heck are
you talking to me?" and yeah, they can't stand him) and were like "we
don't care", but after I told him I thought he had a different
girlfriend from Mika they were like "eh??? Ask him Jojo!!!" haha. I
found out later what the whole Ming thing was about, and I guess the
saying "curiosity kills the cat" is true (;-_-)

Japanese & Japanese classics:
Zzzzz ;]

Japanese language study:
Kokurin walked me to the library and I was like "so are you
happy?? :D" and he was like "eh why???" and I told him cause he got
back together with his girlfriend and he said "ohhh yes!! I love her
very much :)" bleh ~_~

Well since Mei, Peter, Rafa, and Victoria were at the amusement park,
it was just me and Stephanie and the teacher. We played this fun game
though, it was similar to "2 truths and a lie" You had to say
something about yourself in Japanese and the other people have to
figure out if it's "honto (true)" or "usso (false)". I wasn't very
good at it though XD Stephanie and sensei (what you call your teachers
here) are very good liars O_o

During the game though I dropped a 100 yen and sensei did this intense
run over to it, slammed her foot on top of it and went "ohhh jojo look
over there!!! Beautiful bird!!! >:D" hahahaha it was hilarious but
scary at the same time, sensei is very... energetic, haha.

Integrated study:
This class varies apparently, but today it was basically like a long
homeroom where sensei talks about what's happening with our grade. I
had no idea what they were talking about so I went to sit with Kokurin
and we talked the whole time. Supposedly they are all taking a school
trip to Singapore in October, what the heck??? I wish we did that in
my high school in America >_< "oh hey guys, let's go to SINGAPORE".
but no, we just get...wait what do we get? -_-; not Singapore that's for sure >:O

But Kokurin says he doesn't want to go cause he will not have fun cause he doesn't have "friends". Not really though, he talks to a lot people who seem like his friends so I'm not sure. But I’m glad I am friends with him, even though no one else seems to like him too much (^0^;) something about him just makes me want to be his best friend. Maybe cause he's so
pretty? XD

After school:
Me and Stephanie sat around with the kendo guys (Japanese testing
starts in a week, so there are no club activities) trying to figure
out what to do. We went to see the takoyaki guys, they are always good
for a laugh or two XD and then we happened to see Shota sempai too. So
we all talked for a bit, and I got to ride Shota sempai’s bike back to
the school :) I really like his bike, haha. I think he thinks I only
invite him to hang out with us because of his bike XD

At the takoyaki shop we also happened to see Jun, and she had asked
Kokurin about this mysterious "Ming" person. Basically, "Ming" means
"life" in Chinese. So she's his life, so he named her that in his
phone. Yeah.

Even though I was super tired when I got back I decided to join my
host family's night owl tradition. Seriously, they stay up till like
2. Not really doing anything, just watching TV/hanging out. Although
it was a good thing I stayed up cause I actually bonded with kengo.
Like it's not like we became bffs but he is definitely more used to me
now. So we have a quiet connection :D but even though he seems a
little antisocial sometimes I know he means well. Cause Korochan kept
trying to climb up on me and Kengo got reallyy mad cause he thought I
didn't like it, he was like "KOROCHAN!! Down!!" and yeah, so he's
kind, just very shy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Osaka Jojo

Oh my gosh today was SO MUCH FUUUN!!!! In the morning me and Okaasan
snacked on the Japanese grapes (which are amazing by the way, they
are like tiny and really sweet/oishii (delicious).

After we were all dressed and handled Korochan (dog gets crazy when we
leave!!!!! I had the duty of picking him up and putting him in his
cage [fun...not] and he basically killed my arms, dog can scratch -
_-' Everyone at school is gonna think I have abusive host parents
haha, I'll have to explain it was the inu (dog) XD) we left for Senrioka station.

We took 2 trains to Osaka Jo (castle) park. Once we got to the park I
put on my sunglasses cause it was so bright but then these people came
up to me and asked me if I was in American movies so I had to take
them off. Okaasan calls them my "supa sta" glasses now haha.

Before we went to the castle we took a boat tour around Osaka. It was
super cool, and there was actually a lot of wildlife around in the
water, like turtles, birds, and fish. Although the water was really

We then walked to the castle. We had to climb this like mountain!! But
it was worth it, the castle was AMAZING!! So pretty, like out of a
fairytale. It was hilarious though cause once we were at the top I was
like "oka *pant* sannnn *pant* pic *cough* ture *collapse*" haha. She
asked me if I was ok through her laughter XD

We walked through the castle and then went to the top where there is
this observation deck and you can see all of the surrounding area, it
was breathtaking. The inside of the castle was pretty cool too, there
was a bunch of exhibits/movies to watch.

Okaasan bought me some of the Matcha ice cream again, it is sooooooooo
gooood and when I went to throw out our cone wrappers:

Me: lalala
Random voices: JOJO???!!!
Me: eh??? *turns around* OMG Stephanie hi!!!!!

