Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the meantime...

and to distract myself, I'm going to be self-teaching myself Japanese =) Or more specifically, useful Japanese phrases. There is a Japanese Language School around my house, but it's quite expensive to do a class and I don't want to burden my parents with more costs, so I think this'll be cheaper :) And hopefully effective.

Here's a list of what I'm learning:

  • Hello: Konnichiwa

  • How are you?: O genki desu ka?

  • I'm fine, thanks. And you?: O Kagesama de genki desu.

  • Where's the toilet? (haha funny, but will probably come in handy): Benjo wa doko desu wa

  • Thank you very much: Domo arigatou (mr. roboto, haha just kidding but that's how I memorized this phrase)

  • I'm sorry: Gomen nasai

  • Excuse me: Sumimasen

  • How much is this?: Ikura desu ka?

  • I don't understand. (something I'm probably going to use a lot ^-^ haha): Wakarimasen

  • Please speak more slowly: Yukkuri hanashite kudasai

  • Do you speak Japanese?: Nihongo ga hanasemasu ka?

  • Yes, a little: Hai, hanasemasu.

  • Have a nice day: Yoi ichinichi o

  • Good luck: Gokoun o inorimasu

  • Good bye: Sayonara

  • Good night: Oyasumi nasai

  • Pleased to meet you: Hajimemeshite

  • Welcome: Yokoso

  • What's your name?: O-namae wa nan desu ka

  • My name is Jordan: Jordan desu

  • Where are you from?: Doko kara desu ka?

  • I'm from the USA: Watashi wa U.S.A. kara desu
And yeah! I think that's all I need to focus on now. So far I've memorized about 6, and I've watched a few Japanese dramas (with English subtitles) to get the right pronunciation, so I'm off to a pretty good start! :D Although I don't even want to think about the Kanji for all those things O_o *head spins*. But I think this is a good list so far, I'll add more if I think it necessary ^^


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