Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Japan List O' Things

So today I got a package from YFU, and I thought it was host family info/departure date but sadly it was just info about insurance =( And also, I don't need to get a visa! So that's one less thing off my list which is cool :D Speaking of lists, that's what this post is about. Before I leave (less than 25 days!!!) I have quite a bit of things to do, so I've compiled a list. The list was about 2 pages long before, but me and my mom got done quite a bit the other night so it's a lot shorter now XD Anyways, here it is~

  1. Set up finals plans with teachers (exact dates)
  2. Get Japan-English Electronic Translator
  3. Mini Photo Album
  4. Capri Tights
  5. Netbook
  6. Webcam
  7. Set up skype
  8. Rainbow flip flops
  9. Get navy skirt/white shirt (if I visit a Japanese high school this will be my mock uniform)
  10. Transfer money to yen
  11. Get July 4th stuff (to show to class)
  12. Thank you letter from real parents to host parents
  13. Brownie mix/blueberry muffin mix/microwave popcorn/graham crackers (for host fam)
  14. Regular candy (staburst, skittles, etc)
  15. Post cards

NOTE: Red = done =)

And yeah thats about it! It's not too much, hopefully I can get it all done! :)


Kevin said...

You know that you will be attending school while in Japan right?

Jordan said...

Ya, but it's just for two weeks right?? So they might not give us a uniform...

Kevin said...

My friend said that within her first week with her host family, she was going to school. She went to school for a about a week before she left. She said we have to get our own uniforms.

Jordan said...

wait really? but aren't they expensive??

Kevin said...

I don't know. I think that if you could find clothes that look like the uniform, you will be fine. My friend said that they are very lenient with foreign students. I might just check my local thrift store for uniform looking clothes. lol

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