Turns our Stephanie was there with her host parents too!! What a
coincidence! So we all talked and ate takoyaki together, it was fun ^o ^

Then on our way out I saw more exchangers!!!! But not like Stephanie
who goes to the same school as me, these were ones from the California
orientation who I never thought I'd see again! So we all kind of had a
spaz attack and hugged and exchanged quick stories.

After making our way back to Osaka station, me and okaasan parted ways
because I was going to meet Mei, Shota, Victoria, and Rafa at the
McDonalds near the school to go to Namba (a really cool shopping

I had planned the whole thing but I was like an hour late so I felt
bad, but they didn't seem to mind cause I'm always late XD

After I got there we all talked and laughed and waited for Rafa. It's really funny
though because we all look totally different in real clothes (at
school we all have to wear uniforms) XD especially
Victoria, I didn't even recognize her! Haha it was interesting.

When Rafa got there we sat for a bit more and joked around (while this
random old guy was looking at us and laughing, he thought we were
hilarious). Of course I made Shota ride his bike with me first
though :) I love bikes! \(^0^)/ I'm definitely going to get one when I get
back home. Although there's probably going to be no place to ride it...or
any random Japanese guys to force to ride in the back XD

We took a train to Higashi Umeda and then another train to Namba. I
couldn't use my pass on the train though which made me mad
(^ー)But Shota helped me buy a ticket so it was ok. It
was kinda funny cause he stuck by me the whole time so Victoria and Mei
think he likes me but I think he was just worried that I'd get lost or
something. And I don't blame him, for some reason my clutziness/
clumsiness/spazness/just plain awkwardness is increased by like 100
times here. I've been tripping and a falling and a stumbling so that's
probably why I always have at least one Japanese person in tow, cause
they wanna make sure I don't die XD And I do appreciate it, I almost
walked into the street when the light wasn't green a couple of times (^o^;)

Oh and interesting story, in the train station there was this kind of
candy store/little trinkets and toy store that we all were looking in:

Shota: *sneeze*
Victoria: bless you
Me: GOD bless you! Ha I one upped you >:D
Shota: *stare*
Me: god bless you (^o ^)
Shota: do you believe in Jesus?
Me: hahahahahaha random... But yes I do, do you?
Shota: No I am going to hell.
Me: oh....I see (-_-')

Yeah, wasn't quite sure what to say to that...but it's ironic cause he
wears a cross around his neck.

Namba was a lot of fun! It was basically this humongous outdoor
shopping palooza. It was really cool. And there was this one shop that
was going out of business so everything was $10, even the $300
watches. So Shota and Rafa bought a lot of stuff. While they did that
me and Mei looked in the shoe store next door and then Demi Lovato's
song "here we go again" came on so me and Mei kinda had a spaz attack
and started getting really into singing it, the store clerks just
looked and laughed haha. Namba was a really exciting place, lots of
flashing lights and the like, I liked it a lot (^o^) I hope I get to
go back.


I love that running guy

Shota, Mei, me, and Vicky

The gang's all here :]

Random guy juggling in front of Osaka jo...he was really good though XD
In front of Osaka jo

View from top of Osaka jo

This sign was made for clumsy people like myself :)

inside boat :D

Boat we toured around osaka

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kawaii Shopu = LIFE

I woke up this morning to no one being home. It was kinda creepy/
eerily quiet. The doorbell rang like 5 times but I was like "no, I've
seen the horror movies I am not opening the door! >:O" and Korochan
had this barking spaz attack and then ran into the wall. He was quiet
after that XD I basically watched TV (Japanaese TV is the best thing I
have ever seen in my entire life, when Otosan or Kengo try to talk to
me at night Okaasan's like "Shhh it's Jojo TV time" haha. I probably
look scary cause I get really into it, one night I almost fell off my
seat. It's so colorful and exciting!! And my host family has this humongous HD TV so it makes everything even more pretty! ^o^), and surfed the web.

Okaasan got back around 4, and she bought me dessert :D Tiramisu to be
exact! She is so nice >_< So we ate our sweets and then while she took
a nap I played with Korochan some more.

After she woke up we headed to this mall thing. Best mall I've ever
been to :) We passed by this one store and it was like Kawaii (cute) heaven...I
didn't get a picture because I was so mesmerized by the cuteness. I'll
get a picture the next time we go back. But I spent a lot of
money there, I was like, "everything is so kawaii (cute)!!!!! NAN DIA
NE???? (why)" and Okaasan started cracking up XD I bought a bookbag,
some presents for people in America, and a pencil case and some
pencils (doesn't sound too cool, but after you see a picture you will
realize it's amazingness).

