Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monthly Update

Well, I think I got accepted...? Marianna (my admissions counselor) called me and said, "Oh hey! Everything looked wooonnnderful except we're missing pictures and the payment." Although I did send the check and pictures, but they were at the bottom of the envelope so I'm guessing it got thrown away :( but I sent the check, and I'll send new pictures this week and I guess everything will be "wooonnnderful" for real! ;)

PS: SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!! Where I am (Pennsylvania) it has been so cold and we've had record blizzards, but now it's going to be 63 and sunny for most of the week. I'm so excited :) One step closer to summer! And one step closer to Japan! (I hope T-T)

PPS: Oh and my memorization is going...interesting. Haha..I haven't had much time to memorize so I still only have about 6 memorized. I guess I've gotta step up my game!