Friday, May 7, 2010

Wonderful Weather and Wonderful(ler) News!

Sooo there was a bunch of confusion, because I got an email talking about a scholarship but I hadn't received any packages in the mail. But today, my dad checked the mail at our old house and it turns out that they sent the info there and...

I GOT A SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

The JUSSE (Japan-US Senate Youth Exchange) scholarship to be exact!!! So exciting! So now I'm going to Japan officially! :] However, turns out the trip leaves June 5th (as opposed to June 15th) and school doesn't let out until June 18th, so I have to get permission from my principal and my counselor to take my finals earlier than all the other juniors. Hopefully they'll let me take them, but there shouldn't be too many problems considering the circumstances, I mean this is JAPAN we're talking about!!! Once in a lifetime opportunity!!!! On a side note, hopefully I get my host family info soon! I'm dying of anticipation to know where I'll be placed XD But patience is a virtue, and now that I know that I'm definitely going, I'm a lot less antsy :)


Eli said...

Same here! :0


Jordan said...

omg me too!!!! >_< can't wait to meet you at orientation! :D

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