Then we went food shopping and Okaasan got me some Japanese grapes.
Grapes suki desu (I like grapes) ^o ^ I also got some slippers, the
shoes I were using everybody laughed at and called them "Jesus sandals"

We then went to the Video store underneath the 100 yen shop. It was so
cool!!! And we got a Michael Jackson CD, okaasan was impressed cause
when we played it in the car I knew the words to all the songs. I
looooveee Michael Jackson, so I'm super ureshii (happy) that we can listen to
him now in the car :D

Although we hardly ever take the car, you can take the train ANYWHERE
here! It's ridiculous. Although one thing I do not really like is how
everyone here feels the need to rush. Like I can tell when some people
are late, but when they have a lot of time they still rush like their
lives depend on it. Like when me and Okaasan were going to Kyoto she
was like "oh my god run!!! We have to catch THIS train!!!" and I said
"but...they run every 6 minutes...., we don't have to try and kill
ourselves to get on this one..." and I just got a blank stare -_-'
this whole "gotta rush" thing is something I don't understand, but
maybe that's just because of my relaxed/lazy American spirit XD

Friday, June 25, 2010

Parties & Bicycles (^o^)

So I was mad at Kokurin for the first half of the day so I ignored
him. But since he was going to be hanging out with me, Yuuki,
Victoria, Mei, Rafael, and Peter after school I had to talk to him.
During lunch me, Yuuki, and Victoria were trying to figure out what to
do for Rafael's going away hanging out party.

After school I told Kokurin we had to go to the party the sensei
(teachers) were throwing for Rafael first:

Me: hey Kokurin it is time to go! :D
Kokurin: uhmm I...I do not think it will be possible for me to come
Me; eh????? Naze (why)?????
Kokurin: *collapses on knees* um um I am very tiyad!!
Me: eh??
Kokurin: no jojo, I cannot lie to you. My girlfriend she mail me she
want to see me today.
Me: eh???
Kokurin: well yesterday I call her and...hmm how do I say in
English...I say "oh hey honey you know I love you I cannot live
without you", and things like that
Me: *crack* (sound of my heart breaking :])
Kokurin: but I do not know what to do!!!! *bangs head on desk*
Me: eh??? If you want to get back together with her then you should....uhmmm
Kokurin: *stares intently*
Me; I don't know! What do you want to do??
Kokurin: Well part of me wants to go with you, and the other part
wants to see Mika.
Me: eh???
Kokurin: Jojo. *gets really really uncomfortably close to my face*
Will you hate me if I go?
Me; eh??? Uhmmm no! Why would I?
Kokurin: really??? Here...let me think for moment.

And not even exaggerating he stood there for 10 minutes straight
just looking out the window. It was awkward. Then he said he had to
talk to Yuuki first so we headed over to the party
dramatic silence...hahaha. And then once we got there he spent another
10 minutes talking to Yuuki and then he asked me again if it was ok if
he could go and I was like "yeah...go! Go! I want you to go!!" but I
don't think he believed me, Victoria said my eye was twitching as I
said it hahaha XD but I eventually grabbed his book bag for him and
shoved him out the door. Yuuki said him and his girlfriend did end up
getting back together. It was hilarious though cause Jun was like
"EH???? That *b-word*!!!!" even though she hardly speaks any English
XD I love all my girl friends here, they are really funny/cool. It
still really shocks me though when they throw out the random curse
words/English slang.

I didn't think it would be, but the party the sensei threw for Rafa
was so much fun!!!!! :D All of my favorite classmates were there
(Misato, Lyu (bob), and Mai) and so were the exchangers, so we had a
really good time ^o ^ It was funny because Shota (kendo sempai who
went to America and speaks really good English), came and sat down
next to me and me and Victoria were like "whoaaa nooooo, that's Bob’s
seat! Bob gets very angry when people steal his seat, you won't like
him when he's angry O_o" meanwhile bobs just standing looking at us
with a pleasant/happy smile XD

After the party me, Rafael, Yuuki, Mei, Victoria, and Peter headed
over to Umeda to have fun, but first I rode on Shotas bike :) MY DREAM
CAME TRUE!!!! Yay!!!!! It was kind of scary though, I hope Shota
doesn't have any bruises/cuts cause I like dug my nails into his side
XD but he was very nice about it, haha.

Umeda was a lot of fun, we got pizza and then did Purikura, we wanted
to hang out more but me and Mei had to get back by 9 and it takes us
each an hour to get home so we had to go back early, but I think we
are doing something tomorrow or Sunday before Rafa goes home for good.
We all are gonna miss him a lot =(

Me and Okaasan talked and laughed for about an hour when I got home,
I'm glad I'm really making the effort to learn some basic phrases of
Japanese during school, because even though they may seem basic it is
usually something used a lot, like "doko (where)". So I can comprehend
a lot of what my Okaasan is saying so we are becoming closer ^o ^

I'm not sure though if my cellphone is a good thing or a bad thing, I
stay up late texting someone every night (>_<) Although I guess it is ok tonight because tomorrow I can sleep in, like really sleep in to my hearts content :D Okaasan has work, Otosan is going to a funeral (I think), and Kengo has basketball until late, so it's just going to be me and Korochan until 3PM. I also realized that one of my windows open and I get a great view of my neighborhood/town so I was just leaning out the window kind of meditating/thinking for a while too. It was really cool/peaceful. I haven't been listening to any music lately either, I love the different "sounds" of Japan. Even the quiet :)

Purikura! Purikura daisuki :) (I love it!)

Peter, Mei, Vicky, Rafa, and Yuuki

Me, Vicky, and Shota :D

riding shota's bike!! (^0^)

other way around XD (it's funny cause I actually like giving rides more than receiving...)

me being mysterious with chibi (mai) XD

Misato me and BOB!!! They're my favorites (^-^)b

fieldu trippu :)

Today my international understanding class went on a field trip! No
one was all that excited but me and the other exchangers though XD
Kokurin said he had been there twice before already and it was not
much to do, but I thought it was a lot of fun!! There was basically
this huge life size replica of an ancient Japanese town and you got to
walk around and look at stuff. It was soo cool! And also they would
set the town to day and night and sunset so it would get darker and
lighter as you walked around.

I walked around with my friends Kokurin, Jun, and Hiro, and then once
the other exchangers got to the museum we all walked together. Even
though Kokurin had been there already before he said it was like a new
experience because I seemed so excited at everything XD And everybody
thought it was hilarious because I forgot my bag so he was holding all
my stuff in his, I felt kinda bad.

Oh and funny story. All of a sudden (out of the dead quiet) there was
this huge/deafening "POP POP POP BANNNNG!!!!!!" sound so out of reflex
I ducked and went "what the hell?????" and Kokurin was like "oh my
god you curse????" and I was like "uhmmm no it's not what you think I
was suprised...>_<" kokurin: "that is so....COOOL!!!! you are so cool teach me curse words too!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D" haha it was awkward cause I didn't want to XD although I'm surprised at the amount of American slang everybody knows here. People will come up to me and be like "wooow your hair is the *s-word*!!!" and I'm like "oh....thank you...I think?" I wonder who corrupted them...

I said I wanted to see more of the town and Jun shoved me into Kokurin and went "he will show you!!!! :D" and then we went all around together. We went to the back and he was like, "I have something SUPER COOL to how you Jojo >:D" and he opened his door and went "It's a toilet!!" hahaha I love him XD He's pretty cool... sometimes (will explain that).

After we got back from the trip we had lunch and then two more
classes. *sigh* I really don't understand Kokurin sometimes though. He acted like
he had a really good time but then when I asked him back at school he was like "ummm
it seems like you had more fun with YOUR friends than I did". I don't
think breaking up with his girlfriend was good for him...he's been
very nice sometimes, but then other times he only talks bad about
people behind their backs (-_-;)

After school me, Rafael, Victoria, Mei, and one of Victoria’s
classmates went to KARAOKE!!!!! It was soooo cool!!!! And a lot of
fun :D We sung a bunch of English songs first, and then we all
attempted some Japanese songs XD everyone was impressed cause they
thought I could read the hiragana cause I sung this one song perfectly
but I had just memorized it back in America, haha. When I went out to
get a drink though I forgot which room we were in, it was awkward
because I opened this random door and this couple was kissing. But I
was proud of myself because I used my Japanese to ask the front desk
where my room was :D I have learned a trick: memorize big question
words (for example: who, what, why, when, how, where) and you can
pretty much tell what is going on in a conversation or what someone is
trying to tell you. Memorizing those words have been the best thing
for me so far and has made understanding people a whole lot easier! (^-^)b

Jun, me and kokurin :)
resting haha

KARAOKE!!!! Sugoi!!!

Me attempting to ride Victoria's classmates bike to karaoke XD

exchange besties :) <3
giant thing...we couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman though

rafa and vicky

Me and Kokurin :]

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"YOU-NEEDA-SIT!!!" eh??

Woke up at like 6:40AM and had a spaz attack, I'm supposed to wake up
at 6:00 and leave at 7:15. So yeah...but that's probably only cause I
couldn't sleep last night, the rain outside sounded like a freaking
meteor shower/earthquake. It was freaky :O

Train and walk to school:
These really nice girls from Asahi high asked me to walk with them to
school from the subway, everybody is so nice :D

Before class:
I was laughing and talking with Jun about how Japanese guys are cute,
but Korean guys are pretty. And then she gave me a strawberry cake
snack!!!! My first real omiagai (present) from a classmate! I was
super excited ^o ^ but I refused 3 times first to be polite, which she
thought was hilarious. I really like Jun and Yingfan, they're the most
"down to earth" people in the class. Oh speaking of Yingfan, she
invited me to her birthday party!! I thought that was really sweet of
her. And it's going to be very interesting, a Chinese birthday party
in the middle of Japan XD although I’m kind of mad at Kokurin now. He's
so antisocial >_< and when I tried to talk to him about the plans for
Friday after talking and laughing with Jun he gave me the....look. Like
that "ummm ok whatever I know" look. >;O But it's ok cause we made up

Math II:
Kind of died in this class. I fell asleep in such a way that I
actually almost fell off desk. But actually (and the other
exchangers/students in class will agree with me), sleeping in class is very relaxing. Like the
teachers voices here are so soothing. And they seem to encourage my
sleeping XD Me and Mei feel super refreshed afterwards. When I asked
Victoria (whose been here for two months) what she does she was like
"well for the first few days I was really alert and now...sleep." haha.

Sadly I cannot sleep in this class, because I actually know Spanish.
Even though I thought my Spanish was very bad, I am able to converse
with the teacher in all Spanish almost perfectly, who would have
thought, I am in Japan and I am not communicating through English or
Japanese, but Spanish. Kind of cool. Oh and I was looking in my wallet
for a 100 yen coin (equivalent to a US dollar) so I could buy a drink
and a quarter fell out. They all had a spaz attack like "what the heck
is that?????? Kore wa nan desu ka????" and I explained. I love the
excitement here, When I bring back this excited attitude to America
I'm gonna seem like I'm on some happy pills or something.

English expression:
At the beginning of class there was something near me and everybody
turned around like "ahhh!!!!" and I was like "WHAT??? what is it????"
because I didn't see anything. Then all of a sudden this bird flies
onto my desk. No, not a tiny little pigeon, one of those Japanese crow
looking things which are not actually the size of crows, but about the
size of an eagle. But there was just this blur of black and yellow
eyes so I thought it was a demon or something and was like
"gahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! What the *bleep*?????!!!!!!!" and fell out of my
chair as everyone still gasped. Then I hink I scared it cause it flew out of the door. It was pretty intense. After all that excitement I needed another nap. So I slept for the
rest of the class.

I ate with Victoria and all of our Japanese friends in my class. She
calls them chibi (tiny) because they are so short and kawaii (cute) XD
I also met Lyu. I can not pronounce his name for the life of me. Here
it is not pronounced how it looks. Like my friend Moi's name is not
pronounced "moiii" but "my". And my friend's name Moe is pronounced
"moi". Now the "L"s get harder. They are pronounced like "R"s. So his
name is pronounced "Lrbu". Well actually I'm not sure. Anyways, I
cannot pronounce it so I call him "bob" XD but he is really funny/
nice. And of course I got his "digits" haha. But he had this really
cool anime folder so I grabbed it and Victoria went "bob!! Look over
there!!! *in Japanese*" and then I pretended to run away with it, he
thinks we are a "comedy duo" haha. It's kind of funny though, because
even though very few boys and girls interact with each other (or it is
kinda rare, at least like we intereact in America with touching and
stuff), boys and girls drink off the same straw/bottle all the time
and there's no problem. I asked Bob if I could have a sip of his milk
tea and he was like "hai :D" and everybody was like "so, did you like
it???" not like "omigod what the heck why did you just drink off the same straw
as him????? It's very interesting. After talking with Victoria, Lyu
(bob), and all of the other girls I went to sit with Kokurin. He
doesn't seem to like it when I talk to anybody else though...but at
the same time he doesn't care. I'm not sure, he's very hard to read.
But we had a good time. Towards the end of lunch I asked him what we
were studying in the next english class and he said "you-need-a-sit."
so I was like "ohh...ok. Bye." and was about to get up and go to my
seat and he just stared, but something told me not too:

Me: *stop* wait a second...what did you just say?
Kokurin: you neeta six *points to paper*
Me: ohhhhhhhhh "UNIT 6!!!"
Kokurin: oh yes yes yes!!! U-need-a-sicks"
Me:...mmm not quite.
Kokurin: eh??
Me: it sounded like you said "you need to sit"
Kokurin: eh???? *writes on paper "need"*
Me; hai!! Yes!!
Kokurin: hahahahahaha nai nai nai!!! *struggle* "youuuuu-neeeed-aaa-
Me: u *between giggles*
Kokurin: u haha
Me: nit, NIIIIIIT.
Kokurin: NIIIIITTTTTTT hahahahahaha
Me: Siiiiixxxxxxxx
Kokurin: siiixxxxx
Me: hai hai yes yes!!!
Kokurin: ohhh "you-needa-sit!!!"
Me: hahahahahaha it's ok!! Your accent is very cute I like it XD
Kokurin: hahahahahaha "you needa sit!!! You needa sit!!!"

It was pretty hilarious, I'm glad I decided to turn around and say
"wait a second...what did you just say?" haha it means I am getting
better with understanding accents.

Understanding of different cultures:
The teacher had me read the "you needa sit" story. It was actually
kind of an intense story, words wise. It was about Nike and how they
used to have a business relationship with a Japanese shoe company and
then something about bitter relations. I really enjoy helping though,
I love the English sensei (teachers) that let me read :D there are
about 10 different English sensei for my class alone though, they are
very intense on English here and nobody sleeps during any of the
English classes.

Understanding of English:
I guess today was "English mania" day? We had like 3 English classes
in a row. This one was the one with the whole shark bite off the arm
thing. No more peppermint patties and roses and fragrances. Now we get
to the gorey stuff. Bleeh. I'm actually glad I don't have to read this
stuff out, I would cringe -_-' But he actually made me wake up in this
class. It was hilarious, cause some other people were sleeping too so
he says your name in a really soothing way but repeats it over and over until
you put up your head: "Misato san (btw "san" is a prefix at the end of
a name, it's kinda like "mr(s.)" and it shows formality. My host mom
calls me Jojo "chan" which shows affection.) Misato San *misato slowly wakes up so he moves onto me*...Jojo San...Jojo San....Jojo San...." ad it took me a while to realize he
was talking to me XD everybody kinda started cracking up.

I honestly don't remember this i slept? I am not
sure XD

After school:
I stayed in class for about 20 more minutes talking to Lyu (bob),
misato, and Mai (it‘s spelled “moi“ but I‘ll just spell it how it‘s said for easyness‘s sake). I have been teaching them some English "slang" :) And at the end me and Victoria are gonna record it/make a song XD

Lyu: yo, whazup dog? *Gansta hand sign*
moi: oh no you didn't!!! *snaps and head/neck in circular motion
Misato: oh ma goood oh ma goood. Lameeee
Yuka: nahhh bra. Like whateveeerrr

Watching them say them makes my life. Like seriously, it is the best
thing I have seen in my entire life XD I can't wait to make the video,
they're all sooo cuuuteeee. And then me and victoria are gonna say the
name of a town/subway station in the background. It's kinda hard to
explain, but the name of the station is very long and on the subway
the intercom says it like a song, so we’re gonna be doing that in the
background XD

After that I met Victoria, Rafael, and Mei in the front of the school
and we went to one of those revolving sushi restaurants, it was so much
fun!!! I love them all with a burning passion >_< It's really sad
though because Rafael is going back to Ecuador on Saturday T-T that is
why me and Mei are not going to Kendo practice this week, so that we
can hang out with him everyday before he has to leave. Besides I think the Kendo guys need a break from our constant chatter, w're kinda ruining their quiet/respectful routine XD

vicky being a japanese yakuza
(mafia/ganster) and rafa being...strange XD

rafa your hair it's like...vickys!

me and mei :)

looking at the really really really (x100) bad pictures they took of me (;-_-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Umeda is where its at ;)

Woke up at like 6:45 and I freaked out. This waking up at 6 and taking
a 30 minute walk, a train, and a subway is getting hard -_-' but I am
loving every minute of it. I had some of my "intense cereal and grape
juice (like eating 10,000 grapes at one time, it is so gooooddd).

Train and walk to school:
I made it all the way this time!!! No mistakes!!!! Let me rephrase
"all the way", I walk a mile to the Senriokaue station, then I take
the train 5 stops to Osaka station. Then I make my way all the way
through Osaka station
and go out and across the street to Higashi-
Umeda station. Theeen I make my way through Higashi Umeda to take the
Dainichi subway 5 stops to Sekime-Takadono. And theeennn, I get off,
exit the station and then take the 15 minute walk to school. It's
intense, when I finished I was like "wow...". And everything is written
in Kanji/hiragana/romaji.

This morning I decided to actually try and memorize my classmates
names, so I went around and said their names and gave them a piece of
candy. Everyone seemed very excited so I was very ureshii (happy) ^o ^
Oh and kind of interesting observation. There are girls at this school
who do the whole "face full of make up and short skirt up to their
butts" thing and they are always glaring and look really scary but
when you talk to them/say hi they are SO FREAKING NICE!!!!!! It freaks
me out a bit. Like it goes from *glare* to "*smile* ohhhh jojo!!!!! My
name is...!!!!!" they're all so cute >_< class="yshortcuts">handsome guys. It seems like they might not like you, but
they are all soooooooo shy. Just look at kengo. I feel kind of bad,
these boys act so shy and were in a public space/school but with kengo
we actually live together and bump into each other frequently. Lord
knows how he feels.

Japanese classics:
No. Freaking. Idea. My chinese friend Jun was like "oh jojo us Chinese
kids must go to learn somewhere else because it is hard to understand"
and I'm like "what the heck, TAKE ME WITH YOUUUU!!!" haha.

Understanding of English:
We read a story about a girl getting her arm bitten off by a shark.
Seemed a little morbid to me....but I don't think anybody realized she
was bitten by a shark and she could "see all the water around her red
with her blood". It was actually pretty graphic.

Rafael is in my class!!! So it was a lot of fun cause he could
translate for me. And what we had to do was relatively easy, just
translate "ser" and "estar". I tried to help the girl next to me by
saying "oh yeah!! Estar...hmmm you use it when...well in America
there's this rhyme: how you feel or where you are always use the verb
estar!! :D" and I got this blank smile XD

This was really interesting. The girls make up dances in groups to a
certain song (it seemed similar to radio exercise) and the boys do
Judo. I think we all know what I really wanted to do, but I was not
allowed >;/ but dance was kind of fun. The song we are dancing to is
kind of hilarious, I have to get a video of it :D Oh and because of
color guard my ability to brain suck (learn the dance/dance by copying/
watching) is amazing. Everybody was really impressed haha. But the
dance is pretty easy and the girls in my group are very nice so that's
probably why I was able to pick it up so fast too.

English expression:
Officially my favorite class :) me and kokurin walked down together.
Jun was with us too but I looked up and she was gone :O these guys
passed us and went "OOOOOOOO kadashii (boyfriend)!!!!!!!" and I
pretended I didn't hear them though and was like "huh??? What?? :O"
and kokurin was like ":) haha nothing, nothing. ^-^" The homework
assignment for the class was to interview a celebrity and write out
information about them. So I proofread Kokurin's for him and we talked
about Kobe Bryant. Boy is obsessed.

In class I met Mike. Coolest guy ever. He's one of the like English
assistant teachers. Oh and the sensei is so nice!!!! She's not like
the other English teacher, she was happy that I was in my class and
loved for me to help!!!! I was super duper excited :D so they told me
to go around and proofread everyones interviews, so I did for my
friends moi and misato. Misato was doing Miley Cyrus, so I was like
"ohhh cool!! What songs are her do you like??" and then we both at the
same time started singing "you get the limo out front...every style
every shoe every color, yeah when your famous it can be kinda
fun!!!!!!! :D" and we had a spaz attack and my one friend Yuka was
cracking up XD So I helped everyone and was like "just call me jojo
sensei!! Muwhaha >:D" and they were all loving it haha. Although i
kept having to ask Mike if it was right what I was saying because as I
said before, I have a really strange accent going on now, and I
couldn't really tell what grammar was right anymore.

World history:
I was listening to my iPod in one ear (secretly), and the teacher
walks over and says "Nap blah blah blah" and I was like to my friend
megumi, "eh??? I can tale a nap??" and she was like "nai nai!!!" it
took the teacher repeating "nap" about 5 times for me to realize that
he was saying we were learning about napolean. And I was like "ohhhhhh
Napolean!!!" and he was like "hai! That I say: Nap-e-le-an" and I was
like "yeah...sure...napolean" XD

Understanding of Different cultures:
It was with the same teacher as English expression so she had me read
stuff out loud :D And it was funny cause I gave the girl next to me,
Yukio, all the answers. Although it was hilarious because some of the
answers I actually didn't know. No wonder foreigners have such a
difficult time learning English!!! It's very hard, and a lot of stuff
they are learning is very formal, so most of the answers I gave were
"slang" even though I didn't realize before that it was considered
"slang". During this class I also wrote a gift letter to Kokurin in
Chinese. It is not a love letter, just a "tomodachi (friend)" letter,
although no one believes that. I don't think I believe it either XD
but it basically said I hope he gets better, he has good English, I'm
glad we're friends, etc.

After school:
I gave the letter to kokurin and it was kinda awkward (at least for me
anyways), but he seemed delightfully surprised.
Now we get to the fun part :))) me, Rafael, mei, and Victoria hung our
with Yuuki for a bit and planned Rafaels going away party for Friday,
and then we went to umeda to the Ferris wheel!!!! I seriously thought
Victoria was just messing with us, I was like, "what the heck, there's
no freaking ferris wheel in the middle of umeda, I'm there everyday I
would have seen it >:O" but nope, there was definitely a ferris wheel,
an awesome special super cool amazing ferris wheel to be exact ;) and
you could also play music from your iPod on an ihome that was built
into the car, it was awesome :D I got a lot of good pictures/videos.
Oh and there was a mall thing attached so of course we went
shopping :) Me and mei both bought really cute dresses for Friday. We
feel kinda like nerds going places in our uniforms ~_~

I got home on time, and kengo kinda glared at me and said in Japanese
that I have "too many boyfriends". Yeah. I guess kengo has a crush on
me. Cause he takes secret pictures of me at dinner on his phone. I
don't really mind though, I'm used to it. And it's better when he does
it rather than the shady/creepy guys on the train. I really wanna be
friends with kengo, but okaasan is kinda like...discouraging it.
Whenever I want to invite him somewhere she's like "oh no!! He's very
shy" I'm like "yeah...I know...that's why I'm inviting him...oh forget
it -_-" but I think I'll just do it. I mean I got nothing to lose, and
I mean I am not going to go home with just one picture of him and no
conversations to speak of. Defintely not >;O

Oh and kokurin liked his gift. He just emailed me and said "I just
finished the work. Thanks for your present. It's very good I like it.
The Chinese which is written by you is wonderful". Not even kidding,
I'm definitely bringing him back to America with me. He is too
freaking cute!!!! ><

shopping ^_^
ferris wheel :D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazing Exchangers :)

Today was...amazing. School was not too exciting, aside from lunch and
Japanese language studying with the other exchangers. Who I by the way
am in absolute love with :)

Woke up, ate yogurt, pineapple juice, and this intense cereal. Like it
has everything in it...granola, raisain, cranberry, carrot, grains,
beans, and the list goes on.

Now we get to the "fun" part :) Everything was going super well, I
made it to osaka station with no problem. However when I got to the
Higashi-Umeda to take the subway to school, things got a
little...iffy. I am supposed to take the "dainichi" train to Sekime-
Takadono, but I took the...i don't even remember, but it was not
Dainichi. I was actually really freaked out, cause after 6 stops the
intercom said "ok, this is the last stop. Please take all of your
belongings :D" and I was like "ohhhh crap...." I was pretty calm about
it though, I waited for the next train, and it was kind of hilarious
because I ended up seeing Kanachan and her friends because I was
delayed. So I guess this still makes us morning buddies XD i thought I
was calm about the whole taking the wrong train thing, but then I saw
one of the Asahi high school girls and was like "oh thank the lord
sweet Jesus!!!!!!" and they were like "jojo!!! Ohayo :D" *sigh* it was
quite the experience though.

Math II, PE (swimming), Japanese:
All pretty normal. Although I guess I shouldn't say normal since I am
an American in the middle of Osaka, Japan attending high school, but
everything feels pretty "normal" already. Which is really good I think.

Japanese classics:
The teacher very kindly gave me the translation of what they were
learning about. It was a story was called "Tiger-Poet". I actually
really liked it a lot. It was about this poet...that turns into a he's a tiger poet. Yeah. I would go into more detail but it
was a bit of a complicated story, mostly about Karma.

Japanese language class:
I had this with the other exchangers, they are seriously my life. They
are all so amazing and funny! I met Rafael from Argentina. I had
started to believe he didn't exist because I hadn’t ever seen him. He's
really funny though, and he speaks like fluent Japanese, because he's
been here for 10 months. He didn't know anything when he came, so I
think it's really amazing that he learned to speak fluently by being

So me and mei decided not to do kendo, and we all went to go get cake
instead. The "healthy" alternative to exercise. Not, haha. It was a
lot of fun though, and the sweets here are so good!!

We also met who I like to call "bike buddy" and mei likes to call
"boyfriend number 25". Haha It is like a joke, I talk to most of the
guys that I see, and I get their numbers so everyone automatically
thinks I like them. But I really just like getting peoples numbers XD
one of the guys I got today was the basketball captain's, so everyone
was like "ohhhhh sugoiii (cool)!!!! :O" but I just think it's funny.
All of the guys here are super funny, everywhere I go in the hallway
there is a "boyfriend" and all his friends are like "ohhhhhhh togeza
togeza!!!" but anyways, yeah I met "bike buddy". I was so ready to
fulfill my dream of the whole bike riding thing but sensei said it was
not allowed/appropriate. What the flagsnard!!! >_<>:D but they are always
watching. So that may not be possible...

Oh we also met Yuuki. He is very...interesting. He's really adorable,
and he can speak very good English, but he is quite full of himself.
Kokurin is jealous of yuuki’s English abilities though. I was telling
him how good yuuki is and he was like "jojooo please teach me >_<".

which I'll be more than happy to try and help him...but I don't think I would

make a very good teacher right now. My English is like deteriorating. I have

a Portuguese (Vicky)/Spanish (Rafael)/Japanese accent going on right

now. It is very...interesting. Even I don't understand what I'm saying anymore.

I was having so much fun with all of the exchangers that I didn't wanna go

home, but I did eventually XD I’m happy that kengo gets home so late, so

I seem like an angel compared to him and even when I walk in at like 8pm

okaasans like "hey whatevs, now tell me about your boy toys :D" haha

Bike buddy!! :D and sensei haha

victoria, mei, steffie, me, and rafael <3>

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Phewwww another jammed pack (but super fun) day!! Today I had the
choice between shopping and the aquarium, and of course I chose the
aquarium :) we took a train to Osaka station and then my favorite
means of transportation, the bus. Seriously, the buses here are
awesome. The bus ride was kinda long (we were the last stop) so I just
listened to music. Oh and me and Kokurin have been emailing a lot back
and forth too so i did that also.

The aquarium was AMAZING. I was suprised at a lot of things. Some
animals/fish looked exactly like the ones back home, but others looked
so different. It was like I was on a different planet!!! Like there
was this one...thing. It looked like a guinea pig/hamster, but it was
the size of a lion. Let me repeat that: HAMSTER the size of a LION. It
was freaky. And then there were a bunch of stingrays/fish in this
giant tank and I was like "ohhh cool" and then all of a sudden this
gigantor fish (maybe it was a whale) came out of nowhere up to the
glass and I was like "gah! Where did you come from???" So yeah, it was
very different, but super cool. And okaasan bought be a phone strap
after :D I think I'm going to be a collector of these nihonho/Japanese
phone straps...

There were also a lot of places where they would take your picture. Me
and okaasan went to one where you could sit on the dolphin. The camera
man looked at me and started speaking really fast japanese and I was
like "uhmmm what?" and then okaasan said something about english to
him and he said "ohhhh gomen nasai (excuse me). I say 'KYUUUUTE!!!!'"
me: cute?? "YESSS!!!!! YOU ARE VERY KYUUUUTE!!!!" me: oh...oh!!!! Um
thank you!!! I mean arigatou!!! Thank you...*blush*

And yeah haha, I liked that camera man ;D

After the aquarium we went to this restaurant called Cocoa and had
pizza and pasta, yeah not very Japanese I know, but I was starving and
it was delish ^o ^ I also tried some more Japanese soft drinks. This
hot strawberry milk tasting thing, then this grape soda/juice. All of
their non tea drinks are so sweet, it makes my taste buds happy XD We
then looked at the shopping mall afterwards. There are soooo many cute
clothes here!!! >_<>

spider crabs, freaaky

Takoyaki squid
takoyaki batter

adding the ingredients

me helping :)

oishii (delicious)!

riding the dolphin XD

gigantor fish

HAMSTER the size of a LIOOON

outside of aquarium